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  1. B

    Selling/WTT M3 19” Sport Wheels for 18” Aero Wheels TRADE

    In Chicago(land) looking to trade my 19” Sport Wheels in great condition with 8/32nds tire tread measured on 6/20/2023 for 18” Aero Wheels for Model 3 1:1 trade, not looking for cash
  2. L

    Looking to trade my NEW 21" Uberturbines for 20" Inductions (San Jose)

    I'm picking up my MYP in a few days and was looking to see if anyone wanted to swap or trade their 20" Induction Wheels + Tires for my 21" Uberturbines + Tires before I put too many miles on it. Your wheels / tires preferably have low miles and no damage. Located in San Jose.
  3. thebestiam1

    WTT: Model 3 Sport Wheels 19" V2 for V1 19" Sport Wheels/or for Aero Wheels + cash

    Looking to trade my Sport Wheels V2 2021+ for V1 19" Sport Wheels. Might need to do a TPMS swap since they're newer on 2021+ Hit me up for any questions and inquiries. Also down to trade for 2021+ Aero wheels + $1k in cash (negotiable) Thanks!
  4. B

    WTT my OEM M3 19in Sport wheels for your 18in Aero wheels (2018-2020) - New York

    I just picked up a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD with 19in sport wheels. The rear tires are brand new, and while I don't know the miles travelled on the front pair, they look almost as new. I'm looking to swap them for 18in Aero wheels with hub caps. Any model year will work. Thank you!
  5. W

    WTT - Model 3 19’ Sport Wheels & Tires - Seattle,WA

    I am looking to Trade/Sell Model 3 2023 19’in OEM Sports Wheels and Tires(Continental ProContact) with 2k miles on them in excellent condition. I am interested in OEM 18’in Aero wheels & tires in Seattle, WA/Portland, OR area
  6. I

    WTT 20 inch induction wheels for Model Y for 19 inch Gemini Wheels

    I will get delivery of brand new Tesla but don't like the induction wheels so I want to get gemini wheels. I am NYC and willing to travel if I find a good deal. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
  7. U

    Looking to swap my 19" inch geminis for inductions or uberturbines

    Can add cash on top. No shipping so if anyone in the Seattle area is interested let me know.
  8. J

    Trading in my bosses old Model X for his new Model X- can he sign trade in docs electronically?

    My boss ordered a new Model X and home delivery is no longer available in our area. I am the owners personal assistant and he would like me to drop off his trade in 2019 Model X and pick up his new 2023 Model X from Mt Kisco location about 5 hours away from his residence in NY. According to...
  9. P

    Poor Experience buying a Tesla Model 3

    I am posting my story wondering if anyone will read it or frankly care. The statement bellow was originally intended for Tesla, at least whichever department handles complaints (if there even is one) but my post purchase survey gave me little room to deliver my account of my experience and my...
  10. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  11. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  12. J

    Want to TRADE . Model 3 18” for my 19”

    Looking to trade my 19” for more 3 “ wheels and tires including tpms u less it’s newer which won’t be compatible. Looking for trade plus cash. Thanks
  13. T

    Used Model S Value

    I have a question about buying a used Model S. Coworker purchased new in 2014. Standard 85kwh battery. Non performance and non dual motor. He wants to sell it now that it’s out of warranty. He is going to go to Carmax and get their offer and then sell it to me for that price. Sounds like it...
  14. M

    Looking for OEM Aero 18" tires to trade for my OEM 19" Sport Tires

    Just got my used 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR last week, I would like to switch to Aero 18". I went to the dealership and they said it would cost a ton of money and I would keep the 19" rims and tires, which I don't want or need. They said I could trade with someone else and that they would be able to...
  15. mbhnyc

    WTS OR Trade OEM 20" Model 3 Uberturbines with new P-zero summer tires (seeking 19"ers)

    The roads in my area are little too much for the 20" wheels, looking to move over to 19" wheels. Happy to post pictures for the curious, there is light rash on two wheels I plan on repairing, or could leave if you like doing that sort of thing :) Willing to buy 19"s, or willing to do a direct...
  16. RealBLN

    22 Model X LR Reservation Swap for Plaid

    Hi All, Trying to gauge interest and see if anyone is interested in trading for my 22 MX LR, 6 seater (reservation was Locked prior to price increase) for a Plaid reservation. At first thought, I didn't think the speed would be necessary as I have a family but am now interested in the Plaid...
  17. M

    Sell/Trade NEW Model Y 21in Uber Turbines (Los angeles/ socal)

    Brand new 21in Uberturbines with All Season tires. Looking to trade for 20 or 19in tire/wheel combo, or to sell (make me an offer). I am in LA and willing to work with anyone in socal. no deliveries unfortunately. thanks!
  18. K

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    As mentioned in the title, I am wondering if there is any increased value now or long term to Tesla fans for a model from the first 600x units produced in initial production. At the time I was a SpaceX employee and received priority for my reservation, picking up my 2017 Model 3, VIN 567, in...
  19. U

    Got ‘18 M3 LR. Worth upgrading? When?

