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tow package

  1. B

    model Y Tow package and hitch out of stock?

    Seriously? Tesla will not put their software on a third party hitch. Their Tow Package is sold out at least in Colorado. I have read the car is safer towing with the software package so I don’t really want to go Third party. Any idea when this kind of thing would get back in stock?
  2. H

    Buying a 2023 Model Y OEM Hitch from Ebay and getting installed by Tesla .Thoughts ?

    I am a recent Model Y owner , thinking to buy a ecohitch or OEM hitch from ebay to attach a bike rack and get it installed at my local Tesla service center .They said they can do it for 165$ .Has anyone did this before ? What am I missing here if I buy one and take it to tesla for...
  3. A

    Tow hitch, does it affect acceleration or range?

    I accidentally ordered a factory-installed tow hitch for my MYLR. The tow bar system weights around 30kg (65 lbs), according to some specs (not sure if that is accurate). Does the existence of the tow bar affect range, performance or acceleration, without towing and without having the trailer...
  4. E

    2021 Model Y w/ Tow Package, Car side connector won't power, trailer mode indicator is red

    I just sort of inhereited a cool little 6 x 10 trailer. I slapped a new LED light kit on last night, and tried to use the light connector (for the first time with this car) but the car won't power it. I put a multimeter on it, no juice at all, to any of the blades. Also, there's this weird...
  5. L

    Model 3 tow bar

    I'm wondering a few things about getting a tow hitch for my Model 3. I've read a little, and the task appears to require Tesla expertise, as opposed to buy just any hitch and attaching it to just any car. Is it likely I have to ask a Tesla shop to do it? My goals are 1) to be able to tow a...
  6. Triumphz28

    FOR SALE - NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A

    FOR SALE - NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A Link to my eBay listing (One of the Original Trusted eBay Members Since 1998): NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A | eBay Or you can direct message me for...
  7. ElectricLove

    Tow Receiver Key exchange and help for each other!

    OK, so we just got another X from Tesla, much like last time they didn't get the little red key for the tow receiver adapter (the part that protrudes downwards and comes in a little black tesla case with 2 keys). Their "fix" is to remove the entire rear tow hitch receiver system and put a new...
  8. U

    Model 3 - Towing a Caravan

    Hi New on here, with a Model 3 LR on order, with tow hitch. I have been doing some research regarding towing a caravan, and would welcome any thoughts/advice on the following: There are certainly many barriers to being able tow a caravan and significantly there is only 1 caravan I could...
  9. R

    Expected features missing on new Model X! Included premium package not included!

    Has anyone noticed features missing from what was ordered? I was so happy to finally receive my MX that I never even thought to check that it might not include the features I ordered but after making sure I looked over and reported the fit and finish issues which were minor, I realized I had no...
  10. Beta V

    Other manufacturing defects: Tow package and Horn

    I just got Angel back from the (really great) dealer in Bellevue, WA. I had a friend who wanted me to tow a bike trailer and I jumped at the chance to use my new Model X's tow package. I started by watching a couple of videos on how to do it before I slid under the car and exposed the tow-hitch...
  11. Q

    buying a test drive vehicle with no tow package

    1) Is there any downside to buying a test drive vehicle with 2,000 miles? 2) test drive vehicle built 9/17 after the Tow package standard (7/17), but doesnt have it. How hard is it to convince OA that it should be included. 3) between ultra white and cream seats, which one is better with kids...