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trip planning

  1. P

    taking cold into account when planning trip

    I'm taking a 2000 mile trip this winter over the Rocky Mountains, supercharger to supercharger, with my LR 3. Does the Model 3 onboard trip planner take into account cold weather (forecasts) when it suggests charge times at superchargers? How about mountain ascents? This would seem a key...
  2. JPWhite

    Tesla Web Based Trip Planner biased towards Model S and X

    Musk announced his intention several years ago to anti-sell the Model 3. The Web Based Trip planner is a case in point. I noticed when planning trips to the beach that the LR Model 3 was only marginally cheaper than a gasoline car while S and X cars saved a bundle. I suspected a bias in the...
  3. N

    Trip/Route Planning Software/Apps - Thoughts?

    New to the Tesla world and was wondering people's thoughts, recommendations, etc. on the different trip/route planning options out there. So far, I'm aware of ABetterRoutePlanner.com on the web, the EVTO app on my iPhone, and the Nav/Maps that come standard on my S. I also see a bunch of other...
  4. efusco

    Best route from Monroe, LA to New Orleans

    We're driving to New Orleans from Little Rock, AR on Monday. EV Trip Planner is trying to route us through Texarkana for some reason, but Monroe looks quite reachable (Model X 90D). We do not have easy access to charging while in New Orleans, so will want to top up in either Slidell or Baton...
  5. T

    EVTripplanner Accuracy

    Dear friends I need some advice. I am a relatively new owner of a Model S. Its the most fabulous vehicle I've ever owned but I have to be honest, as I am planning a road trip from Michigan to Toronto, it is giving me a bit of anxiety. Rather lots of it. I have researched this topic extensively...
  6. LovelyCarrot

    Great planning resource for range

    Hi all there's a great planning resource that I found here How Far Can I Travel With this tool you can calculate range around a point taking major roads into account, not just a general circle. Results can then be input into Google Maps to be saved. I used this to generate a 75 mile "no...
  7. David99

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    The Model S and X are the only EVs that can do long distance traveling in a reasonable amount of time. Compared to an ICE car it takes about 20-25% longer for charging on the way. The shorter the trip, the less charging makes a difference. For example on a 300-400 mile trip, you start with a...
  8. Father Bill

    My Trip to Florida August 31 - September 3

    I had a couple of days off work before I was released by my physicians to return to normal duties. I decided to take a short trip to Florida. Now a short trip to Florida from south central Illinois via car is just a little bit nuts. I really do not like to fly, not because of flying but because...
  9. B

    Trip Planning - Toronto to Victoria

    Any good suggestions? There is such a big blank spot in Canada from Barrie, ON to Alberta, so I expect to go through the US for a big portion, but would like to get back up into Canada when it is practical again. Of course, the Tesla route planner has me going through Northern California. I'd...