    Hi folks. So I have a 2018 Tesla model e long range. Got FSD and all luckily during the rebates and low FSD cost (3k). After 3 years, in reflecting as to when would be the sweet spot time to trade in and upgrade? While costs for FSD are higher it has allowed me greater equity. So my question...
  20. X

    WTT: 21” Uberturbine for 19” or 20” Wheels. [PNW].

    I’m awaiting delivery of a MYP with 21” Uberturbine wheels in the next ~4 weeks in the Seattle area. Found a great option for All Season Tires but I would prefer to go down to a 19” or 20” wheel setup. Preferably Uberturbine or Induction but open to Geminis. Ideally your set of wheels is New...
  21. mikey_bs

    WTB / TRADE Reservation X refresh for S refresh

    Hi All, I have a refresh Model X reservation, pre price hike. Black / Black / 22s. Looking to trade with a Model S Black / Black / 21s. If anyone is selling their reservation I would be willing to pay for a sooner delivery date and / or pre price hike would be a bonus! only looking for...
  22. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so for the interim, before the 4680 launches, looking to get a used or new Y. If anyone wants to swap their Y for my 2018, I will be happy to compensate the difference. Not picky: SR, LR, or P. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires...
  23. D

    Changing Options After Ordering

    Hi all! I ordered a MYLR on April 10th but have yet to complete the whole process. Am I able to make changes later to it specifically with regards to trade ins? At this point I chose no trade in but if I change my mind , can I change it before I take delivery?
  24. Guacahummus

    FS or Trade: Model 3 Center Console Gen 1 (TX or OK)

    Putting out there to gauge interest/price in a Gen 1 center console for the Model 3/Y either to trade for a Gen 2 console (preference) or to sell (make an offer). Willing to offer money if trade. Will include TapTes wireless charger. I'll keep original key card reader from my car. In DFW area...
  25. G

    2013 BMW M3 - Competition Package w/ DCT

    Looking to sell my M3 and then get into a Model S. So up for sale here, as well as up for trade if you have a Model S and are interested in getting an M3. It’s a 2013 E92 Competition Package M3 w/ DCT, sitting on a square set of 19x10” ZCP wheels with SportCup 2’s. SilverStone II with Fox Red...
  26. X

    WTT: 21 Inch Turbine with Tires for 19 inch (Model S 2017)

    I have a set of 21 inch Turbine on my recently purchased 2017 Model S that I'd like to swap out for some 19's. Open to offers on the wheels but as long as you have pretty recent tires on the 19's I'm okay with a straight trade, or if old tires then trade + cash. I'm about halfway between Los...
  27. F.R.I.D.A.Y

    WTT: Model Y Inductions for Gemini set

    Looking to trade the inductions on my Y. rims are perfect condition, tires have about 8k miles and recently rotated. Will trade for Gemini’s and 2000 cash OR best offer. Jacksonville, FL
  28. G

    ISO Tesla Model 3 White Seats/Interior

    Hey all! I just joined the Tesla family after years of obsessing and getting my own friends into electric vehicles. I now own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with FSD already paid for and the many additions to the outside that makes it look really sleek thanks to the previous owner! Unfortunately, the...
  29. mikey_bs

    FS: M3 20’’ Überturbine Wheels

    This is my first post as I just put down a deposit on a 2021 M3 performance. This is also my first Tesla! I am pumped about all the Model 3 upgrades with the exception of one..... I am not crazy about the 20’’ Überturbine Wheels. They resemble the Model Y performance wheels which I never...
  30. G

    From A Ford Raptor to Tri-Motor Cybertruck - Anyone Else?

    I’m Swapping My 2019 Raptor for a Tri-motor Cybertruck, anyone else doing the same?
  31. A

    Long Island/Tri-state Uberturbine for Induction/Gemini Trade

    Hi all, My model Y performance is scheduled for delivery this weekend and I am looking to see if anyone is interested in trading my uberturbines in new condition for induction wheels with cash on your end. Open to gemini depending on the offer. Will update this post as I take delivery.
  32. N

    Looking to Trade GLS450 <> Model X

    Hi, I'm looking to trade my 2019 Mercedes GLS450 for a 2019-2020 model X GLS450: $91.5K MSRP 6400 miles no accident, never smoke in, no pets, hand washed from day 1, massage seats Looking for model x with <10K miles, full auto, 6 or 7 seat config, willing to top up depending on the spec/trim
  33. Walter Nadeau

    WTB or Trade: Charging cord for Gen 2 Wall Charger. Have 8', need 20"

    Hello all, I have a Gen 2 wall charger with an 8' charging cable. I have a model Y on the way, and now I need a longer cable to be able to charge both cars without always moving them from one side to the other in the garage. I am willing to buy your long cable, trade your long cable for my...
  34. ElectricIAC

    WTB: Gemini wheels. Model 3, or Model Y.

