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trip report

  1. H

    Tasmanian M3 SR+ Trip

    Well, first long trip with the 2019 M3 SR+. Sydney to Tasmania, via the ferry, and back for SWMBO and me. No problems with the car or charging. Although got to Gundagai on the way back, with 18 km to spare. It was very cold. Had to slow down from 110km/h to 100km/h to make sure we made it. I was...
  2. AlanSubie4Life

    Trip Report - San Diego to North Rim Grand Canyon

    As alluded to in other posts, I took a trip from San Diego to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in my AWD Performance+ last week/weekend. This is an 8000-foot ascent. Setup: 2019.32.11.1 Michelin CrossClimate+ on Dekagram 18x8.5 wheels. (Temperatures dropped into the 20's and upper teens...
  3. D

    Model 3 LR Texas —> Colorado Trip & Range Report

    Hi folks, I thought I might share a little trip and range report. We live over in East Texas (Longview, TX area) and took a great trip up to Colorado Springs. I did some research ahead of time to make sure I’d be in a good comfort zone with the ranges on the various legs - and thought this...
  4. alwaysru

    First time to RED battery on road trip... Austin->Houston->Austin in 1 day

    Since I got my P85 a month and a half ago I have been wringing my hands about the scariness of driving to visit my mom in N. Houston. It's usually a 2:15 trip, but with my average of 378 Wh/mi and no easily accessible superchargers along the way, it turns into a 3:40 trip by going through...
  5. M

    Trip Report: Los Angeles - Vancouver roundtrip

    I’ve been wanting to do this trip ever since I got my car back in February, but have been waiting for the Supercharger network to be built out some more. After the WA chargers debuted, I figured it was time, even though I knew it would be painful making it through northern California and Oregon...