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  1. H

    Tesla Warranty Transfer

    On the warranty page (https://www.tesla.com/en_gb/support/vehicle-warranty) it mentions that "when a vehicle ownership transfer is performed through Tesla." the warranty still applies to the new owner. When purchasing second hand from a dealer, is there a way to check if a vehicle's ownership...
  2. S

    UK - How long did your ownership transfer take?

    Based in the UK. Bought the car start of August (7th). It was a Tesla inventory vehicle bought via auction for myself. Got all my papers through and submitted to Tesla support via email on the 18th Aug as I wasn’t able to via app. It’s been one whole month and still nothing, everytime I call...
  3. A

    Is FUSC available to use during the ownership transfer window?

    I will be traveling halfway across the country to be picking up an early Tesla MX with transferable FUSC. I know the transfer process may take a few days to a business week, though hopefully it should be fast since the owner will be removing it from their account and we’ll be going through that...
  4. P

    Transfer “main” user in app to wife?

    Hello all. I know this may sound silly but it would mean something to my wife. We just picked up our Model Y and since I made the reservation, I am the “main” user of the car. The car will be driven 99% of the time by my wife. I don’t even want to keep the app on my phone at this point. Is...
  5. T

    Trying Verify if a Tesla has Transferrable Unlimited Supercharging

    I am looking at a 2017 Model S 90D, (originally delivered in 2/2017, with single owner) from a dealer who tells me that it has supercharging and it's transferrable. They have verified that it does not get charged when they plug it in at the local supercharger. However, I've read that if the...
  6. R

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Lease Takeover (RI/New England/Boston area)

    Hi all! Lurked here quite a bit and decided to join to post a lease transfer. My living situation has changed and I will no longer be needing my Model 3. Rhode Island/Boston area 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (with Ryzen) Red 18” Aero Wheels ~2400 miles, 10k per year allowed Lease...
  7. A

    Account help

    Hey everyone, So my mom and I just picked up a new Tesla Model 3 recently and we decided that I would be the sole driver/responsible for the car. As of right now, the title and loan is currently under her name and we wish to keep it this way. What we want to do is change the account information...
  8. B

    2022 Model X LR Transfer 16k under current MSRP available for pickup (Newport Beach, CA)

    My build is located in Newport Beach, CA and ready now. PM me with your offer if you are interested. Current MSRP for the same vehicle is $137,940.00 and you would have to wait until June 2023 and that's if it doesn't get pushed back.
  9. C

    Model 3 Standard Range For Sale San Diego

    Details for my Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range are: Pearl White Paint, 18’’ Aero Wheels, Black Premium Interior, Autopilot. Ordered 5 months ago, estimated delivery is October 20th. MSRP was $46,990 asking $1000 OBO to transfer this reservation. Please PM me or comment your email if...
  10. D

    Selling Model 3 SR Reservation (August 13-27 Delivery)

    Note: Reposted because my last post was deleted. I think the mods thought this was a bot post? I had ordered a Model 3 SR back in March, but found a reservation for sale on this site. I ended up buying that car, so I no longer need this reservation. Details: Standard Range, Blue, Aero Wheels...
  11. J

    Reservation "I am ready" for delivery NOW in August 2022

    Hello, I had booked Tesla model Y Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive ready to be delivered. I actually bought RAV 4 Hybrid with dealer markup in July and hence don't need model Y anymore right away. I had the email from Tesla shows "I am ready to" setup the delivery date on line. Model Y...
  12. J

    Reservation ready for delivery NOW in August 2022

    Hello, I had booked Tesla model Y Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive ready to be delivered. I actually bought RAV 4 Hybrid with dealer markup in July and hence don't need model Y anymore right away. Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Metallic Paint 20" Induction...
  13. V

    pre-price hike Model X reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre-price hike Model X for sale. No registrant details were entered which means you can enter your details directly in the account. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination (paint, seat colors, 6 or 7 seaters) or even changed to Plaid. It Shows EDD...
  14. V

    2022 model X plaid for sale- California pickup by tomorrow

    2022 Model X plaids available for sale in California. Has to be picked up by tomorrow. I have a account without registrant info in and that will bring the car price down by $6,000. I have a pre increase price for the base model plaid for 126,990. Since the current price for base model Plaid is...
  15. J

    2022 Model X reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre-price hike Model X for sale. No registrant details were entered which means you can enter your details directly in the account. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination (paint, seat colors, 6 or 7 seater) or even changed to Plaid. It Shows EDD from...
  16. G

    Transfer my MYP reservation! Who wants it? EDD 6/4-7/9/22

  17. ishareit

    Tesla Model Y LR reservation

    I have an LR reservation at $58,990 base price (4k cheaper than the current price). It is white with a tow hitch option added. Some other relevant info: * I have a Tesla account that I can NOT transfer since I have other cars (current and past) * I have already entered the registration...
  18. B

    For Sale: Model Y Long Range Reservation (On hold)

    I have a Model Y Long Range reservation with older pricing (ordered in mid September). The car took too long so I have since bought a MYP. Tesla 2022 Model Y Long Range AWD (MYLR) Exterior color: Black Interior color: Black 5 seat configuration 19" gemini wheels Does NOT include tow hitch Does...
  19. P

