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  1. M3Papi

    23M3P - Burning and/or Overheating Electric Smell During High Performance Driving

    I have a relatively new (~3000 miles) Model 3 Performance. I was aggressive on the accelerator for a solid 20-30 seconds today (wasn't flooring it but close) and a few seconds after I let off the pedal, a distinct smell of overheating electronics (possibly burning?) started filling the car. If...
  2. 2

    Tire Recommendations for 19x9.5 wheels street and track no commute

    Hello All, I hope this isn't inappropriate as I know these tire discussions can get tiresome. I am lost in terms of tires. Once I think I have picked a tire someone says the weight means that one won't last or another doesn't come in the size I am looking for. I am looking for suggestions for...
  3. N

    Unplugged Carbon Ceramic Breaks For Sale ($6500)

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-plaid-carbon-ceramic-brake-kit/ Selling Unplugged Carbon Ceramic front breaks: Ceramic coated Calipers BFB 6 Piston Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit/ Street and Track Breaks pads include stainless steel lines FOR 2021+ Model S Long...
  4. Rollingstone

    FS: MPP Page Mill Two-Piece rotors and Carbotech XP10 pads. Full 4 corner rotor and pad upgrade.

    Used for 1 track day at VIR and about 2,000 miles on street. Proper brake in performed and these were great for the track day and zero noise on the street. I sold my M3P and now have available for sale. I used Castrol SRF Racing brake fluid and will include 1 full unopened bottle 1L. Stock...
  5. L

    Track ship carrier with VIN

    Dear friends, Thank you for having me. I found the vin on the source code of tesla website. There are several carrier ships coming to Europe. Witch websites can I use to found witch ship is carrying my car. Many thanks! PS: I searched on the forum but didn’t find, sorry.
  6. M

    2022 Model 3 Performance with all the MPP Goodies

    Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance - Have a Model S Plaid on the way! 8,300 Miles, Original owner, garage kept, non-smoker. Clean Title, No Accidents, Issues, or Stories. Everything works 100% Full Self Driving (FSD) Homelink Module Added Blue Exterior Black Interior Molded Floor Mats -...
  7. Rollingstone

    MPP SPORT COILOVERS (2 way adjustable) $1750 plus shipping.

    Selling due to car trade. Very good condition. Wide range of adjustments for variety of applications. About 5,000 miles on these with a few autocross events. Shipping in continental US range from $75-100 depending on your location. I’m in Cary, NC if any locals want to pick up.
  8. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP / TeamPGR Project Plaid

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great week! We've been meaning to make a Plaid journal for a while - so while we're a bit late, it's better late than never. For those are you that are eager for the latest updates, we are usually posting to Instagram. Let's get started! A quick...
  9. fastp3d

    Tesla Podium at Global Time Attack *Video*

    Happy to report my 2nd place podium at Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow. I competed in Enthusiast class which limited my setup but was still a great challenge. My tires were one of the biggest limiting factors. I was restricted to 255 with a minimum 220 tread wear. I also needed to include all...
  10. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  11. MoreAgain

    Tesla on a go-kart track

    Ton of fun playing with the Mountain Pass Performance partybox in my RWD 3 at Adams Motorsports Park go-kart track at Friday Night Time Attack event. Ended up 4th fastest of 22 with a 46.4 second run.
  12. fastp3d

    Modded up and laying down records!

    Proud to announce another track record! I'm stoked how the car is handling and looking forward to my next track event in two weeks at Buttonwillow.
  13. fastp3d

    Unplugged Track Beasts! 3 vs Y

    I tracked the 3 and Y in one 15min session. The way the Buttonwillow track is configured you have to do a minimum of 3 complete runs to get a hot lap in (out lap, hot lap, cool down). Everything worked out and I managed to get the SUV lap record and a PB in my 3 all in the same session. Later...
  14. fastp3d

    Unplugged P3D vs GT3 RS

    Given that I do have a heavily modded P3D with Unplugged suspension, BFB brake kit, track wheels with 315's, etc.. ). I think I could hang with a GT3 RS. I have found myself tracking with these guys on multiple occasions. Turns seem to be no issue and I can actually put pressure on them. The...
  15. PierrotM3LRP

