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trade in

  1. powerfactor

    RVG trade in and tyre condition

    I'm up for an RVG and Tesla are saying that my (roadworthy with a few mm to spare) tyres must be replaced at my cost, and have quoted 150% retail to do it after returning the car. Has anyone had any dealings with the " damage and excessive wear and use based on Tesla’s standards for normal use"...
  2. J

    Has anybody been matched to a vehicle while profile is incomplete? (Trade-in)

    Called Tesla today and didn't realize that my profile wasn't actually complete until I upload the Title for the trade-in car. Misplaced it so I'm waiting for a copy from the DMV, but I'm wondering if anybody doing a trade-in has been matched to a vehicle before their estimated delivery range...
  3. X

    TRADE-IN and Down payment question

    Hello all! I ordered a 2021 SR MY and have the VIN # and the option to pay the downpayment. I wasn't going to trade-in my vehicle but I changed my mind. I got a quote from the Tesla site and it's good for 7 days. My questions is, can I apply that trade-in value after ordering? I don't see an...
  4. S

    Drop the 20" Uberturbines for 19"ers?

    Good folks, I just joined the forums and have been reading all the delightful tidbits for hours! Thank you. A question: I recently ordered a T3P and am expecting delivery mid-end March. I'm in the silicon valley, south bay area in CA. I really skeptical about the 20" wheels and want to drop...
  5. S

    Tesla Bank transfer request

    Hi all, I’m a week away from collecting my Tesla, and had an email today saying my trade in details were outstanding, and that I needed to make a payment for the difference between the trade in value and the car value. The rep I’ve been talking to (Ryan) has emailed me over a picture of Tesla...
  6. N

    Trade in Value Offer expired the day before delivery

    So I am waiting for a call back from Tesla right now. I am set to pick up my Model Y tomorrow at 1030am and I just received an email telling me to update my trade in offer because the previous offer expired. I have already signed the loan agreement for my previous offer amount. My manage order...
  7. J

    Enter Payment Information

    We have a MY RWD reservation and it is allowing us to put our payment information in now. Since there are now RWD produced I'm assuming this doesn't mean too much. But, as this is our first Tesla, I'm a little unsure on the process. We have decided yet if we will trade our current car in to...
  8. T

    Trading in a Tesla S for a new Tesla - experience

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to find out people's experiences with trading in a Model S for another Tesla. Did you get anywhere close to what you feel is market value or was it substantially low? I'm mulling over the numbers to see if buying out my S makes any sense in order to then trade it in...
  9. X

    Are Tesla Trade In Offer Negotiable?

    So I got a quote from Tesla for my 2018 Model 3 last month before I order the MY. They gave me a $33,300 offer at the time which I'm fine with and I went ahead to complete all the delivery steps i.e. loan etc. Now I couldn't get delivery within 30 days and the offer have expired, the new offer I...
  10. J

    Delivery Delay - from Tesla trade-in pay off delay

    FWIW - Our Y scheduled delivery was canceled. no explanation... upon digging, we learned that even though we had paid off 100% , and were scheduled for delivery of the car.. it now said we owed $67.07 and so they scratched delivery, till we paid off the balance.... Turns out... since Tesla's...
  11. H

    Week four of the waiting game

    First time poster here. Ordered my model 3 LR AWD the first of this month, and without counting I'm sure I check the website anywhere from 15-20 times a day in anticipation for at least a Vin number. I have a 2018 jeep wrangler with 7k miles on it that I'm trading in, I plan on taking the jeep...
  12. K

    Trade In on Old Car

    Greetings! First time poster here! I have tried using the search box, but I have not found the answer to my question. Sorry in advance if I am not posting this is the right spot, but I couldn't find a better place. I am interested in trading in my car through the Tesla trade-in program and...
  13. M

    Using Carvana to Trade-In, thoughts?

    This may not be the best place to post this, but here I go. Given my appraisal from Tesla for my trade in dropped 25% between March and June, I'm looking at alternatives. I could sell private, but that's time consuming. I've done a few online offers and by far, Carvana has come back with a more...
  14. Willjou

    Tesla doesn’t accept Arizona eTitle transfers for trade ins.

    Hey all, just wanted to share an experience to help those about to trade in a car to Tesla for a new car. Here in Arizona MVD has gone away from issuing paper titles. When you buy a car or pay off a loan, AZ MVD holds the title electronically. You can still request a paper title but they will...
  15. A

    Tesla's Trade-In policy for other Teslas Questions

    I've been toying with the idea of trading in my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD for a model Y, but have some questions on how the trade-in is valued. AutoPilot: Is FSD autopilot transferable to the new car? If not transferable, is it taken into account in the valuation of the trade-in car? If it is taken...
  16. E

    What does tesla do when trade-in value exceeds price of new car?

