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touch screen

  1. D

    Maps UI Frozen Regularly since 2023.32.9

    My 2019 P100D has developed a weird issue where I sometimes enter the vehicle and the maps screen is frozen. Not frozen in updating GPS location or traffic information. It quite happily follows my drive, but I am unable to touch anything on the maps screen. The search bar, moving the map...
  2. D

    Tesla Model Y Phantom Touches on Screen

    Hello All! I have a 2021 Model Y and starting in June or July, my touchscreen started getting these random screen phantom touches. At first, it was not so bad. Now it is constant. I took the car to the dealer and they said they can find nothing on their logs, but said its a software problem...
  3. R

    Touch Screen

    When will Tesla allow you to customize your touch display screen? Any plans? Essentially like a cellphone where you can have certain apps in certain places and perhaps decide the amount of screen space it takes up when open?
  4. D

    Testing for Input lag (both touchscreen and pedal) in a Tesla Model 3 Performance

    This post below is a heavily condensed version of the article here, which features more graphics, information and background. I wanted to test for input lag in its various forms on my Model 3 performance and scrutinized not just the hardware angle (pedal lag & gear stick), but also Tesla's...
  5. N

    Issues with 2019 Model X 100D

    Hey there, our Model X 100D has been having some issues with the Dash and Infotainment. Dash - Has an inverted "L" shaped black mark, also the edges of the screen seems to be dull/fade out for some reason. Infotainment - Has a yellow/orange band around it. Looked up online and found UV light...
  6. mrfra62

    Gekleurde (gele) rand om scherm

    Sinds kort heb ik een gekleurde rand op het scherm (touchscreen). Foto is bijgevoegd. Iemand die weet wat het is? Hoort het of is het een defect? Ik merk ook dat het touch screen minder gevoelig is. Als ik de app aanraak het internet, dan reageert hij niet direct, moet een paar keer aanraken...
  7. ammulder

    What do I do?

    So I'm driving a rented Rogue until my delivery on 5/7. On the way home today, the central touch screen went black. No radio, camera, anything. If I changed the volume or station using the steering wheel buttons, the normal overlays appeared at the top of a black screen. But the volume and...
  8. Agassi

    Disabled Touch Screen

    Hi All Recently, after the latest software update, my touch screen was disabled. It still did show everything but it would not respond to any inputs. I did try restarts and all and actually called support. But no use. I had to learn to use the car without the middle screen for a week or so...
  9. S

    Feature request - recent audio sources list

    One of the most annoying parts of the model 3 audio system is the amount of steps it takes to switch from one audio source to another. It would be awesome if your default audio screen was a list of the past 5 (or more!) audio sources you've listened to, because one of those is likely what...
  10. selfbp

    Odd connection issues? Anyone else 5/15/18

    Past day or so I’ve noticed the car isn’t always connecting through the application on my phone. I got in it today and the touchscreen wasn’t turned on and I got the ‘Powering up systems’ HUD message we all know of. Then the Center screen still never turned on?? So I did the restart procedure...
  11. A

    MCU fails for the second time

    The MCU (the main 17" touch screen and computer unit) on my 2013 Model S has failed for the second time, this time out of warranty. The first time Tesla replaced it under warranty, but this time it's costing me more than $3,000 ($2726 plus tax) - about as much as the top of the line MacBook Pro...
  12. MrJones390

    [POLL] Center Console with Backseat Touchscreen

    Just saw this image in a post about the 2017 Porsche Panamera. Looks like a backseat touchscreen that's part of the center console. Now THIS is something that's worth the crazy price Tesla charges for the new center console. Thoughts?
  13. Larry93428

    How does touch screen work?

    When I am on-line and "click on" a link by pressing, it is slow to come up. Sometimes very slow. I tell myself that the signal is coming out of the sky and not down a DSL. I know that but still find myself tapping, pressing and rubbing -sometimes very firmly - on the screen. How does touch...
  14. J

    Tech Armor Screen Protector

    I have 3 extra Tech Armor Screen Protectors (ordered via ebay) and wanted to see if any of the new model S owners want one. I am selling it at cost (product + shipping)...HK$220 each. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  15. jamieb

    Times different between instrument panel & touch screen

    Noticed something weird this morning - the times displayed on the instrument panel and the touch screen were out of synch by about 45 seconds. They'd always been in exact synch previously, turning over together with the top of the hour 'beep' on BBC radio, so I thought they were locked together...