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tpms sensor

  1. Tam

    Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure Sensors Messed Up With New Non-Tesla Tires

    This article seems to accuse Tesla of discouraging tire replacement services from a generic shop, as that would generate TPMS errors, forcing the shop to work around them by using "Customized Pressure. "...
  2. K

    NEW! Model S 2013 TPMS !!!!

    NEW! Set of 4 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) that are already programmed for 2013 Tesla — asking $80
  3. Sanderpman12

    TPMS Failure issue

    I have a 2013 model s and the tpms issue keeps coming no matter how many times i reset it. When i reset it it goes away and appears back again after some time. Anyone know how much it will cost to fix this. Or if i can fix it without spending money? Also im curious to why in settings i can set...
  4. S

    FS: OEM Bluetooth TPMS Sensors Brand New 2021 Model 3

    Selling a set (4) of brand new Bluetooth TPMS sensors. These are Tesla (OEM) taken off of M3P Uberturbine factory wheels. $265 cash/picked up - available for pickup in Santa Monica. Willing to drive 30 minutes to meet in person. $275 shipped
  5. damonbrodie

    TPMS Question

    Hi just took delivery of my MY yesterday. I live in Canada and will be buying a second set of rims for my winter tires. Right now I have the stock tires on the 19" Gemini's. I'm thinking that this fall I will put winter tires on the Gemini's and then next sprint I will buy a set of 19"...
  6. pabla

    2021 TPMS Sensors

    Hello all, recently purchased a set of aftermarket rims and TPMS sensors for my 2021 LR+. The issue I am having is no matter what I do the sensors aren't recognized in the car. I have tried 2 sets of TPMS sensors, and both don't work. The first set seemed dead since the scanner at the tire shop...
  7. Jlescobar

    For Sale: Model 3 aero wheels, tires, and tpms sensors

    Selling the extra pair of original 2019 Model 3 aero wheels with covers, tires, and original tpms sensors. Michelin tires have about 8,250 miles on them. Two wheels have curb rashes, see photos. Asking $1200 OBO Will ship for a flat rate of $250 Local pickup available in Madison, WI if you...
  8. F

    Model Y TPMS Sensors in Greater Toronto Area

    Has anyone had any luck buying a set of TPMS sensors for the Model Y in the GTA? Took my car in to get new rims yesterday, and the tire guy said that Tesla refused to sell him sensors, and that the owner of the car would need to bring in their ownership to a Tesla dealer buy them. Tried...
  9. G

    Clicking noise TPMS

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2014 model S and it was creating a clicking noise in the right rear after a 2000km trip. I thought it was the drive motor so I schedule a appointment at Tesla Osaka and the could not figure it out. So after I picked up the car can still here clicking which sounded like...
  10. G

    For Sale: 2017 Model S 19’ silver slipstream rims

    I have a set of 19" slipstreams off my Model S with TPMS and center caps. These are in excellent condition as I switched these out for different rims so these were never used. I’m asking for $900. I am willing to ship at buyers expense.
  11. E

    TPMS Gen 1

    Set of 4 Baolong gen1 TPMS sensors purchased through Tire Rack for $67 each along with rims for my winter tires. Used for one season. My TPMS receiver got replaced with gen 2, making these sensors redundant. $100 for all 4, free shipping. These are OEM parts, not cheap knock offs...
  12. S

    FS: 21" Model S OEM Staggered Gray Turbine Wheels + Tires + Gen 2 TPMS

    Set of 4x 21" Tesla Model S OEM Gray Staggered Turbine wheels and Tires (Max Performance Summer tire with acoustic Foam inside) for sale; asking $2000. Sale comes with storage bags and felt top covers. Wheels have the Second generation TPMS. Front tires are the newest set @ ~8/32”...
  13. O

    $245 (4) 19" Wheels, TPMS, Totes

    (4) 19" Model S OEM wheels, TPMS sensors and wheel totes: $245. (4) Tesla 19" Wheels, TPMS Sensors, Wheel Totes - auto wheels &...
  14. L

    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    I gave 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 I would like to exchange for 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen2. Anyone interested let me know.
  15. L

    TPMS v1 for v2 exchange

    I have 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 that I would like to exchange for 4 OEM Tesla TPMS gen2. I bought a set of winter wheels without knowing they might not be compatible. My model S (118979) uses gen2 TPMS and the wheels are gen1. Maybe someone is in the opposite situation and we can trade? Cheers!
  16. GMan324

    TPMS v2 $150 (Set of 4)

    Four used and working OEM Tesla Continental TMPS v2. Includes caps and nuts. Yes, these are the ones that show individual pressure for each tire. I bought a new set of wheels and tires for my late 2014 MS60. These are the ones that came off the original wheels. $150 for the set including...
  17. F

    Gen 2 TPMS for sale

    I have a complete set of Gen 2 TPMS. Removed from a 2015 Model S. I can’t use them because I have Gen 1 Sensors. $200 -Ryan
  18. TSAccessorize

    Tesla Model S Gen 1 TPMS Sensors

    I have a set of Gen 1 TPMS sensors for sale. $140 shipped to anywhere in the US. Remove from my P85 Thanks.
  19. R

    Recommended TPMS for Model X

    Hello, I'm looking for an additional set of tpms that anyone has had success with. I don't want to remove my existing tpms from my original wheels because I would like the ability to switch out my wheels as easy as possible without having to pull tpms each time out of the wheel. Thanks!
  20. Mickie

    4 older style (Baolong) TPMS

    Verified functional by SC. $100 for all 4.
  21. tgq12

    21" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package - Grey $3500

    Freshly powder coated. Perfect condition rims, Continental Tires are in great shape. Comes with TPMS from a 2016 Model S. Prefer to sell in SF Bay Area, shipping will be at expense of buyer. $3500 Sorry new to this forum, please PM for more pictures
  22. dj905

    TPMS sensors for Model S - original version

    I have 4 TPMS sensors available for a Model S. These sensors are compatible with VIN numbers less than 50,700. They are taken from my winter wheels and unfortunately do not work with my new 2016 Model S. I believe that two of the sensors are original at 4 years old, and the other two are about...
  23. turbospecc

    TPMS (newer VINs) - cheapest place to buy?

    Looking for the cheapest way to pick up a second set of the newer Continental sensors for some aftermarket T Sportline wheels I'm getting (aside from scouring the classifieds). Am I going to do better than $65/ea, free shipping, no tax = $260 from Tire Rack? What price do the service centers...