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trailer hitch

  1. S

    Help on Foglight wiring / Trailer

    here is my issue.. in the netherland we need when using a trailer Reverse light and foglight. the reverse light i found in the cable loom , right side c column. the Foglight is supposed to be also there but can NOT find it, i can trace it from the origin (left side foglight White/blue) goes...
  2. N

    MY trailer hitch cover really hard to remove & put in

    Took delivery yesterday of a 2012 MY with a trailer hitch. When looking over the car, I couldn't figure out how to remove the cover so I asked the SA. He had no clue and told me to put a straight edge screwdriver in the side to pry it off. Well, that put 2 nice nicks in the cover. So, he called...
  3. mtndrew1

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    I’m selling a brand new in box Stealth Hitch with the “rack and tow” package, no-splice wiring kit, 4-pin test light, and the Tesla factory underbody tray with the hitch cutout. I bought all of this with the intention of towing a pop-up trailer but then decided to just buy an extra pickup...
  4. antdun

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    When I purchased my Model S 85 D just over a year ago one of the big concessions I made when purchasing it was giving up my ability to tow trailers or use my trailer hitch bike rack. I knew there was an aftermarket trailer hitch option, but I was a little scared to take my Tesla apart, and I...
  5. L

    Trailer Hitch Installers in Ventura County or LA Area?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but we’ve had our Model X since 2018. We’re looking to upgrade the tow hitch that it came with since it’s weight limit is only 120lbs. We need to carry 5 bikes. I just ordered the Draw-Tite trailer hitch part# 76143 that was recommended on this forum. But now I’m...
  6. Captain Crook

    Tesla Y & towing

    My wife & I have each our TMS, but the wife wants a smaller shopping car and we really need a proper trailer hitch. I reserved a Model 3 some years ago, but when the trailer hitch only could take 910 kg, it was of no use to us. The TMX towes 2500 kg, that would be great, but I just can't like...
  7. Cheesy_09

    Petitie: trekhaak voor álle Model 3

    Ter navolging van dit draadje het volgende: Wij willen meer duidelijkheid waarom Tesla niet toestaat om een trekhaak te plaatsen op Model 3's geleverd voor Juni 2019. Het bedrijf geeft aan dat dit niet mogelijk is vanwege EU regelgeving. Maar bij navraag blijkt dit niet te kloppen. Wij vinden...
  8. Cheesy_09

    Trekhaak op oudere Model 3: de RDW

    Hoi, Ik weet dat vele vroege Model 3 bezitters met dezelfde vraag zitten, dus daarom het volgende: Waarom kan de trekhaak niet gemonteerd worden op een oudere Model 3 (levering vóór Juni)? Tesla's verklaring is dat het volgens de EU wetgeving niet is toegestaan. Nu heb ik heel wat onderzoek...
  9. ScreamRacer

    Model X Trailer Hitch - never used - for sale

    I'm new owner of a 2016 Model X P90D. Love it. It came with a trailer hitch. I'm not going to tow with my car, so I'm happy to sell it. I'd like $300 plus shipping (preference would be to sell it to someone local to me - in Maryland/Wash DC area) Please direct message me if you are interested...
  10. I

    Autopark with a trailer hitch installed?

    Has anyone had any experience with auto-park with a trailer hitch? I'm wondering if the hitch that sticks out half a foot from the car will be a problem for the auto park mechanism. I don't want to find out the hard way that the auto park mechanism pulls the car in too close to neighboring cars...
  11. L

    Recommendations for trailer hitch installation in Massachusetts area

    I own a Tesla Model S75D late 2016 model. I am looking for some recommendations for getting the echohitch installed in the Massachusetts area. I plan to just use the hitch for bikes and would appreciate thoughts from people who have done it before. Thanks a bunch!
  12. R

    Bike carrier

    Has anyone installed a trailer hitch to the Model S for the express purpose of using it as a bicycle carrier? I have read in American threads that Torklift makes a hitch for the MS called EcoLift. Canadians price is about $800 then installation but where would be a location with experience?
  13. K

    Trailer hitch on Model S

    I would like to engage any members that have experience with added a trailer hitch to the model s. I intend to purchase one but my dream is to travers the country towing a lightweight camping trailer and utilizing the superchargers for fuel. I know a hitch is available, but what about the rear...
  14. Torklift Central

    Vendor Celebrate Electric Cars This September!

    The Tesla Model S trailer hitch It’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about Christmas... we’re talking about the time of year for National Drive Electric Week. This event was originally started to heighten the awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in electric...