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  1. M

    Call spread strategies for high returns and lower risk

    My core TSLA holdings are in shares and calls purchased awhile ago which I don't trade. However, I want to continue investing in TSLA even at elevated volatility and prices, without incurring too much risk. The high implied volatility has made naked calls too expensive, so calls spreads have...
  2. T

    My Holding + Trading Approach

    I will share my approach on TSLA. It's easy to implement and worked well for me in the past. This "Holding + Trading" approach prevents me from buying high and selling low. 90% for long term investment. Buy and hold only, I expect many fold gain in the next 15 years. 20% for trading. It's for...
  3. ggr

    Lottery ticket options

    This thread is for people to discuss their "lottery ticket" option trades. I don 't believe in gambling, and haven't bought a real lottery ticket in the last 40 years. So what I mean by this is dropping a relatively little bit of money to buy/sell options knowing that you might lose everything...
  4. playoutside

    Can't find a suitable CPO. Will you sell me your trade?

    I finally decided to pull the trigger on a CPO Model S. I needed to sell my 2005 911 first, so I put it up for sale on Thursday. Surprisingly, it's sold in less than 48 hours. Now I have the cash to buy a Tesla, but there are no CPO's available in my budget (~$50K). If you are about to...