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  1. B

    21 MYLR TPMS

    Do I need to spend the CDN125$Each for Bluetooth TPMS or can the much cheaper MHz-based options work with 2021 MY? The shop I ordered from tells me they won’t work.
  2. F

    Oddities After Service Center (TPMS and AC malfunctioning)

    Hey all- Running into a few strange issues with my MYLR. I took it to the local Service Center on Thursday to get my shattered windshield replaced. Ever since I picked up the car on that afternoon, I've noticed some strange issue. My TPMS continuously says my front right tire is low. I check...
  3. Jylbn

    FS: Model Y Gemini Wheels w/ Tires, TPMS & Aero Covers $2500

    Selling like-new OEM Model Y Gemini wheels and with TPMS and aero covers. Asking price: $2,500 Great condition and low miles! Zero curb rash. Newly taken off from our 3-month old MY when we replaced the wheels (Martian wheels *very* delayed). Includes (all OEM): -Gemini wheels 19" x4...
  4. M

    FS : 19” Slipstream wheels - eastern PA

    19”x8” Tesla Slipstream wheel/Goodyear tire combo Like new with little to no visible wear less than 50 miles on the combo Includes: 4 wheel/tire, Center caps, and Tpms $1700 OBO
  5. L

    FS: [Northern Virginia] 21" Uberturbine Rims, Pirelli stock tires (25 miles) + TPMS sensors from newly purchased Model Y performance (delivered 9/16)

    Hello everyone, I'm located in Northern Fairfax, VA and I'm looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines. They'll come with the stock Pirelli tires, x4 OEM Tesla Wheel caps, and the Tesla TPMS sensors. I'm also including Tesla Totes (x4) (new in box purchased specifically for the buyer's convenience)...
  6. K

    NEW! Model S 2013 TPMS !!!!

    NEW! Set of 4 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) that are already programmed for 2013 Tesla — asking $80
  7. O

    For Sale: 19" Sport Rims Gen 1 2019 Model w/ TPMS & Tires & Center Caps

    Hello there! I bought a set of 18 Aeros in glossy black, so I no longer find a need in these. Washed them weekly with a wheel brush. I, unfortunately, had a lot of mistakes in parking lots and caused rashes on most of them. One is in flawless condition, two of them have minor rashes, and the...
  8. Sanderpman12

    TPMS Failure issue

    I have a 2013 model s and the tpms issue keeps coming no matter how many times i reset it. When i reset it it goes away and appears back again after some time. Anyone know how much it will cost to fix this. Or if i can fix it without spending money? Also im curious to why in settings i can set...
  9. S

    FS: OEM Bluetooth TPMS Sensors Brand New 2021 Model 3

    Selling a set (4) of brand new Bluetooth TPMS sensors. These are Tesla (OEM) taken off of M3P Uberturbine factory wheels. $265 cash/picked up - available for pickup in Santa Monica. Willing to drive 30 minutes to meet in person. $275 shipped
  10. B

    Fix TPMS error

    2014 P85 Exchanged out my original 21” Turbines for new Arachnids. Had a problem getting the TPMS to sync so I took it to the service center. They told me my car had the old TPMS system and the new wheels had the Bluetooth version (or is backwards?). Anyhow, is there a way to easily fix this or...
  11. M

    17-20 Tesla Model 3 433 MHz Continental TPMS

    I have 4 Continental 433 MHz TPMS for sale that I purchased new for my 2021 model 3 before realizing the 21 uses Bluetooth. They should fit 2017 to 2020 model 3. These are made by Continental which also make the OEM TPMS. They were installed for only one day. Included all new seals. $160 shipped
  12. R

    245/45R-20 VREDESTEIN HYPERTRAC Martian Wheels Satin Black and Bluetooth TPMS sensors

    So I sold my 2030 model Y Performance and replacing with a 2021 model 3 Performance but I have my wheels/tires I bought for last winter but didn’t use over 100 miles. Anyone interested in the full setup let me know they are mint and look great on the Y. I did the 245/45r20 to give a little...
  13. pabla

