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  1. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  2. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  3. T

    Canadian Tesla Trade-ins - where do they go?

    I'm curious to know a few things about what happens to Tesla vehicle trade-ins: does Tesla Canada even try to sell them or do they wholesale them off? does Tesla do a mix of it - some keep for CPO, some just wholesale? does Tesla do any work on them if they're trying to CPO them? how long...
  4. jaminitup

    Trade-In, What do you need to take? (Cables, USB etc?)

    Hi All I'm looking at trading in my Model 3 when the Y delivery date finally arrives. Do Tesla require you to hand it in with all the charging cables, type 2 & 3-pin? What about the USB sentry stick, that I replaced when it was bought, and I no longer have... ? Do they also inspect the...
  5. Fernand

    Fed up?

    OK, now we have CNN joining the accusers, talking about the frustrated FSD awaiters, but also throwing in all manner of naysaying. Like how a current NOA/EAP-equipped car slows down at stoplights and "can't tell if it's red or green". Doh, that's by design at this stage. The driver is supposed...
  6. X

    TRADE-IN and Down payment question

    Hello all! I ordered a 2021 SR MY and have the VIN # and the option to pay the downpayment. I wasn't going to trade-in my vehicle but I changed my mind. I got a quote from the Tesla site and it's good for 7 days. My questions is, can I apply that trade-in value after ordering? I don't see an...
  7. C

    Trade-in with Accident History

    Good evening all, Long time lurker; excited to have submitted an order for a blue M3 SR+ today! I am going through the appraisal process for my 2012 GTI and the note just prior to submitting the pictures has me pausing because it says: By submitting, you certify that this trade-in vehicle is...
  8. arroyobass

    Trade-In Not Paid Off Yet?

    Has anybody had any issues with Tesla not paying off your trade in? Im due to make a payment on Jan 1 for my old car, but I obviously shouldn't have to pay that since it's not my car now. If I can't get Tesla to pay that then it's going to be a nightmare getting that refund from Tesla.
  9. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  10. TCMommy

    Trade-in Bait and Switch

    Please tell me if I am being unreasonable...... I ordered my Model 3 SR+ (black/black with FSD) on 10/16/19. At the time, I did a trade-in value for my existing vehicle (Range Rover Velar) and received a trade in value and Tesla even approved it in my delivery profile. At the time of my order...
  11. Spelly88

    Those who have traded in from one Tesla to another, what accessories can/did you keep?

    I'm picking up my new X this week and trading in my old one. I'm curious about what accessories to give back with the trade in, and what I can keep for the next car. Since the 14-50 adapter doesn't seem to come with the new X's, I figure that was a no brainer, but what about the mobile...
  12. EV Guy

    Tesla trade-in request form

    Unsure if is is common knowledge but you can submit your trade-in request online at Trade-in Value | Tesla UK
  13. S

    No Pictures Required for Trade-ins in 2019?

    I went through the trade-in process and never provided any pictures. I just provided a VIN and mileage, maybe a few other questions, but never asked for pics. I received and accepted the offer, but I'm concerned they could try and change it at the last minute because of some somewhat minor...
  14. eladts

    Trade-in hell

    I am scheduled for delivery on 9/26, already got VIN, but I still didn't get the trade-in offer. I entered the details and uploaded the photos of my 2016 Chevrolet Volt on 9/7 and never heard back from the trade-in department. I would prefer to have the trade-in handled by Tesla for two...
  15. Tension

    Want to buy a used Model S

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for a Model S on a budget ($74000). Would Ideally have the following options, but anything is considered: Duel motors Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior & Lighting (mostly for the liftgate) / or Tech package Autopilot (any) Free unlimited supercharging "$74000 for...
  16. I

    My Very Detailed CPO Buying Experience

    So I just got my 2014 CPO Model S and I thought I'd share my experience on the CPO process and even some of my thoughts before taking the plunge. I’ll give you a warning right now, this is a very long post. During my wait I never really felt like I ever had a good understanding of how the...
  17. DriveMe

    Tesla loan application and the trade-in uncertainty

    As my production date approaches, I am about to apply for financing. Hoping to take advantage of the current low-rate financing offered by Tesla. However, I haven't decided yet what to do about the trade-in. I have an initial trade-in offer from Tesla, but I think I can do way better by selling...
  18. smilepak

    US Bank end of Lease

    I'm about a year away from end of lease and received a letter from US Bank notifying such. It state one of the option is trade in and another is purchase. They said call for promotion offers. I am curious what everyone experience with their Tesla on these leases 1. Did they give you an...
  19. O

    CPO MS: Planning for delayed delivery of M3

    Variation on a topic that has been discussed here before (read: getting impatient): Come mid-2017, any thoughts on pricing estimates for basic 2014 CPO S60's with AP? Conceivably we'll see some as leases run out, right? I'm considering getting one next year with 20-25k down to hold me over...
  20. George Parrott

    S85 resale valuations distorted by Tesla model coding protocol

    Tesla S85 Owners expecting to Sell/Trade Soon….Be WARNED! As the owner of VIN 9649 Tesla Model S85 (NOT P85), I am getting my car advertised to sell prior to delivery of my P85D next month, and I have just discovered a MAJOR identification disaster that Tesla has inadvertently imposed upon us...
  21. MangroveMike

    Trading in existing Cars

    As Tesla Motors don't take trade-ins, what are people doing with existing cars that they/I would normally trade-in as part of the sale ? Tim (of Tesla) mentioned that Stratton Finance have a trade-in service, has any one had experience with using them ? Obviously private sale is an option but...
  22. ColinM

    Trade in - very disappointing

    I was wondering how many people have actually taken advantage of the trade-in option when buying their Model S. The options offered by Tesla when buying my MS were to trade-in through: - AutoNation - an undisclosed second company. Of course the option also exists not to trade in at all...