    Hey, I received a trade-in quote for my G wagon (please forgive me, my daily driver is an S*) and it's higher than a new Model S. I couldn't find anything in the FAQ about it so I wonder if anyone has had experience trading in a car to Tesla with remaining credit. Does it just zero out the...

    Trade / Order

    Hi Does anyone know if your order is held until you agree or disagree with the trade in ?
  18. JustinO

    2020 Model 3 Tesla Trade In Values

    I’m curious what Model 3 trade in values from Tesla are coming in at now that the Y is coming out, and how they will change this year based on Model Y availability. If you have recently received a trade in quote from Tesla in 2020 please comment below the year, miles, configuration (SR, SR+, MR...
  19. arroyobass

    Trade-In Not Paid Off Yet?

    Has anybody had any issues with Tesla not paying off your trade in? Im due to make a payment on Jan 1 for my old car, but I obviously shouldn't have to pay that since it's not my car now. If I can't get Tesla to pay that then it's going to be a nightmare getting that refund from Tesla.
  20. F

    Tesla Owes Me $1000+

    Picked up our M3 in August. Because of the difference between what we paid and what we got on the trade-in, we should have been given $1200 at closing. Didn't happen. We were told we would get a check in the mail in thirty days or so. Also . . . didn't happen. Every few weeks, I call or...
  21. skydreamerjae

    Selling current car before or after delivery?

    I noticed a lot of people are selling their cars before taking delivery of a Tesla or whenever they've been scheduled a delivery date (which tends to backfire because Tesla is being a douche about delivery time frames and people end up car-less for 2-5 weeks+). But my plan is to take delivery...
  22. P

    Trading in to Tesla

    Does anyone know how the process works? My sales adviser isn't really helpful on this. I got an offer for my trade in and I just ignored it for now since I'm not sure if I want to accept that price. Does this affect my delivery? There are people who got their VINs for their model X even though...
  23. D

    Trade in credit in accout $1000 lower than quote a few hours before

    I got quoted $20K for my trade in, supposed to be good for 30 days... right? I was pretty satisfied with my quote ( still will take it to CarMax just to check ) so i went ahead and placed an order for an in inventory 3 LR. Everything went fine without an issue, till the point about the trade...
  24. C

    Trade in with “rebuilt” title

    Does anyone know if Tesla accepts trade in cars with a rebuilt (not salvaged) title? Thanks in advance!
  25. M

    3rd party home delivery and trade in

    I expect home delivery this weekend. I am in a state without Tesla store. Tesla will ship my car by 3rd party carrier and take my trade in car. From previous posts, my understanding is that 3rd party carrier will not wait for me to do a thorough inspection. The driver will just drop the car and...
  26. M

    Home delivery with trade in

    i was asked to mail out the original title of my trade in car along with some signed forms before home delivery. Is it normal? What is the process at home delivery? They just drop Tesla and take my trade in car? Will they come back to me if they are not happy with the condition of the trade...
  27. M

    Mail out trade in title before delivery

    I will get home delivery. I was sent a few pages of documents to sign and asked to return them along with the original title. They will not contact the 3rd party carrier until receiving these trade in document. Is this standard practice? I feel uncomfortable to send the title of my trade in...
  28. J

    Suprised on model 3 depreciation

    I have been wanting to trade my 2018 rwd LR red with autopilot for the last 6 months for Performance 3. It took me submitting an online request twice, a call to service center and finally a call to corporate over a month to finally get a trade in quote. Service center said they would have...
  29. S

    No Pictures Required for Trade-ins in 2019?

    I went through the trade-in process and never provided any pictures. I just provided a VIN and mileage, maybe a few other questions, but never asked for pics. I received and accepted the offer, but I'm concerned they could try and change it at the last minute because of some somewhat minor...
  30. 2012MS85

    Only $40,600 trade-in value on my one-month-new 3 w/ 1,400 miles!

    I took delivery of my perfect blue/white MR 3 w/ EAP on Dec 14, 2018. It was built the week beforehand and it’s flawless. Monroney was $54,700. Anyone buying the exact same 3 today gets half the tax credit, but also Tesla’s $2k price cut, for a net price of $48,950 plus tax/title/license/etc...
  31. Mata Hari

    Trade In?

    I see Tesla offers to take trade ins. Has anyone done this? What was your experience? Did they give a fair market value?
  32. F

    My trade-in battery being depleted to 0!

    I traded in my August 2016 90D about 10 days ago and the car still showing up in my App. Got a scary alert yesterday that my car (new100D parked at the airport with 180 miles of range) was down to 17 miles of charge. Uh oh. But it turns out the alert was for my trade-in, which the app now tells...
  33. TT97

    Original Purchase Price of Car replaced by Model 3

    On the investor letter today, Tesla referenced that over half the trade-in vehicles were priced below $35k when new. While this is impressive and shows that people are upgrading/stretching to buy a Tesla, I feel that the statistics may be skewed. Luxury cars tend to be leased more often than...
  34. N

    Non Tesla Trade-In Value

    Hey Tesla Motors Club members, I'm Nagendra from Vancouver, Canada and i'm looking to trade-in my 2015 Land Rover Range Rover 4DR Dynamic Premium @73650km (1 Rear side collision with insurance claim of $3827). When I went to order Tesla Model 3 at Tesla Vancouver, my current car was valued at...
  35. djgabriel2004

    Want to trade: 2015 Model S 70 for Model 3 long range rwd?

