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  1. L

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers!

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers to vaporize water and debris off the windshield:
  2. S

    Poll- Res holders, would you have made the deposit if $1000?

    I would have done it even if $1k. I was looking to buy an all-wheel drive family vehicle and decided on the Cybertruck because it's way out there and I'm ready for a change in the way how cars and trucks look.
  3. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Have 2 Tickets to the Event They're Not Going go Use?

    I'm not going to beg or offer green-backs like some as I feel that goes against what was intended for these events but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring just in case anyone was looking to pay it forward. The wife and I would love, love, LOVE to take a road trip from Northern Colorado to...
  4. ForTheLoveOfX

    Tesla Truck vs other Trucks? Which would you get and why?

    Now they've announced a Tesla truck, I've debated if I should wait to get one or just go for another truck. I'm not super truck savvy so I'd love to hear what you think about the upcoming Tesla truck :)
  5. T

    Model X to jump start an ICE pickup truck

    Non conventional question for the forum... Seeking advising using a Model X to jump start another vehicle. Using the B+ and ground marked under the frunk of a Model X, what would be the ramifications to jump start a cold, low voltage 12v battery on an ICE pickup truck? Let's suppose both...
  6. Pkmmte

    A Love Story: Model 3 is so good, monster truck drivers want to finger it

    You guys, I just experienced a beautiful moment of love yesterday. My Model 3, Elektra, was on AutoPilot, and this was on the 405 where there are frequent phantom traffic stops. Normally, I'd tap the accelerator a bit to make the gap smaller but the display showed another vehicle right in...
  7. Haxster

    Tesla Electric Semi: You are not alone...

  8. doug

    Tesla Semi Event -- November 16, 2017

    This is the official thread to post pics, vids, and info about the Tesla Semi event. There should be a live stream that starts at 8pm PST tonight. Cheers!
  9. JRP3

    This should be the Tesla truck

    Haven't seen this one before, best render I've seen yet of what the truck could be: 5 new Tesla vehicles coming by the end of the decade
  10. igotzzoom

    Tesla Model U Pickup Rendered by Truck Trend

    Hi Guys, So I guess I should come clean. I'm actually a staff editor on Truck Trend magazine. I've been on the TMC forums for more than a year, and am a big Tesla fan. I pitched the idea of doing a story on a Tesla pickup concept to my boss, and he was receptive. What you see is the result of...
  11. ludicrousspeed

    Speculative Tesla Segments

    *Preface: this discussion is purely speculative. I think Tesla should only be valued on the products/services they have officially announced and sold to date* Tesla being "only a car company" is its biggest misconception. Their mission statement is to transition the world to sustainable and...
  12. Haxster

    The Tesla Taxi and Miscellaneous Ramblings

    The Model 3 may turn out to be well suited for livery, fleet, and rental use. Even now, some comparatively expensive Model Ss are being used as Ubers. Picture a Hertz rental agent telling you that your Model 3 local rental includes 150 miles per day and free fuel. The economics could make a...
  13. R

    How does motor and regen efficiency scale with power?

    I'm curious about the scaling of efficiency of a as you increase power, volume, and mass. I've been thinking about it since Elon mentioned a Tesla truck. Trucks tend to have a significant amount of mass, and when towing or carrying a heavy payload, the mass is increased even more. But with...