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tpms retrofit

  1. Sanderpman12

    New tpms system question

    Currently in the 2013 Tesla the new tpms which shows psi for each tire is not there. If I go to Tesla it's $300 Is there a way I can buy it aftermarket and go to a tire shop to install it instead? Or do I have to go to Tesla? Thanks!
  2. R

    Manufacturing date tpms sensors

    Does anyone know how I can see the manufacturing date of tpms sensors? I had an issue with the garage here in the Netherlands. Since 6 months I'm a new owner of a thirdhand Tesla model S p85+ from 2013. Had a rough start with maintenence. Few months back I had an issue with the tpms system...
  3. Buckeye2320

    TPMS Sensors - 2013 Model S Retrofit?

    So I am looking for Winter tires for my wife and I noticed that the sites all have TPMS sensor, but my wife's 2013 CPO Model S P85 does not currently have TPMS Sensors. Can these be retrofitted to her 2013 Model S P 85? Thanks for the help