    I’m posting it here just to see if anyone would be interested in a trade. Just trying to save some money in tax. If someone has a M3 and is considering getting a MS for whatever reason PM me. My Model S is White 40k Miles Gray Next gen seats Pano Roof Autopilot V1 Premium audio. I’ll...
  36. D

    Trade-in Issues - Tesla hasn't paid off my trade, stuck paying for 2 cars

    Hello. I traded in my BMW for a Model 3 (much better car). I paid for my Tesla in mid-July and received it (turning in my trade) in late July. Tesla has still not paid off the loan on my BMW, so I am paying for two cars now. Anyone else having similar issues? My delivery advisor seems clueless -...
  37. J

    Trade-in: does owner have to be present?

    The car we are trading in is titled in my wife's name. Does she have to be present at the tradein/delivery? (I emailed my delivery advisor asking him this - unsurprisingly, no answer) If the answer is yes - my wife and I have durable powers of attorney for each other. Can I bring that and...
  38. T

    Finance issues

    Where do I find the credit application to fill out if it’s not in my account? Also the way to send trade info in too? I can’t find them in my account to finish paperwork. Thx
  39. D

    Model X trade in

    Occasionally I am thinking about upgrading my 2016 90D Model X to a new 100D. When I requested an estimate for the trade in value six months ago I was quite surprised that Tesla is only willing to offer 66K for the car. Bluebook even today has the car at 76K and that is before I add options...
  40. Tension

    Want to buy a used Model S

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for a Model S on a budget ($74000). Would Ideally have the following options, but anything is considered: Duel motors Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior & Lighting (mostly for the liftgate) / or Tech package Autopilot (any) Free unlimited supercharging "$74000 for...
  41. F

    Add in Trade-In after "A delivery experience specialist is reviewing..."

    Has anyone done this. I switched to no trade in and got the confirmation pages but I would like to find out how much Tesla is willing to offer for my old vehicle. Can I just mention it to them when they reach out to me? Reservation: 4/9/16 Configured: 7/8/18 (Black/AWD/19s/EAP) Delivery: Sept-Nov
  42. fasteddie7

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    Writing on the wall...or a tactic to increase sales of new vehicles...
  43. C

    Trading in Model S for a 3: Tesla-CPO candidate or Third Party?

    I think my MS 70D AP1 would qualify for a CPO, but I vaguely understand you don't get top dollar trading in cars at Tesla stores. The cars people traded in might have been non-Teslas though. Would that be the case for CPO-candidate Teslas as well? I know people would value CPOs more than...
  44. A

    To Keep or Not to Keep...

    So I am about 5 months away from the end of my original 4yr warranty on my beloved 2013 P85 with only 39,000km. It has given me very little trouble and dare I say I never even serviced it. The problem is, it has had extensive front end damage TWICE (neither were my fault, but the latter...
  45. T

    Ordering Model S but unsure what to do with Trade-In?

    Hi folks, I am new here and I appreciate your attention to this in advance. My situation is that i live in Michigan so I have neither a Tesla dealership nor a Carmax near my home. Nearest ones are 3 hours away. I am very close to placing my order with Tesla for my model S but my struggle is...
  46. B

    Trading in Model S

    Anyone have any experience trading in or selling their Model S to the DS? We all know how much the CPO's sell for, but I am curious how much the DS pays for those cars before turning them over and reselling them. Are people losing a lot of money selling back to the DS?
  47. R

    Dealers Price haggling vs Tesla's price fixing

    I am not sure how many have traded their Tesla MS or MX with tesla and bought another tesla. But it seems they charge premium + for their cars when selling them (no middle man and no body know how much they actually cost) and they give peanuts when you offer their own tesla for trade in.Its as...
  48. fasteddie7

    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I searched the threads for information on trade ins but all I see were threads on trading in Teslas. Does anyone have any experience with trading in their internal combustion vehicle for a Tesla. I currently own a Nissan I have 11 months left on. How easy / fair is the process through Tesla...
  49. playoutside

    Can't find a suitable CPO. Will you sell me your trade?

    I finally decided to pull the trigger on a CPO Model S. I needed to sell my 2005 911 first, so I put it up for sale on Thursday. Surprisingly, it's sold in less than 48 hours. Now I have the cash to buy a Tesla, but there are no CPO's available in my budget (~$50K). If you are about to...

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