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  1. C

    Autopilot while Trailer Mode

    I can not enable autopilot while towing a trailer with Trailer Mode active. Is it possible to use autopilot while towing if i upgrade to EAP or FSD? or Disabling Trailer Mode altought towing a trailer to able to use autopilot? (Of course not recommended but a solution?)
  2. O

    2023 Model 3LR NO tow hitch cutout ?!

    Hi everyone, first time posting on TMC, I just took delivery of my 2023 model 3 LR and ordered a tow hitch to use for trailering and my bike rack. I saw multiple videos on how to install the tow hitch, only problem is that my 2023 doesn't have the OEM cutout for the hitch receiver!! What should...
  3. D

    2021 MY max current on factory installed tow harness

    I have a factory installed tow harness on my 2021 MY that has the lead-acid 12v battery. I recently had a short develop in my RV trailer which proceeded to "let the smoke out" of the Tesla wiring harness. Tesla service center is telling me that the wiring harness was equipped with a 25amp fuse...
  4. ricky_25n@yaho

    Expired Tesla Model X tow hook trailer hitch New [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model X tow hook trailer hitch New. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. cheqsgravity

    Expired 2020 Model X Long Range +, 29K miles, 7 seater, Wrap [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2020 Model X Long Range +, 29K miles, Wrap,. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. maxshuty

    Towbar installation on 2016 X

    Hi all, I have a 2016 X that does not have the towing package. I purchased a towbar and hitch assembly and it’s been a struggle to get in with the only person in my area that installs them. Looking at this picture: It doesn’t look hard to install it, just pull that rear fascia off and bolt it...
  7. A

    Model X tow bar question

    Hi everyone, We're in the market for a 2020/2021 Model X long range Plus and are wondering if all Model X's in this range were sold with at least the tow bar and wiring in place from the factory? (I understand that the actual tow hitch that snaps into the tow bar may not have been sold with...
  8. B

    Model Y Tow Plug Adapter

    Apologies if this is discussed already, but I cannot find it. Regarding the tow electric plug: Q: is the Tesla end the same as "7-way RV style" I've seen? Q: would this one be a good choice for 4 or 5 pin use...
  9. S

    Can I use a motorcycle platform on the Model Y tow hitch?

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been discussed but i have not been able to find anything definitive. I have a '22 Model YP and wondering if I can use a motorcycle hitch like this...
  10. I

    Model Y / X - MotoTote Mini Electric / Fat Tire Hitch Mount Bike Carrier Rack

    Lightly used hitch mounted bike rack (used on 2 times). Only a few months old. Stored indoors. Weighs only 28 lbs and has a 200lb capacity. I used it with a Sur Ron X aka Segway X260 (~80lbs without the battery) with no problems. This rack was the only option I found that had a high capacity...
  11. M

    2022 X class iii hitch receiver vertical wt limit

    It looks like the manual may have not been updated recently in regards to model X towing. Towing package has been standard since 2017. Did the model X 2022 refresh keep everything the same with hitch receiver? Is it any stronger? Can it carry more vertical weight than the manual says? Thule...
  12. P

    Are many people here using a model 3 to tow a small travel trailer?

    A small travel trailer like a Scamp 13, Casita or various teardrops tends to weigh about 1700 lbs or less. I was wondering if anyone here has some experience with that sort of towing? I believe that quite a few people (in California and maybe elsewhere) have had Stealth brand hitches installed...
  13. doghousePVD

    Towing trailer emergency

    Away from home. Can’t tow travel trailer. Took off trailer to Supercharge. After reconnecting trailer, all trailer lights stopped working. Also had low brake fluid errors, and brake pedal fully depressed much more than usual. Had red trailer icon, then changed to yellow. Cleaned all trailer...
  14. S

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Hi folks, I was wondering what kind of travel trailers people are towing with their Model Y. I am really interested in the Airstream's Basecamp (link), and the weight is only 2650 lbs, which is under the Model Y's towing capacity of 3500 lbs. But I noticed that the hitch weight of the Basecamp...
  15. Q

    Stealth Hitch

    Hi All, For sale is the combo package (rack and towing) from Stealth Hitches $837 - Tesla Model 3 Hitch Combo (Rack + Towing) 2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COMBO PACKAGE? Hitch beam (bolt up design) Stainless steel latching mechanism w/ integral lock 4 – way connector with...
  16. jmatero

    Transporting Dirt Bike(s)

    Does anyone with a Y and the factory tow package transport a dirt bike (or more than one)? My son has a Honda CRF-125 which is about 200 lbs and noticed there are some single carriers out there but most seem to be for class-3. And you know kids... now my younger is interested so seems like a...
  17. Triumphz28

    FOR SALE - NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A

    FOR SALE - NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A Link to my eBay listing (One of the Original Trusted eBay Members Since 1998): NEW - Tesla Model X Tow Hook Trailer Hitch Receiver & Keys OEM Part 1027582-00-A | eBay Or you can direct message me for...
  18. velocty

    Model Y Brake Controller

    I just finished the installation of my Tekonsha Prodigy P3 brake controller on my new Model Y. I wasn't able to find any tips specific to the Model Y in the forums, so I created a simple sharable YouTube video of my experience. Hint: You'll need a part from the Model X parts catalog! Hopefully...
  19. H

