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  1. I

    Temperature Related “Touchscreen Unresponsive” Error??? - MCU 2 - 2015 Model S

    2015 Model S 70D with MCU 2 Upgrade - Over the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve noticed a strange correlation between outside temperatures and the dreaded “Touchscreen Unresponsive” error code. After attempting just about every troubleshooting option recommended, I’ve reached the conclusion that the magical...
  2. VagabondBuilds

    Installation process for the Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit from Hansshow.

    This product is just amazing honestly. I would recommend it any day. Take a look to see what we did here: Vagabond Builds installing the Touch Screen Swiveling Mount for Tesla Model Y
  3. M

    Cannot interact with rear screen apps

    even if i'm in park and I can navigate to youtube, netflix, etc on rear screen fine, but once it loads up the app nothing on the app is clickable or scrollable. can I reset the rear screen somehow or do I have to do a full reset on everything?
  4. J

    I Cracked my touchscreen - Any difference in screens for Model Year 2017-2021?

    I’ve cracked my touch screen and while the screen itself works the touch part doesn’t so I need a new screen. Like others Tesla quoted me $1500+. eBay has them for $400 out of crashed Teslas. My question is are they all the same? I see most listed as 2017-2021. I have a 2018 LR. Will any...
  5. B

    Touchscreen black but "functional"

    I saw a lot of threads on black screens or unresponsive touch screens but nothing on what I'm seeing. 2017 Model S 75D, just upgraded to MCU2 the weeks ago. Started driving yesterday and the center screen never turned on. I pressed the scroll wheels to restart it, the backlight came on but I...
  6. S

    Hansshow dashboard touchscreen

    Does anyone actually have the Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen installed in their Model Y or Model 3? I love the idea of this touchscreen but I have to imagine that it completely blocks any useful AC out of the vents. I live in a place where we have 115 degree days during the winter. Only a few...
  7. Crafty flower

    Left side of screen split

    Left side ⬆️ of my screen is split from the very top.. is anyone else experiencing this? Woke up to this yesterday morning..
  8. F

    Touchscreen Issue

    I'm having an issue where the AC will start blowing out forcefully and the touch screen becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. After this few seconds the air returns to normal(what it was set to) and the touch screen becomes responsive once more. Steering wheel reset did not fix the issues in...
  9. S

    Model S MCU Touchscreen for Sale

    TESLA MODEL S MCU TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY SCREEN MEDIA CONTROL OEM 1084333-00-C PRICE: $750 This is a brand new replacement screen installed by Tesla Service a few months ago. When my second screen (the smaller dashboard screen) also went bad, I opted for the Infotainment Upgrade, which included...
  10. S

    Does the 3D representation on the touchscreen come w/standard AP

    I'll be picking up my TM3 on Sunday Sep.13th. I've done several test drives from the Service Center in the past couple of months, but each time I've done it I've always had FSD enabled. I was wondering whether or not the touchscreen 3D representation of the car around you still come with the...
  11. N

    Model X not “shutting down”

    Having some issues with our 2016 Model X (on 2020.20.1) : cooling fan and HVAC still running after I leave the car, doors not closing, and touchscreen completely dark. This happened after a reset of the MCU (press on both scroll wheels for 10s) that needed to happen after some Bluetooth / MCU...
  12. U

    Touchscreen lock car button functionality

    My wife has to take the car to work in the early hours of the morning and to get to the car she has to go through a dark parking lot. We have pin to drive enabled. When she gets in the car, she wants to immediately lock the doors, but pressing the lock button on the touchscreen doesn't work...
  13. EclecticCitizen

    Adhesive dripping from under the touchscreen

    Anyone else seen this? 2013 Model S Since it got hot this summer (3 weeks), I have had clear sticky fluid (like an adhesive) dripping from below the screen, into the cubby, and down into my center console. At first I thought it was from the rearview mirror after my windshield had to be...
  14. M

    DIY MCU Replacement software upgrade

    Car out of guarantee and dead MCU probably as a result of the emmc chip going bad. Tesla wants $3100 to replace MCU, a way too large sum for such a relative to the error. So I got my hands on a used MCU. We have successfully replaced VIN and setting from the old car, but the SW mismatch to...
  15. GolanB

    2019.12.1.2 - Car failed to lock during walkaway + odd screen behavior

    The first time this happened to me that I can think of - Been using a software key on my mobile device and it has been reliable for both locking and unlocking the vehicle. Today, I parked on the street, enabled sentry mode, and walked away. I got a call about 40 minutes later from my son who...
  16. U

    Original URL

    Does anyone know the original URL that displays when web access is selected? The browser does not have a history feature and I neglected to save it as a favorite. Thanks
  17. W

    Blue icon

    Hello, I wonder if anybody did see the blue icon that appears next to the range indicator. It pops up just after the start and stays there till the end of the trip. It looks more like a snow flake, so to say. The manual didn't help me...
  18. Y

    Apps for Tesla

    Hey everyone! If you own a Model S you should check out https://tes.app.We are a small start up and develop browser applications optimized for Tesla Model S and Model X screens (Model 3 coming soon). Currently we have a Weather app, an Altitude tracker and more. It would be great if you could...
  19. fasteddie7

    3 apps open at once! Bug or feature?

