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towing package

  1. B

    Towing Experience with Model Y

    I am a long time lurker here, first time posting. I noticed some people post about their towing experiences so thought I'd do the same. I recently bought a Riverside Retro 165 travel trailer from an out of state dealership (I live in Kansas, and the dealer was in Minnesota). I decided to tow...
  2. M

    2202 MYP tow connector DOA?

    Are there any tricks to getting the 7-pin trailer lighting/brake connector to work? Tried with and without tow mode. With known-good trailer, test device and multimeter. No lights and no voltage measured at the connector. Tesla service gave me a pigtail with zero guidance. Told me it was...
  3. M

    Trailer electrical connector DOA on New MYP

    2022 MYP with factory tow package. No voltage at the 7-pin connector. Tried with a known-good trailer, test connector and multimeter. With tow mode on and off. Tesla service tells me that it's my problem. Gave me a pigtail connector with zero guidance or instructions. Claim that it's the...
  4. M

    How to tow a Model 3?

    Has anyone towed a Model 3? I presume it would have to be towed with all wheels off the road. My interest is to tow it behind an RV. I'm pretty certain Elon is not going facilitate simply having the vehicle just follow me. I'm interested in the weight of the vehicle and dimensions and any...
  5. Y

    $350 Tesla Model X Trailer Tow Hitch Receiver in Carrying Case

    Tesla Model X Trailer Tow Hitch Receiver 1027582-00-A Bosal in Carrying Case Like new: Attached to Tesla to test fit which was perfect and was removed. Never used to actually tow or actually attach anything to the hitch receiver. Comes with: Carrying case Tow hitch two keys $350 cash...
  6. B


    After towing, I removed the hook and kind of reattached the plastic protection cover/ plate. It seemed okay, but it probably wasn’t tight enough; I lost this plate. Tesla sent me a new one including 2 screws, rings and 2 metal small parts. I have no clue how have to use these. Does anyone know...
  7. B

    2016 Tesla Model X P100D

    Why wait 3 months and spend several thousand more when you can get Model P100D with factory warranty and all the customizations NOW? Only 255 miles on this beauty and no wait! Sales tax has been paid and you only have to pay the transfer fees for a virtually NEW Tesla you could be driving...
  8. ohmman

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    As some may know, I'm in the middle of a ~3500 mile trip towing my Airstream with the X. Within about 5 days, I started to notice that there was a little play in my receiver. I could wiggle it ever so slightly back and forth, where it was perfectly tight beforehand. I'd estimate about 1/16th of...
  9. cstromme

    Do new Model X' come with a box for the towing hitch receiver?

    Someone mentioned that new Model X' with the towing package comes with a box for the hitch receiver. Anybody here heard anything about it? Anybody got a photo of the box?