    2021 TPMS Sensors

    Hello all, recently purchased a set of aftermarket rims and TPMS sensors for my 2021 LR+. The issue I am having is no matter what I do the sensors aren't recognized in the car. I have tried 2 sets of TPMS sensors, and both don't work. The first set seemed dead since the scanner at the tire shop...
  14. R

    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Set of four OEM 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream wheels and four newer OEM TO Goodyear Tesla tires. Gen 2 TPMS (not bluetooth) and matching center caps. NO curb rash, only a couple of small remarks from driving. Tires only have about 5k miles on them - new in late 19. These were ceramic coated...
  15. S

    2021 Model 3 performance OEM 20" Wheels + tires (~800 Miles)

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance Uber turbine OEM wheels and tires with OEM TPMS(2021 Bluetooth version) About ~800 miles on them. No issues, no curb rashes or any damage etc. Taken off a brand new car Cash Transactions and buyer picks up ( New Jersey - 08817 Zip) Wheels 20x9 Tires : Pirelli...
  16. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  17. JGhere

    Tire Pressure Monitoring

    New Y owner here. Cruising the display, I finally found the TPMS diagram. All the values for the four tires were blank. Is there some way to engage this feature? Isn't TPMS a stock feature? Still learning.
  18. bakerboy

    TPMS Help in SoCal - IE (Fontana)

    Hello, I have 2 TPMS sensors that are dead and according to Tesla service the other 2 are ready to die. I know I have the older system and Tesla is trying to sell me the upgraded system for about $1100, I plan on keeping the car for another year (2013 MS P85) so not looking to spend that much...
  19. M

    Huf TPMS sensor for model 3 2018-2020

    Selling Huf TPMS for model 3 18-20 models. Used for 2000miles and cannot be used in my new 2021 model 3. Comes with black stem and cap, retails for $175 asking $125 shipped within US
  20. K

    FS: 20" Staggered Turbines for Model 3 + TPMS + tires - $1500

    Selling my set of staggered 20x8.5 +35 and 20x10 +40 turbines from EVWheelsDirect with TPMS and Yokohama Advan Apex V601 tires with plenty of tread in the front and about 40% life left in the rear. The wheels alone sell for $1556 + shipping brand new. Asking $1500 OBO for the whole set (wheels...
  21. KeltekNW

    2021 Model 3 Performance wheel swap

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance wheel swap Matte Black Tsportline 19" TST Flow Forged Wheels 245/40R19XL Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ I purchased the following parts directly from Tesla to complete the wheel swap. 4- Bluetooth TPMS sensors $75ea 4- TPMS nuts $0.50ea 4- Black on black center...
  22. KeltekNW

    2021 Model 3 Performance 20” Uberturbines

    Ordered 2021 Model 3 Performance and will be pulling off the wheel/tire combo the day I get the car (Dec 10-28th) Complete set of 20’’ Uberturbine Wheels with factory Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS 235/35/20 I’m in the Portland, OR area. $3000 OBO
  23. U

    Which TPMS sensors work for 2021 Model 3?

    Can anyone confirm some models that will work? I'm asking because Amazon's website is indicating that some sensors do not work for the 2021 Model 3 even though they worked for the 2020 (eg ITM 08003M-1718MODEL3), not sure if that's correct though.
  24. F

    Model Y TPMS Sensors in Greater Toronto Area

    Has anyone had any luck buying a set of TPMS sensors for the Model Y in the GTA? Took my car in to get new rims yesterday, and the tire guy said that Tesla refused to sell him sensors, and that the owner of the car would need to bring in their ownership to a Tesla dealer buy them. Tried...
  25. S

    Did Tesla change the TPMS rules in SW?

