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towing hitch

  1. H

    Model Y - cycles -Tesla towbar or are there aftermarket options?

    Perhaps a bit premature (I am still waiting for a VIN, and I don't believe and UK owners have their car yet) but... For those considering getting Tesla to install towbar on their Y, what is your main reason for doing so? For me, I only want to add a cycle carrier so I'm thinking the Tesla...
  2. Y

    $350 Tesla Model X Trailer Tow Hitch Receiver in Carrying Case

    Tesla Model X Trailer Tow Hitch Receiver 1027582-00-A Bosal in Carrying Case Like new: Attached to Tesla to test fit which was perfect and was removed. Never used to actually tow or actually attach anything to the hitch receiver. Comes with: Carrying case Tow hitch two keys $350 cash...
  3. dhrivnak

    Towing extension cable

    For those of you who tow, I would LOVE to buy an extension charging cable so I do not have to unhook the trailer to charge. I have seen a few SuperCharger stations with a charger that could work for towing but they seen to be in the majority. A cable about 15' long would allow us to nose in...
  4. J

    FS: Bosal Hitch setup for Model X - never used

    From my July 2018-delivered MX, never used Bosal hitch setup. Includes the cross-bar and the insert thingy in bag, none of it was ever used and is all in perfect condition. Does not include the 7-pin electrical connector or its bracket - WYSIWYG. Asking $700. In San Diego, not gonna ship - can...
  5. B


    After towing, I removed the hook and kind of reattached the plastic protection cover/ plate. It seemed okay, but it probably wasn’t tight enough; I lost this plate. Tesla sent me a new one including 2 screws, rings and 2 metal small parts. I have no clue how have to use these. Does anyone know...
  6. ElectricLove

    Towing a T@B trailer with Model S

    So, I've been sitting on this thought for a while and after much online research and not finding much great definitive info I decided to just dive in. I drive a Model S P85DL and installed a tow hitch on it and 4-flat wiring harness. It has the staggered 21" turbines and we generally get...
  7. Padelford

    Trailer Hitch Confusion (Chapter N, where N >> 1)

    Why is this (the European/Norwegian ball hitch for the Model X and a standard part from Bosal) (Thanks to Bjorn Nyland): compatible with these tow hitch rules for the US Model X: The European ball hitch clearly violates the 3/4" ball offset rule in the US manual. Did Tesla put a...
  8. jamtek

    The beginning of Another Airstream Adventure!

    Well following in the footsteps of many on this forum, I've joined the Model X/Airstream Adventure Club :) My new Airstream Sport 22FB Bambi came in this week and I picked it up in New Jersey. My dealer was Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ and I have nothing but high praise for the job they...
  9. T

    Question for folks with EcoHitch installed on Model S

    Hi everyone, I recently got an EcoHitch installed on my 2016 Model S. For those of you who have had this or a similar hitch installed on your Model S, how do you protect the underside of your vehicle? The L shaped hitch protrudes from the bottom of the car for which the installer had to cut out...
  10. ohmman

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    As some may know, I'm in the middle of a ~3500 mile trip towing my Airstream with the X. Within about 5 days, I started to notice that there was a little play in my receiver. I could wiggle it ever so slightly back and forth, where it was perfectly tight beforehand. I'd estimate about 1/16th of...
  11. cstromme

    Do new Model X' come with a box for the towing hitch receiver?

    Someone mentioned that new Model X' with the towing package comes with a box for the hitch receiver. Anybody here heard anything about it? Anybody got a photo of the box?