    Track week-end comments

    I had 2days of TT Saturday and Sunday and here are my comments: First let me describe the car: 2020 Model 3 Performance MPP FUCAs, (2.3 Camber front, .03 toe in/side) MPP camber arm rear (2 Camber rear, .02 toe out/side) Brakes: OEM rotor, only changed pads and oil (Motul RBF 600, front pads...
  16. G

    Chasing a c6 zo6 in a rwd sr

    Driving my buddies sr with mpp coilovers and nankang ar 1 tires. Was a fun few laps and state of charge was in the 60s I believe. I have a performance to compare it to and this thing with the lighter weight and coilover setup was a dream to drive on the track.
  17. PierrotM3LRP

    Good choice? Konig Ampiform and POTENZA RE71R

    I'm thinking about getting these for autocraoss and HPDE/TT only. Keeping the std 20" Wheels and Michelin 235/35 r20 for daily driving. KONIG ULTRAFORM 19 X9 5-114.30 BRIDGESTONE POTENZA RE71R 265 /35 R19 98W XL BSW I also like the FALKEN AZENIS RT660 265 /35 R19 98W XL BSW I have this on...
  18. Mash

    Brainstorming of race seat build for Model 3

    I was recently actively defending that for dual-use purpose Model 3 doesn't need more than Schroth Quick Fit 4 point harness. While it tremendously better keeps your ass and allows you to turn a wheel instead of holding to it, it's not really helping you to properly feel what happens with a car...
  19. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance - Model Y Track Testing at Buttonwillow Raceway!

    The team at Unplugged Performance was able to test our Model Y Performance's track capabilities this past weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway. The results were astounding to say the least, with a best lap time clocked in at 2:01.92! For comparison, this time was enough to beat a stock 997 911 Turbo...
  20. MoreAgain

    How to fairly compare EV to ICE motorsport capability?

    I find it challenging to accurately compare the performance of an electric car to a gas car, specifically as it relates to participating in track events. The classing systems many organizations use, that are designed to level the playing field between ICE cars- like weight-to-horsepower ratio...
  21. beastmode13

    AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition BBK

    At the end of the 2019 track season, I have started looking at upgrading my brake system to a setup that is track-focused and proven. Having researched the field on what is available and what is coming down the pipeline(MPP/StopTech), I decided to with a setup that is a full track without much...
  22. boostftw

    FS: Model 3 AWD MPP BIG BRAKE KIT w/ TRACK PADS - $1500

    Location:San Jose (local pickup only) Price:$1500 I'm selling my AWD Mountain Pass Performance BBK Rotors 365mm front rotors and MPP track pads. They were mounted on my P3D- (stealth) and will also fit regular AWD models. Literally new... no track/mountain runs or anything. I've decided to go a...
  23. F

    racing(getting on a track) a model 3 standard plus stock tires.

    Hi. I am really interested in getting into racing and was wondering if there was any track that allowed a beginner in a stock car to go on the track and race.(beginner 17 years old.) I know its definitely not the best idea in a stock car that isn't as fast as the rest of the lineup, but do you...
  24. M

    M3P Track Part Out

    Hi All, Life changes have dictated that I hit pause on my track endeavors for the time being. As a result, I will be returning my car to stock and selling the following parts (parts have less than 250 miles on them and are essentially brand new): Motion Control Suspension (MCS) Motorsport...
  25. MoreAgain

    Can an EV really compete against the best ICE cars? (Spoiler - the P3D can!)

    If you're constantly on the lookout for EV track results like I am, you've probably already heard about this, but if not... Tesla owner takes another step toward proving the performance chops of BEV vs. ICE! Coming in 1st in the autocross portion and 2nd in Speed Stop, this is the first EV...
  26. beastmode13

    Track, AutoX, Time Trial, Drag Racing

    Trackies, I know you are out there. Please show your support for our dedicated subforum. @MountainPass @UnpluggedP @EVTuning, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to sponsor a subforum. ;)
  27. beastmode13

    Track, AutoX, Drag, Time Trial

    Please start a Track subforum for folks to talk about Track day, HPDE, AutoX, Drag Racing, Time Trial, etc. Thanks
  28. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Visits Laguna Seca and Has a Record-Setting Party

    Hey TMC! We took a few days to collect our thoughts, shake off the jet lag and post some photos and videos for you all to see. Participating in Tesla Corsa 4 and Refuel at Laguna Seca was some of the best times we've had behind the wheel. We had a ton of fun and got to meet many of our...
  29. beastmode13

    Racing Brake XT910 vs XT970

    This is a comparison between RB XT910 and RB XT970 as daily driver pad. RB XT910 is part of the Racing Brake BBK upgrade I installed a month ago. You can read about the brake job here. The caliper is a 4-pot just like stock P3 Brembo caliper. Unlike Brembo with a pair of same-sized pistons...
  30. Zcd1

    Top Gear Magazine: Model 3 Performance is faster around a track than the BMW M3!