    So, for two winters now, I've had a second set of tires/rims/tpms(non-tesla). I swap them out, drive a mile or two, and Stacy's Mom says something akin to "I see you have given me a set of pretty new shoes, can you tell me what(wheel) size they are?", and she's all set until March of the...
  26. S

    Wrong TPMS Sensor Location

    So I noticed today that one of my tire's pressure was down to 35 PSI while the other were still at 42. I was surprised that there was no notification about it, as my M3 used to report anything at 38 or below, but maybe they've adjusted the limits since then. When I got home I checked all the...
  27. fidodido

    TPMS Warning doesn't disappear after adjusting it

    Yesterday, the TPMS warning light came on for one of the tire (front passenger side at 38 psi). The driver side was about the same psi (38-39) but no warming lights. I've inflated more air on all the tires and check the pressures to be 40 psi all around, but the warning light isn't going away...
  28. A

    For Sale: 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Pirelli P Zero Tires / With TPM's - Reno, NV

    Set of 4: 21" Uberturbine Wheels/Pirelli P Zero Tires/ with OEM Tesla TPM's/ Center caps included-- approx. 1,200 miles. Like new condition. From my Model Y. Pirelli P Zero 255/35R21 XL 98W (Front) $642 + tax on Tirerack.com Pirelli P Zero 275/35R21 XL103 W (Rear) $750 + tax on Tirerack.com...
  29. helvio

    TPMS Fault (And service scheduled for 1 month out)

    Hello Guys, I went on a road trip this weekend and out of nowhere I got the TPMS Fault error message, one tire is not reporting. Interestingly, at some point the left tire was the one not reporting, while the right was ok, and then it moved back to the right one. It's annoying, SC only has an...
  30. I

    PRISTINE OEM Model 3 18" Aero Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Hey Everyone! I recently changed up my wheel/tire package on my Model 3 and am selling what was my winter set including: Four OEM 18" Aero Wheels, with Original Michelin Primacy MXM4 all-season tires, TPMS, and Aero covers, Center cap and lug nut covers (Sold Separately from Tesla for $50) for...
  31. K

    How to order TPMS Sensors from Tesla?

    I was able to find the part number 1490750-01-A from: https://epc.tesla.com/#/systemGroups/81851 It looks like I have the choice of black or black.... In any case, does anybody know how one goes about ordering repair type items from Tesla. I am looking to order a set of winter wheels and...
  32. I

    CLEAN OEM Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Hi everyone! New poster long time lurker. I recently changed up my wheel/tire package on my Model 3 and am selling what was my summer set including: Four OEM 19" Sport Wheels, with Original Continental Procontact RX tires, TPMS, and Center caps for all wheels. All the rims are in great...
  33. Tes*la*rosa

    19” Cyclone wheels, 2nd gen TPMS, centercaps, & Michelin Primacy MXM4

    Selling wheels, centercaps, & 2nd gen sensors (tested by RC Tesla SC for operability) for $850 local pick up. I’m just east of Redlands Ca. Tires have about half of original tread left so basically including them at no additional cost. Can deliver within IE, OC, or LA for $50. Great...
  34. R

    Model 3 OEM 19” Wheels, Tires, Wheel Center Caps, and TPMS

    Set of four 19" wheels, four Continental ProContact RX tires, four wheel center caps, and four TPMS for Model 3. All are factory OEM and all are in great condition with no curb rash on the wheels. Plenty of tire left with each at about 8/32". $1900. Located in SoCal area. Willing to ship at...
  35. C

    (4) TPMS Sensors 433Mhz

    I have an extra set of TPMS sensors brand new in the package. I just installed a set on my 2018 Model S, and they don’t require any programming. $35 - PayPal F&F Shipping included. Works on S, 3, X
  36. B

    FS: Model 3 Performance 20” Dark Gray Wheels w/Tires

    Wheels are in perfect condition and have MP4S tires mounted and balanced with factory TPMS. Pulled off my 2020 M3P with 500 miles on them. $2,300/OBO and will deliver within 100 miles of 06877. No desire to ship!
  37. T

    For Sale: 2020 18" Aero Wheels with TPMS, Michelin Tires -only 800 miles

    Set of (4) 18" Aero wheels with Michelin tires and TPMS sensors included. Taken off of my June 2020 production Model 3. Tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4. TPMS sensors included. I am selling them because I purchased the 20" Wheels from the Tesla Shop. I purchased the 20" wheels the day I took...
  38. shimmy

