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  1. T

    Go Anywhere service appears to be inoperable?

    Have attempted to use Tesla's "Go Anywhere" site -for upcoming travel. Unfortunately, even with originating and final destination clearly identified, the "Get Route" button (at lower-right of Page) does not enBOLDen; allowing completion of data entry, and (supposedly) activation for route to be...
  2. T

    New never opened from Tesla referral Luggage Suitcase (rare find) $300 including shipping

    Hello everyone, I have a never opened box from a Tesla Referral Program that is discontinued and extremely rare for sale. Selling for $300 shipping included. Paypal or Venmo preferred. Here are some pictures of the luggage but yours will be sealed.
  3. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  4. quentinsf

    UK mobile provider and roaming with your Tesla?

    On a recent podcast I heard about a guy in the US who drove his Tesla across the Canadian border and discovered that the data SIM didn't have any roaming capabilities, so he lost his streaming services and navigation (though the maps were downloaded and so still OK). I was just wondering idly...
  5. lestager

    Cross Canada Road Trip - BC to Quebec & Back

    Hey All! I finally got around to completing the video from all our footage this summer. We drove from Kelowna, to Quebec City and Back in 18 days. Driving across Canada had long been in the back of our minds, but it took purchasing a Tesla followed by a global pandemic to get us there. Being...
  6. Tes*la*rosa

    CHAdeMO adapter, brand new in box

    CHAdeMO charging adapter. New in the box / never used. Brought with me on a road trip for peace of mind. Still in the box. Not planning on traveling anytime soon so up for grabs for $350. Zip 92373 - can meet up along the 60, the 10, the 215, or local Superchargers in Moreno Valley...
  7. Y

    Solar EV charger in camping area.

    Right now the charging station net is far away from established, maybe travel from city to city would be nice and easy, but for family trips, adventures to the rural area, all EVs are not in consideration. Especially when camping, which lots of people love to do, needs to carry gears, maybe even...
  8. G

    To Charge or not while away

    I will be on a four day trip, flying. Will leave car in my garage. I have a Tesla Wall Charger. Question is, should I leave the charger plugged in while gone or not? Thanks for your responses.
  9. P

    Driving from Montreal QC to Yellowstone MT in a Tesla S - and back again.

    I started yesterday, no real concrete plan, other than the destination. It's about 3300 km each way. I have been using both a better route planner, and the onboard navigation, and I have to say I find both very good. At the moment, I'm crossing a great lake on a ferry from Muskegon, Michigan...
  10. M

    Keep tesla 3 in garage with high and cold weather

    I live in the northeast and my garage can be really hot in the summer (> 90F) and cold in the winter (20-32 F normally). How would this affect the battery to Tesla 3? If it harm it, what can I do to help keep the car in good condition without remodel my garage? My garage is neither insulated nor...
  11. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  12. P

    First Road Trip Questions

    We are leaving shortly on our first ever road trip with our new Model S, 100D. Since we leave from just outside Winnipeg, MB and are heading to Orlando, Florida we are wondering if someone here might be able to throw some tips or advice our way. We've been reading the site since long before we...
  13. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  14. S

    Cooler for model 3?

    Ok, I'm looking for people who traveled with coolers in model 3 to share your experiences and recommendations. What worked and what didn't? I'm thinking to use the space in trunk under the floor panel to put a portable cooler, anyone did that yet and has a link for the cooler That fit perfectly...
  15. HyperionMark

    Podcast Idea

    Hello all! I'm gauging interest (or ideas) in a new Tesla podcast. It seems like we've had a little bit of attrition in the Tesla podcast world lately and think there is always room for one more. Plenty of them are focused and/or talk about Tesla news. Instead I'd be interested in combining two...
  16. S

    When traveling...

    This is a question that applies to those who already Tesla vehicles. What are some things you value most in your Tesla that you miss when you are traveling and you don't have the option for driving a Tesla in the place you are visiting? Said another way, what things do you value in your...
  17. jpgrolle

    Laadpassen Spanje Portugal

    Ik plan een vakantie naar Portugal, maar voor een 60kWh zitten er wat spannende afstanden tussen de destination chargers. Bijvoorbeeld Burgos-Canedo 300km. Ook een route langs de noordkust zit er zonder gebruik te maken van andere laadpunten niet in. Tegelijk ben ik door mijn ervaringen in...
  18. ohmman

    First road trip in your MX

    Has anyone else considered what might be the first serious road trip they'll take in their MX (assuming that's something that's interesting to you)? For some reason, the longer the X takes to reach me, the longer my trip seems to stretch. It'll be work convincing the family of this duration...
  19. jackie

    Wiki Headlights - no stickers required between UK and the Continent

    The headlights on the Model S do not require those little stickers or any adjustment to allow you to travel between the UK and the rest of Europe. Back in October 2013 when I first received my Model S I spent quite a lot of time with Tesla on this issue. The people in Tilburg very kindly setup...
  20. Q

    Destination Charging at Hotels

    Hello: I am a huge Tesla fan (I live in Manhattan so do not own one yet, but soon I hope...) and am working on a project to partner hotels with Tesla charging stations. We are looking for owners who would like to see more hotels have charging stations for their Teslas to tell us if and why that...
  21. D

    Travel 920 kms in France in Model S from North to south on autoway without Supercharg

    Hi ! Last week, I did a journey in France from Luxemburg (North of France) to Fréjus (next to Nice, south of France), without superchargers, with my model s Start in the morning at 5h15 AM, I drive on Autoway near Luxemburg, direction Nancy, then Dijon, where we could recharge car with 22kw...

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