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Hey all, Looking to possibly purchase/transfer a reservation from another user here. He is in California and I am in New York. Does anybody know if and how this is an option for us? Would I have to pay Tesla to transfer it? Would it lush the EDD back to Aug (its coming up now)? Any information...
  20. H

    Model 3 LR Reservation For sale VIN Assigned

    I have a reservation for a model 3 LR in blue with 19in wheels and white interior to sell. If anyone is interested in purchasing from me let me know. VIN is assigned and delivery says March 8-12. I don’t know how to go about transferring the reservation but if anyone wants to buy it and has...
  21. G

    Free Supercharging

    Hello all.. Anyone successfully been able to transfer free supercharging after purchasing MX that is a 67 plate or younger please?
  22. D

    Model Y Reservation Transfer - how much premium to pay?

    An acquaintance of mine has a Model Y reservation from 2019 (White, LR, AWD, B&W interiors, FSD) with a delivery due date in Jan 2022. His reservation price is around 13K less than what Tesla charges for the same configuration today (5K extra for FSD and another 8K for base price increase). He...
  23. C

    Model Y Lease Transfer 2021 ------ Miami FL

    I have a 2021 Model Y Standard Range and am looking to transfer the lease. White 20” Black Wheels White Interior 9,500 miles (45,000 mile lease) 25 months left $675 monthly lease included mobile charger, sound deadning kit, black rear spoiler, rim protectors, matte center console cover (plastic...
  24. StraightOreo

    21 Maybe 22 Model S MSM 19” White interior sale

    Hello, first time doing this and please let me know if I can’t. But I have a order for a 21 MS color MSM with white interior. 19” wheels. Edd is 20-30 Dec 2021. This is a pre-price hike of 15k. Willing to do a transfer for 10k. You’ll save 5k. And any other potential price increases. I will...
  25. A

    How Soon Can I Begin MS Ownership Transfer?

    Very excited to receive my 'new to me' late-2017 MS in the coming weeks. The dealer I purchased through has been very helpful and has maintained a relationship with the previous owner. They are also willing to help with the vehicle transfer in any way they can since they have the contact info of...
  26. T

    Model S Ownership Transfer Process. Email has not been sent to recipient.

    Hello everyone, I just bought a used Model S 75 from a vendor and the original owner has offered to help transfer the car to my account. The car has had one account associated with it (original owner) and has not been sold or taken ownership of by a dealer through Tesla (no auction, used...
  27. axalam

    Tesla Supercharging - SC05 - Transfer supercharging workaround?

    Hey everyone, So I was just trying to buy a Tesla from someone and they let me know that their car is currently optioned with "SC05" option code. For those of you who are not aware, SC05 basically means "Free unlimited supercharging - but only for first owner" aka non-transferable supercharing...
  28. Z

    Ownership Transfer not working

    Hey guys and gals, I’ve been trying to add my newly purchased model 3 to my account through Tesla’s website but every time I try to finalize and submit the documents this error comes up.... “unable to process your request, try again later” I’ve tried many browsers from both the iPhone and PC and...
  29. Z

    Ownership transfer question

    Hi, I’ve recently bought an imported Tesla Model 3 from the US here in Jordan from a 3rd party seller. The previous owner didn’t remove the car from his account. I have complete ownership of the car with the necessary documents to prove it. My question is: does the previous owner need to remove...
  30. Z

    Ownership transfer question

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased an imported US Model 3 here in Jordan and the car has the previous owner account and I can’t do a factory reset as it requires the email and password of the previous owner. Will logging in to my Tesla account and going to the ownership transfer section and providing...
  31. G

    Terrible experience selling house with SolarCity/Tesla Energy panel lease on it

    Cliff notes: If you plan to install a Solar City / Tesla Energy system on your house and EVER plan to move, find a different company. Caveat: I'm a huge Tesla fan, own 2 vehicles and (formerly) their solar array. Their service has always been terrible since day 1 but I figured the product...
  32. R

    Servicing my Used Tesla Model S

    I recently purchased a used Model S and I wanted to know if I'm able to take it to a service center even though I'm still in the process of transferring ownership through Tesla. Or Is that a requirement before I can take it to a service center?
  33. P

    Transferring Model 3 Reservation Step by Step

    My friend is willing to transfer his reservation for me. I was hoping that someone who has done this before can break down the steps to me so that I can guide him through the process. He is already doing a huge favor for me so I don't want any hiccups for him during the transfer. Thank you!
  34. C

    CPO reservation cancellation, transfer

    Anyone has experience with cancellation or transfer(to another cpo) their CPO reservation?
  35. Y

    BUYOUT YOUR LEASE - Model S P85D or 85D, 18-24 Months Remaining Ideal

    I'm looking to buyout a P85D Lease with 18-24 months remaining. Open to slightly different timelines, but targeting somewhere around my delivery of Model 3 so you can see it is a moving target. I'm in the Southeast, but willing to talk to anyone in the United States about a lease takeover and...
  36. Soulopoulos

    Flights (Airport) to TMC Connect

    Hi Tesla Friends, What's the best airport to fly to from Belgium, Europe and the best way to transfer from the airport to the Hyatt hotel in Santa Clara?