    *Ceramic Coated* 18" Tesla Aero Wheels, Tires, Covers, TPMS, lug cap kit

    Hello! Selling 4 18" OEM Tesla Aero Wheels with Aero Covers, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 Tires, OEM TPMS, OEM lug nut cap kit. Wheels were just cleaned using Gyeon Quartz Prep, and ceramic-coated using CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating. Located in Los Angeles (I travel occasionally to...
  39. n.one.one

    TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, no pressures shown

    My Tire Pressure Monitoring System doesn't display pressure for any tire and I'm looking for any advice before I schedule service. It's a 2020 MX LR+. Is there anything I need to do to have the pressure show?
  40. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  41. markwj

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    A lot of good work has been done to decode the CAN, LIN and K-Line messages related to the 2.x Roadster TPMS system. We have a good understanding of how it works, and can manually manipulate things from the LIN and K-Line buses. In particular, we now know how to read and write tyre IDs from/to...
  42. nikhil726

    Model 3 Track Package (referral)

    If anyone has a set of referral rims with tires and etc let me know, interested in purchasing. I live in Cranbury, NJ. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492.
  43. T

    Escalate a complaint: getting seriously desperate now

    Hi all, I am the owner of a 2014 MS 85 with a TPMS problem (which it has had for over 4 months now...) It's a very long story, but cut to the following: Booked in November 2019 for diagnosis of the issue. appointment was on 20th December, took place as scheduled; Issue is a failed ECU, was told...
  44. Gurujeff03

    Model S, Rear Facing Seats RFS, Halogen headlights, Pano Roof Sun shade, 4 Baolong TPMS

    Item 1) Rear faciing seats: $1050 includes shipping to US 48 states only. Seats are in good condition please see the pictures. (no bumper support) Comes with brackets that are attached see pictures. Item 2) Pair of Xenon Headlights for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 model S. $650 includes...
  45. IslandRoadster

    Double-DIN Dash Replacement by Carl Medlock

    I love my Roadster #609. I really want to keep it as an original. But there are a number of things that annoy the hell out of me. So I took it to Carl Medlock of Medlock and Sons for some work. For those of you who do not know, Carl has a Roadster repair shop in the Seattle area, and works...
  46. 6t8stang

    Silver Arachnids with Pilot Sports, Center Caps & TPMS - SE Pennsylvania - $2,700

    Staggered, silver OEM Tesla Arachnids. Only about 1,500 miles on them and they look almost perfect. There are two very small, very minor nicks in one of the wheels - hard to notice them in the third picture if you zoom in. Lots of tread left as you can see in the pics as well. These would be...
  47. 6t8stang

    FS: 19” Silver Slipstream Wheels w/ Goodyear All Season Tires - Philly PA Suburbs

    Complete set of 4 Tesla 19” Silver Slipstreams (square setup) in great condition. Details: Goodyear Eagle Touring tires TPMS included (Gen2) Silver center caps No curb rash One small stone chip or two and a a very small scratch on another (see photos) About 6000 miles Used 1 1/2 seasons...
  48. V

    How accurate is your TPMS

    I swapped onto my winter tyres on the M3 today, 18" Aero. I checked with a few different pumps that read 50psi but the TPMS indicators were reading 42psi as per spec. I know that many pumps are inaccurate, but is TPMS more trustable?
  49. M

    TPMS reset na bandenwissel

    Ik heb net nieuwe banden op onze Model 3 laten zetten bij Donckers, een groot autobandenbedrijf in mijn buurt. Ik had de banden bij hen besteld (Nokians) maar de velgen en TPMS-sensoren bij Tesla (aerovelgen). Ik had op voorhand bij Tesla gevraagd of ze bij Donckers iets speciaals moesten doen...
  50. C

    Original 2016 Tesla Model S 19" Wheels w/ TPMS Sensor / Michelin Tires

    I upgraded to 21" wheels from my referral bonus, hence selling my old wheels. Located in SF bay area. They are from 2016 models S, including original wheels with Michelin Primacy Mxm4 tires (245/45R19). The total miles on the tires is about 35K. Overall very good condition except some scratch...

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