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trim finish

  1. B

    2023 Model 3, less than 2 months old, never been through a car wash, and the black trim has gotten weird - see pics.

    Is this repairable? Is it a warranty issue? Are others having this problem?
  2. K

    Is this trim gap problem?

    Guys, I took the delivery of Y last Thursday and noticed some gap below front and back door. Tesla told me these are fine…any thought? They seems wider gap than normal.
  3. tempest2001

    Just noticed this paint defect, is this a major issue?

    The detailer pointed out this paint defect on the side of the trunk on the inside, so you can only see it when you open the trunk. Is this a major issue? It looks to be smooth the touch so maybe some kind of dust or something under the primer? I reported it to Tesla service but not sure what...
  4. Mike M

    MX Imperfections: Some Perspective

    I just wanted to take a moment to share a couple quick thoughts, especially in regards to the ease we have of complaining about our Tesla's. From some of the stories I've read here at TMC, I felt rather lucky when I picked up my MX 90D last month and ONLY had a piece of misaligned trim, two...
  5. Haxster

    WTB: Piano Black Decor

    Trim for Model S.
  6. M

    Driver's Door window "catches" or door open - is this normal?

    Hi, Hopefully this makes sense... My new facelift driver's door catches when your open it... Immediately when you pull the handle the window drops slightly to allow it to come clear of seal but not quite enough so occasionally it "catches" and you can hear the window get stuck and then bounce...
  7. U

    Swapping Dash Trim (Video)

    FYI - I had a chance to buy an OEM carbon fiber dash trim kit to swap out with the piano black trim in my 2015 S. I followed the directions here: How to add a Carbon Fiber Interior Trim to the Model S - TESLARATI.com The directions were very useful but I found a few spots where I had...