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  1. K

    Tesla cloud account won't update!

    Hello all! I am needing some help with my new Plaid Model S. The cloud account that is one of the driver profiles that automatically set on the vehicle will not properly update, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. The profile picture finally updated after changing it on...
  2. J

    Is charged scheduling broken?

    Firmware Version: 2019.40.50.7 I have my scheduled charging set for 2AM. I keep my daily at 90%. Yesterday morning I drove out to do some chores, came back with 87% charge. I came home, plugged the charger in since I've always been told a plugged in tesla is a happy tesla. I went back out...
  3. Vawlkus

    L2 charger fault question

    Ok, not really a question I’m expecting an answer for, but I’ll ask it anyway. Recently a place near where I work installed some L2 legrand chargers. I went to try them out, and my X detects a grounding/cabling issue. The owners/operators are aware of the issue, but don’t know when it’ll get...