    Payload, Towing Capacity, and Hitch Weight

    Does anybody know the Payload, Towing Capacity, and Hitch Weight for MX 75D, 90D, and 100D? Assuming that numbers would be different for each model. Thinking more battery equals lower numbers. Of course, more battery equals more range (especially if towing). Need real numbers to...
  20. gidster99

    Tesla Model 3 UK Manual Towbar Accessory Limit of 55Kgs

    I am not sure if anyone can help me ... I need to find out when the UK Manual added the tow bar limit of 55Kgs for accessories. I am not sure how I can establish this given that the manual is online. In particular, I am trying to find out if this limit was already in the manual prior to January...
  21. 1

    WTB: Hitch for 2018 Model 3 | near Atlanta, GA

    Looking for stealth hitch, in case someone has one they no longer want. Also wanted: updated rear splash panel/cover with the built-in removable cover for the hitch.
  22. ElectricLove

    Tow Receiver Key exchange and help for each other!

    OK, so we just got another X from Tesla, much like last time they didn't get the little red key for the tow receiver adapter (the part that protrudes downwards and comes in a little black tesla case with 2 keys). Their "fix" is to remove the entire rear tow hitch receiver system and put a new...
  23. M

    How to tow a Model 3?

    Has anyone towed a Model 3? I presume it would have to be towed with all wheels off the road. My interest is to tow it behind an RV. I'm pretty certain Elon is not going facilitate simply having the vehicle just follow me. I'm interested in the weight of the vehicle and dimensions and any...
  24. ctn531

    Tesla Model X Tow Hitch Receiver in Carrying Case ($150) - Brand New

    Tesla Part # 1027582-00-A (Bosal Receiver) Receiver comes from a 2018 MX - has never been used. Comes with everything shown in pictures (receiver, harness, 2 keys & carrying case). Live in Denver metro area. Feel free to pick up or can ship for actual cost of shipping.
  25. jat255

    New Curt hitch?

    I just called a local installer for hitches, and in addition to the torklift ecohitch, he mentioned that there is a new Curt hitch available for about $200 cheaper. The main differences that I see are the receiver is not removable and only comes in one and a quarter inch size. Given the timing...
  26. M

    AAA membership?

    I am a new Tesla Model 3 owner. Currently I have the basic AAA membership with 3 miles towing. I used it a couple of times in the last few years for jump up an ICE car when I forgot to turn off the light. I also used it once to open a rental car when I locked myself out without the key. I never...
  27. S

    Brand New Model X Hitch receiver with key

    I have a brand new Model X hitch receiver for Sale $300 Cdn (firm) plus my cost of shipping. I live in Toronto Canada area. local pick up is an option.
  28. L

    Hint: Hitch plastic cover clips

    Hi. I use my MX hitch a lot. While the original plastic cover was not well thought out, it does create a smooth surface and a decent seal, so I like to use it when I am not towing. But I ALWAYS struggle getting the plastic clips out with my fingernails. I tried leaving the plastic clips out...
  29. A

    WTB: Model X 75D/90D, Five Seats, $60k, MD area

    Looking for a Model X 75D or 90D with five seat configuration for around $60k. The following are my preferences, but I will consider other options: Black/Grey exterior with white interior Enhanced Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior Package Ultra Hi-Fi Sound Subzero 20" wheels...
  30. romad

    Question regarding Bosal 2" Receiver Adapter

    The Bosal removable hitch on the Tesla X is similar to the Bosal hitch VW used in Europe except that the ball is 50mm (2") on a swan neck. I was able to source one of the 2" Adapters for the Tesla X and will use it with my Bosal tow bar on my VW Jetta, but I have a question regarding the ball...
  31. Atlantian

    Airstream Towing Equipment Recommendations - Sport or Nest

    I hope to purchase an Airstream TT to pull behind our X (90D w/ 20" wheels). I plan on leaving in mid September for a 6,000 mile cross country trip from Southern CA to Ohio (via I-70), down to GA and then back to CA (via I-40). I'm looking at the Sport 16, Sport 22 or possibly the Nest. I've...
  32. Chrisizzle

    Road trip w/ trailer - Toronto, Wyoming (off road), Utah, Toronto

    Hello all, I will chronicle my experience in case it helps someone in the future. I am planning a road trip from Toronto Canada, to Casper Wyoming. I will spend a week there for the Adventure Racing World Championships. Much of that will be on dirt roads (or worse) in an area already devoid of...
  33. Gwgan

    Model X hitch cover, early version

    First lost the pin, then the whole cover.
  34. T

    Hitch Reciever needed

    Hi all, I am looking for a model X owner with the tow package who is willing to do me a favor. I need a 2-inch hitch receiver (the thing that came with your tow package and sticks into the back of the car to create a place for hitch accessories to plug into). It is Tesla part 1027582-00-A...
  35. vrykolas

    Anyone tow a popup camper with X?

    We're picking up our X 90D next week, and we're looking into popup campers (in the future). Anyone have experience towing a popup camper (or similar)? We're looking at something roughly of this type (pictured). Estimated weight will be 2200 lbs or 1000 kg. We're looking to buy a used popup...
  36. palmer_md

    Flat Tow

    I've seen several threads about a request to flat tow both the Model S and the Model X, all of which come back from Tesla as not recommended. I'd like to see the Model 3 designed with the ability to be flat towed behind an RV. There are lots of reasons that flat tow is better than a dolly (not...