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  1. Jimt29

    Tesla Trips - Safari Browser/ iPad

    When using the Safari browser on the iPad, the webpage Tesla.com/trips won’t route to any destination. The Get Route button is grayed out. I’ve tried it many times with no success. Doing the same thing on a Windows PC works fine. Anybody get Trips to work on their iPad?
  2. J

    Model 3 - Vancouver to Winnipeg Beach for $71.00

    Hello. I thought I would share my 6,000 km (3,728 mi) Model 3 LR trip across the Canadian prairies (Vancouver to Winnipeg) for a total cost of $71.00 (US$53). I wanted to take on the challenge before the long-awaited Supercharging stations arrive on Hwy #1 to connect Canada. British Columbia...
  3. jhs_7645

    PSA for evtripplanner.com

    I just used EV Trip Planner for like the umpteenth time, and finally donated. I'm speaking for myself, but also asking others, if you've used evtripplanner.com for planning/mapping/routing and found it useful or helpful, please donate. Full disclosure, I'm a software engineer at a large...
  4. fasteddie7

    Instrument panel trips question

    this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't seem to find it, maybe I'm not searching for the right terms. What is the negative number over minutes mean on the trips portion on the instrument panel? I've included a photo of said negative minutes.
  5. 5

    How reliable are Superchargers?

    I have yet to use a supercharger but I am itching to go on a trip that uses them. I wonder how often people have come to a supercharger and found it to be down or not working. With a gasoline car I would never have any worries about finding another gas station if one was closed, but if I was...
  6. M

    AZ Club Members . . . . What's Next?

    The AZ Tesla Motors Club is one the the largest groups on TMC and more active than most of the clubs. It is perhaps surprising that Tesla has so much owner support in a state that bans direct Tesla sales. Our club has sponsored a few meet & greets, done a few trips, have had some online...