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tpms programming

  1. Sanderpman12

    New tpms system question

    Currently in the 2013 Tesla the new tpms which shows psi for each tire is not there. If I go to Tesla it's $300 Is there a way I can buy it aftermarket and go to a tire shop to install it instead? Or do I have to go to Tesla? Thanks!
  2. J

    TPMS signal question

    My local Firestone cannot give me an answer on this: I have a new Tesla Bluetooth TPMS to install on my 2022 M3P. Do the Bluetooth sensors require programming? They are saying their TPMS tool only goes to 2020 M3. Thanks.
  3. Skydive85

    TPMS Reset Button Removed?

    I got new tires on my Model 3 Performance. Since swapping them (same brand, model and size of the originals), I’m having traction control warnings and autopilot won’t engage. Someone suggested resetting the TPMS, however when I go to the menu it’s since been removed (I believe after the...
  4. K

    NEW! Model S 2013 TPMS !!!!

    NEW! Set of 4 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) that are already programmed for 2013 Tesla — asking $80
  5. K

    Car doesn't see new TPMS

    I just put 4 new tires/wheels on the car (winter) and the car is saying TPMS fault, and doesn't seem to see the sensors I've heard both that the car has to go to the SC, and that it DOESN'T have to go to the SC. Any ideas? I've tried TPMS factor reset, I tried new wheels, I tried recalibrate