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trip planner

  1. J

    Help - Supercharger locations are all missing 2024.8.7

    I have a 2021 MYP on 2024.8.7 and was unable to get the map or trip planner to show the Tesla Superchargers or route to them. I manually typed in one supercharger and routed to it, but it then charged slowly because there was no preconditioning of the battery. Trip planner will show a negative...
  2. JamesEarl15

    FT. Lauderdale to Denver

    I just had the opportunity to "help" out a friend who bought a MYP. I have been on road trips before in my own Tesla (Den-Phx, Den-Detroit, Den-LV) but never this far and long. I must say, Tesla road trips are sooooooo relaxing. Chargers work (though some are slower than others), quick stops...
  3. S

    Trip Planner failures with recent updates

    I am currently running version 2022.20.8 in my 2015 Model S. I have noticed that there are a number of reoccurring failures in the trip planner that used to work well. These two are the most pressing: The trip planner no longer adds in supercharger stops along a route that the car cannot...
  4. S

    Trip planner shows wrong charging time.

    Hi! I have some problems with my navigation, it shows wrong charging time to leave to next charging stop. It happened on my last road trip. For example, I need only a 10 min stop but the navigation want me to have a 30 min stop. And the second thing is that when I just use supercharger in my...
  5. R

    App or long-trip planner suggestions for a long trip in Model 3 LR(TN to NJ)

    I recently bought a tesla model3 LR and this is my first long-distance trip(TN to NJ). Is it fine to follow tesla's default navigation for charging? Any apps or trip planners available? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  6. J

    The 2000 Mile Test Drive in my M3

    I was excited to make my first long range trip in my Model 3. It felt like a challenge and an opportunity to learn about the car. I did some research on Supercharger locations, miles between them, and hotels with Tesla Destination chargers. I discovered that the Trip Planner can do most of...
  7. davidu406

    Poll: ABRP or Trip Planner

    Hi Friends, I am gearing up to go on a long road trip again. I have used ABRP in the past--but haven't travelled for a bit. Wondering if the build in Trip Planner is getting better, or if ABRP is still far superior? Does Trip Planner account for weather and things like that, given that it can...
  8. davidu406

    Trip Planner getting better?

    Hi Friends, I am gearing up to go on a long road trip again. I have used ABRP in the past--but haven't travelled for a bit. Wondering if the build in Trip Planner is getting better, or if ABRP is still far superior? Does Trip Planner account for weather and things like that, given that it can...
  9. M

    Tesla App Functionality

    Hello everyone, I've had my Tesla 3 for 5 days now, and am loving it. I'm still learning functionality and have a couple of questions: Is there a way to read software update notes on the mobile app, or is the only option to sit in the car and read them on the screen? What about the Trip...
  10. O

    Tesla trip planner - no M3 SR+?

    Looking at this link Go Anywhere | Tesla I see no option for M3 SR+ in the left panel. Is this user error? Or is it just not there?
  11. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  12. gnuarm

    More Mileage Info and Flexibility When Planning Trips

    I'm not a big fan of pulling off the road to charge for 20 minutes. I can't do much in 20 minutes other than listen to the radio. I'd much prefer to skip chargers when I can and have an hour+ charge with a meal and bathroom break. But this is not so easy with the current trip planning in the...
  13. S

    Estimating battery use around destination before Return

    Because availability of the supercharger network, I don't have concerns about this, but I was wondering what people are doing about situations where they expect to be driving around a fair amount at their destination before returning. Is the solution just to charge up longer than required en...
  14. N

    Trip/Route Planning Software/Apps - Thoughts?

    New to the Tesla world and was wondering people's thoughts, recommendations, etc. on the different trip/route planning options out there. So far, I'm aware of ABetterRoutePlanner.com on the web, the EVTO app on my iPhone, and the Nav/Maps that come standard on my S. I also see a bunch of other...
  15. C

    New Nav trip planner behavior

    I just got the new nav last week and was testing the routing by plugging in a few road trip destination I had in the past. To my surprise, it seems that the new nav is more aggressive on the buffer charge and prefer taking longer but less frequent charging stops. e.g. for a route from Atlanta...
  16. T

    EVTripplanner Accuracy

    Dear friends I need some advice. I am a relatively new owner of a Model S. Its the most fabulous vehicle I've ever owned but I have to be honest, as I am planning a road trip from Michigan to Toronto, it is giving me a bit of anxiety. Rather lots of it. I have researched this topic extensively...
  17. krazineurons

    what metrics to use for MS 60D on evtripplanner site?

    I swear i had read it as a comment on one of the threads but the search is not turning up any results. If i want to compare how much extra time i will have to spend at the super chargers if i bought a MS 60D, what metrics do i need to use on the evtripplanner.com site? Appreciate any help :)
  18. Dirk VP

    De Trip Planner is (nog) te primitief.

    Stel: je moet HEEN en TERUG naar een verre bestemming, bijvoorbeeld van thuis naar Parijs en terug. De Tesla-Tripplanner geeft je dan enkel de route- en laadinformatie naar je bestemming in Parijs maar niet die terug. Hoe moet je dan een round trip estimate vragen? [/COLOR] Als ik het systeem...
  19. E

    Software Update 6.1 Trip Energy Prediction

    For those of you who have received the 6.1 update, how well does the Trip Energy Prediction work? Do you have any qualms? I was considering making a phone app / phone browser optimized web app to help plan road trips, but with the release of 6.1, there doesn't seem to be much of a need. For...
  20. DR TSLA

    Newbie Planning first road trip from Palm Springs area to San Francisco

    I imagine there are quite a few of you Tesla owners who have driven from Palm Springs area to San Francisco (or vice versa). I am planning my first road trip on that route for next week (I've only had my MS 85 for 2 days). I used to drive a Leaf (traded it in for the MS) so I'm quite familiar...
  21. MrBoylan

    Trip planner?

    As I wait for any news on the Model X (RSN 4787), I was curious to see if there are any good trip planning apps that specifically allow you to plan a trip based on availability of Tesla Super Chargers along the route. Ideally it would fall back to other charging stations and also list hotels...