    Bug or feature, I love it. Hopefully if it is a bug, Tesla thinks about implementing a purposely working verision of this in the future. Just spreading the word we can do this (have 3 apps open at once)
  20. IonEV

    Touchscreen wake up issue

    The Model 3 would wake up normally with my wife's iPhone. Meaning she walks up to the car, touches the door handle, the car and touchscreen wake up and are ready to go by the time she gets in. When I approach with my Samsung S8+ the car would open but even after buckling my seatbelt the...
  21. S

    Feature request - recent audio sources list

    One of the most annoying parts of the model 3 audio system is the amount of steps it takes to switch from one audio source to another. It would be awesome if your default audio screen was a list of the past 5 (or more!) audio sources you've listened to, because one of those is likely what...

    R and D vs Hold - Dangerous!

    This one's dangerous if not addressed. "Hold" is not a very safe indicator of "Still in D or R, ready to launch" There really needs to be a clear indicator that any touch of the pedal will cause the car to move. My wife pointed out the PRND on screen, top/left corner. Seeing it for the first...
  23. zosoisnotaword

    Non EAP Touchscreen Display

    If autopilot is not purchased, does the display still show your car, lanes, and other detected vehicles under the speedometer? If not, what is shown in its place? It would be really helpful to still have that feature without EAP once the adjacent lane vehicle display is added.
  24. sgblank

    Palo Alto Service - Two weeks to discover no MCU's in stock

    My MCU (the big center touchscreen) has bubbles and is leaking goop out of the bottom. Thanks to these forums I discovered this a known problem and requires a touchscreen replacement. I made an appointment on Jan 5th to bring my car in on Jan 18th. I described the problem and the service advisor...
  25. F

    MCU software problem

    Hello, i have my MS since 2 years now and 100000km. Since 2 months i have a problem with my MCU... here is the list of the problem. - the subwoofer is off - Dolby surround disappear - Bluetooth don't start - 3G don't start - WIFI don't start before this 2 updates failed. I don't know if it's a...
  26. Amp Dup

    What is this icon?

    What is this icon? (The cone thing, not the music note)
  27. travwill

    Touchscreen Unresponsive?

    My touchscreen is unresponsive, gives the warning, about 90% of the time over the last couple months. Has made ownership extremely frustrating at times. I can't operate doors from it, can't do garage door, can't choose media easily, can' change AC to defrost windows at times, turn on...
  28. S

    Tesla Hired Volvo's Head Of Interior Engineering To Fix Its Interiors

    Just saw this article on Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/tesla-hired-volvos-head-of-interior-engineering-to-fix-1790315839 Tesla Hired Volvo's Head Of Interior Engineering To Fix Its Interiors "Since Tesla’s interior quality is something that people complain about the most, it’s good that the...
  29. RobertSeattle

    Anyone else find the Touchscreen Door Closing UI confusing?

    I've only been an X owner for about a week now but have multiple times clicked the wrong button when meaning to close a FWD, and instead opened the driver or passenger doors. Happens when I am trying to be quick (like child drop off). My brain is trained that top means front, but in the UI, the...
  30. RobertSeattle

    How common is a unexpected reboot of the touchscreen?

    (I am brand New X owner.) Put in a destination for Navigation. Started driving but when I look down the touchscreen was black. (Everything else worked fine.) About a minute later the display came back to exactly where it was before. Just curious about how common this is.
  31. sukhi

    Software Feature Request: User Interface accessibility options

    Team, I could not find a similar thread so thought of starting this discussion. (Half hoping that there is already to trick to get to these options) I am sure many of us use corrective lenses for reading and/or driving. While driving, I have sometimes found it hard to read the center screen...
  32. Ziska

    adding an app to the screen?

    Is there any way to add an app to the touchscreen?
  33. M

    Appeal for help: touchscreen overheating and 120V charging in a California garage

    Fellow Tesla fans, I usually don't turn to the forums for help, but I'm stumped and could use some real-world feedback to see if my issue is isolated or a larger problem. Some background: I received my P85 in December of 2012. I'll also be honest that I'm a huge fan of Tesla. That aside...
  34. medved

    Why is the touchscreen so glossy?

    In this video (at 04:10) finally someone acknowledges the glossy touchscreen: "But there is another problem with this thing and that's the glare. This is a fairly glossy panel and as we get the sunroof here, at times, the sun shine through, reflect out of there and go right in your eyes and...
  35. C

    Driving Gloves?

    I saw a brief discussion of this on another thread, but it got dropped before an answer was given, and I have not heard from current Model S owners so I am going to ask this in another way. Most cars come with a "glove box." Presumably, this is first and foremost a place to put one's driving...
  36. DrComputer

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Since more Model S' are hitting the road I think we need to have a new sticky or sub forum for mechanical or technical issues. I was at the LA store yesterday having a vibration issue with my Roadster looked at (it was determined to be a bent rim...ouch). There were several Model S' there for...