    Not really a surprise to most of us, I suppose, but it's nice to see it verified by an independent resource: Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track | CleanTechnica Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3: new issue of TG magazine out now! BMW M3's acceleration is "glacial" by...
  31. UnpluggedP

    Vendor (Video) Tesla Track Mode Consultant Randy Pobst Tests Unplugged Performance Upgrades on Track at Tes

    Unplugged Performance has partnered with Randy Pobst as a strategic advisor and test driver for our Tesla performance upgrades. Randy's experience in developing Track Mode for Tesla provides us with a great baseline and solid guidance for our performance products which are developed to surpass...
  32. Zcd1

    Will the dashcam record my track laps?

    I presume that it will, but don’t know whether there’s anything I need to do to ensure that it’s active... Also, what’s the maximum clip length? TIA for any input.
  33. MountainPass

    Vendor Buttonwillow CW13 Track Guide

    Hey Guys, With Tesla Corsa coming up this weekend I thought it would be helpful to post a Model 3 specific track guide for Buttonwillow CW13. I hope those of you planning to attend that track find it useful! For the best formatting and full-size data images you can visit the original article...
  34. UnpluggedP


    Great news for Model 3 Owners looking for more braking performance! We’ve been working closely with Brembo for many years and they recently visited us to give a presentation of the Brembo Model 3 big brake kit. As many of you know, Brembo makes the brakes on the Model 3 Performance and this is...
  35. MoreAgain

    TeslaCorsa - Buttonwillow - RWD Model 3 Lap

    Amazing event put on this weekend by UnPlugged Performance and Speed Ventures! While the top times all went to the Performance models, there was still plenty of fun to be had for those of us with RWD. Now we just need Track Mode made available for all models - why should the Performance...
  36. K

    Tesla Track Day | East Coast | March 2019

    Out of Spec Motoring is hosting a track day for Tesla owners in / near the Carolinas. Participants are traveling from all over the East Coast of the US to track their cars so far! To learn more about the event visit our website. If you have any questions or suggestions for the event please...
  37. Arpe

    MotorTrend is back with P3D - Track mode and Randy Pobst

    MotorTrend once again tested out the Tesla Model 3 with Track mode (released publicly today) and Randy Pobst behind the wheel. Quick info - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is no longer Sport sedan record holder at "Willow Springs". Enjoy...
  38. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Model 3 vs Performance Model 3 On The Track!

    A friend of ours just picked up a Performance Model 3 with the Performance Upgrade Package, so we invited him to the track to see how they stack up, and to also swap cars! So I got to do a proper track test of the PM3, and our friend got to try our suspension and brakes on the track. It was...
  39. Arpe

    MotorTrend article: Tesla Model 3 vs I-pace vs Alfa Romeo Guilia Q...

    Here is a good read from MotorTrend: War of the Worlds: Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance vs Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - Motor Trend Enjoy!
  40. Diana

    100D vs P100D Track Runs to Charge Time

    This is my first time starting a thread so forgive me if I miss an important detail you may find obvious. Quick background without getting too carried away with details. I'm sure many of you saw this article and video earlier this week, Watch a Tesla Model S assist one of the US's most...
  41. benjiejr

    Drone Tracking Tesla

    This was my second flight with the DJI Phantom 4 and I was testing out some of the features. If you'd like to go to the part where it tracks the Tesla, skip to 4:32. It was recorded in 4K.
  42. mnx

    Is anyone interested in charging at CTMP (formerly Mosport)?

    So I've been thinking CTMP could use some charging facilities. I have a friend who is planning to participate in the CASC Time Attack Series there next summer and he suggested that I contact them. Apparently they've been pouring a lot of money into the facility so they may be open to...

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