    Don’t really have a baseline other than the winter sets being sold on Tesla’s website but I have no need for true winter tires so if anyone wants to pull these off their Y or just has the wheels they wanna get rid of let’s talk.
  35. Flyguy

    Trade (or sell) 21x9.0 Arachnids for 21x8.5

    I just bought some referral rewards Arachnids. Its a standard staggered set with Pilot super sports (with acoustic foam). I want to make a square set so am Looking to trade the rear pair of 21x9.0 arachnids and 265/35/21 Pilots for a pair of 21x8.5 arachnids and 245/35/21 pilots. Would also...
  36. T

    Model 3: Short-Term Trade for Model S for Thanksgiving Road Trip

    A bit of a long shot here. I am looking for someone in the New Orleans Louisiana area with a Model 3 willing to let my wife and I borrow your Model 3 for a trip to Florida over Thanksgiving weekend. In exchange I'll leave my Model S for you to use. We are interested in the autopilot features...
  37. U

    Model X 6 seater trade for 7 seater

    I'm looking to trade my 2016 model x - 75D- 6 Seater (White exterior, black interior, Enhance AP&FSD, Ceramic Pro coating, Xpel clear bra, tinted windows) for a 7 seater that has the folding 2nd row.
  38. J

    Trade in Value -

    Hello, So I know most people here are saying selling your car private will give you a higher value, which I agree. My car has been on the market for about a month and I havent gotten any "solid" offers. I have it listed as 15-16K which is competive with other prices on the market. ( Im...
  39. Airhawker

    Trade My 2016.5 Model S 75D w/ AP1 for your 2016+ AP1 (or AP2) Model X?

    Decided not to sell my black Model S 75D with brand-new tires and black 19" powder coated slipstreams, updated front fascia, etc. Approximately 75,000 miles in S. California. Approximately 209 miles of range at 90% and 235 at 100%. Immaculate interior with no major blemishes on exterior. Grey...
  40. D

    Model 3 Trade Ins

    Been looking for an S or X for a few months, but used market is fairly dysfunctional given recent new Tesla price cuts (someone is actually advertising a 2017 X 100D for above new cost when you factor stamp duty). So .... interested to know who might be trading in their X or S next month when...
  41. N

    Trade 2012 Fisker Karma for used m3

    I have 2 EVs: a 2018 LR model 3 and a 2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport (Shadow on Monsoon - basically tan on tan/black). The m3 is more sensible for my needs, though the Fisker has dramatic looks (and rarity: only 2000, which is half the number of m3s made in a week I think?). Anyway, not sure if...
  42. P

    18" Aero Cover replacement

    I live in Houston and I just got my car less than 2 weeks ago. I love it. White Model 3 LR with White interior. I took my mom out today to Bellaire - Asian Town and I when I came back to drop her off I noticed I am missing the front passenger Aero Cover missing. The last time I tried to take...
  43. G

    Your Roadster Temp Trade w/ My 2017 Model S 75D

    I am looking for someone to temporarily trade my 2017 S 75D for a Roadster. Something like 1-4 weeks. I am in Fort Lauderdale, but would be willing to drive to you or meet in the middle. For anyone interested why -- I currently have my S, the fiance's RAV4, and a 1999 Miata I love. The fiance...
  44. thesnooch

    $Offers/Trades$ 15' Model S60 Pre-Refresh AP1 NAV LTE SLIPSTREAMS SUBWOOFER 4YR WARRANTY

    Up for sale is my 03/2015 Pre-Refresh Model S60 (pure 60 no upgrade avail) Mileage - 46k 4 year 50k warranty and then 4 year CPO warranty. Free supercharging for life. Southern California area Things I've added/had done to the car: Ceramic coating (will input name of installer/coating, can't...
  45. G

    Trade my Ludacris model S for your 75d Model X

    Hi guys I have a family and would prefer the model x now. I am wanting to trade my Tesla Model S P85D with Ludicrous and 4G LTE upgrades. Almost every available option for the car and original delivery December 30, 2014, so there is remaining warranty. I want your Model X! I hope someone is...
  46. NikolaWasRight

    WTT4: Arachnids

    I currently have high gloss black powder coated 19" Cyclones. Rear tires 75% front tires 33%. I'm hoping to find someone who doesnt want their Arachnids anymore, for whatever reason and would enjoy 19" cyclones. These were an upgrade in 2013 over the standard rims and tires. Tires are MXM4...
  47. fasteddie7

    2 years, 50k, what to do next...

    I have a 2016.5 model s 75d that is coming up on 2 years and 50k miles. I have been weighing options on what to do next. Come September, I can do my 4th annual service $750, buy tires $800, and buy the extended warranty $4250, or possibly sell/trade in and get a new model s/x. Anyone have the...
  48. R

    Trade 22" silver wheels for 22" black wheels for Model X

    Hi All, I got 22" silver wheels and looking to trade it for 22" black wheels. If anyone wants to do a even swap, please DM me. I live in Phoenix, AZ.
  49. U

    Will Tesla give me ANY trade-in on my junker?

    My car died today. Dead. Dead. Alternator and other issues. I read somewhere that when trading in with Tesla they seem to care more about the model, year, mileage and tire condition than if the thing really runs - that they pretty much haul it away on a flatbed. While I don't want a dead car...
  50. fasteddie7

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    Writing on the wall...or a tactic to increase sales of new vehicles...