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track mode

  1. D

    No Track mode on MYP :(((

    Hello all! I need help!!! Who know what should I do to get Track mode? Plz look at photo I have Performance version but dont have Track mode :((((
  2. TheRFMan

    How does Track Mode behave at 100% SoC or below 10% SoC?

    I'm planing out some HPDE track sessions for spring, and trying to figure out if/how I can pull it off with my M3P. My local-is track (Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ontario, Canada), offers half day packages with three 25 minute instructional track sessions with a 25 minute break in-between...
  3. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  4. P

    Model 3 LR vs Performance for 1-2 track days a year

    Hi everyone, I'm currently considering the M3 LR since I'd definitely get wheel/tire damage with the 20" wheels where I live (Boston). I'm thinking of the 18" aero wheels, and perhaps switching the wheel covers for the orbital covers! There's also a $2,500 rebate for EVs under 50k in...
  5. Adrian Cockcroft

    Free track mode telemetry viewer

    Creating this thread for discussion of the tool, announcements of updates to it, and sharing results at different tracks. For those of you who have Model 3 or Y Performance cars with track mode, the car saves telemetry files and videos. In my spare time over the last few months I've written an...
  6. G

    Model 3 performance vs 700hp zl1 in road course

    Local track day had some fun with a zl1 and some porsches. If you like it please subscribe and like. I will be tesla swapping my brz with a model 3 rear drive unit once I get 20k subs lol The video telemetry comes from track mode. Carbotech pads, Hoosier r7 tires Castrol srf fluid and mpp brake...
  7. J

    MY Track Mode Coming per Elon

    Track Mode coming soon to the Performance Model Y - Drive Tesla Canada Discuss...
  8. beastmode13

    AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition BBK

    At the end of the 2019 track season, I have started looking at upgrading my brake system to a setup that is track-focused and proven. Having researched the field on what is available and what is coming down the pipeline(MPP/StopTech), I decided to with a setup that is a full track without much...
  9. StealthP3D

    Performance Track Mode II (Update 2020.8.1)

    Who has tried out the new Track Mode II? I tried it out in an empty parking lot and was blown away by the way it turned my normally fast but docile car into a fire-breathing monster! Smoking burnouts and steering with the accelerator pedal crazier than any muscle car from the '60s or 70s...
  10. DaddyCool

    V2 of Track Mode coming to M3P

    Anyone know if this is a $$ feature?
  11. S

    Tesla Model Performance Model 3 Sleeper Models $50k - value of upgrades?

    I’ve been helping a huge group of people find these cars and kept on getting asked the same question - what is the value of upgrades from the New $50k Sleeper P3 and the existing P3 at $55k. What do you think is the Value of: 20” rims, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Suspension, and Track Mode? All I...
  12. P

    TimeWarp up Pikes Peak in 60 seconds

    We also got 12% SOC regen descending from the Summit of Pikes Peak in Track Mode. Here’s the short TimeWarp up to the Summit.
  13. J

    Join the team to make car racing history - first electric car to win amateur endurance road race

    Click here to support Modelo 3 Libre organized by Modelo 3 Libre Join the team to make car racing history - the first to win an amateur endurance road race in an electric car! Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID 82-4249113). Fiero Libre, the storied 24 Hours of Lemons luchador car racing...
  14. Cloxxki

    Nordschleife BTG lap, Model 3 Performance

    https://electrek.co/2019/04/09/tesla-model-3-performance-nurburgring-race-track/ A nice first look, something many recovering petrol heads have been waiting for. NOT driven in Track Mode here. The updated P brakes do overheat within minute, driver decides to take it easier. So we don't know...
  15. ModelNforNerd

    Performance Model(s) feature request: Drag Mode

    P3D has Track Mode. The S and X have Launch Mode (or Max Battery, or whatever it is now....) My idea: In the 3, maintain the drivetrain cooling. In S and X, maintain the launch/max battery mode, but in all P models... just give all three Performance models a mode that gives the increased...
  16. B

    Snowy Parking Lots for Track Mode

    I recently got track mode on my P3D- (performance model 3 w/o the big wheels/brakes/spoiler) and want to try it out in the snow. Does anyone know of anywhere within an hour or two of Seattle that would be good for this? I'm imagining a big empty snowy/icy parking lot. I saw a few (at...
  17. S

    How do you drift in snow with your Model 3?

    I know the model 3 performance has a Track mode, which can be used on track, or to be able to drift when roads are covered in snow. I live in Quebec and I drive a model 3 LR Dual motor and drifting in this car is really not smooth and doesn't work well at all. I was wondering if you had found...
  18. heems

    3P track mode difficulty

    Lots of discussion on if/when the 3P will get track mode already. I was trying to think why Tesla has been hesitant so far if this is just a software thing. Makes no sense since people can change the dynamics of a car after purchase anyway (wheels, pads, tires, etc). Thought maybe there is a...
  19. amerimark

    Why is my Model 3 back at Tesla’s Fremont factory while I’m in my garage in Atlanta?...

    Minutes after my update to 42.8 (Track Mode update) my GPS is way off. Anyone else and/or explanations? Thanks!
  20. Arpe

    MotorTrend is back with P3D - Track mode and Randy Pobst

    MotorTrend once again tested out the Tesla Model 3 with Track mode (released publicly today) and Randy Pobst behind the wheel. Quick info - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is no longer Sport sedan record holder at "Willow Springs". Enjoy...
  21. S

    "Track Mode" Exclusive to $5k Performance Package? Or all Performance TM3 will receive?

    I take delivery of my P3D tomorrow at 10AM in Owings Mills, MD I didn't add Performance Package because when I ordered it, they said the brakes aren't any better, The calipers are just painted red. Now obviously they are bigger and better brakes. If I had known this I would have added it. I...