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trunk design

  1. dwahl

    Project Highland Ideas

    Update the Interior Headliner and Pillars to Black Fabric so that it matches and blends better with the colors on the door, dash, steering wheel, center console, floor, and the rest of the interior. The current Grey color doesn't match well and becomes dirty very easily. The grey interior is...
  2. S

    Failed delivery due to trunk hutch aligned. Should I have fixed myself?

    I was scheduled to take a delivery of MY LR with 20" wheels on January 19. During exterior inspection I found 3 issues: a scratch on the door trim, bunch of scuffs on the front bumper and the worst of all is that the rear trunk hutch was misaligned to a point that a lower left corner was about...
  3. C

    Trunk or boot not full opening

    Hi all, Just got my new defeatured model 3. I've noticed (because I hit my head on it) that the powered trunk lid doesn't fully open, it opens most of the way, but the last 6 inches or so it has to be pushed, is this normal?
  4. E

    Tesla name badge / frunk badge

    Just wondering where I may order some good quality ( preferably some type of metal ) Tesla name badge for the rear of the car and the Tesla logo for the frunk! I've checked Amazon and used the search tool here but I'm a noob and may not know how to use the search correctly because it's the same...
  5. H

    Trunk not fully opening

    Just got my MY 2 days ago and have a question about opening the trunk. I have a drive way which slopes slightly. When I park with the front of the car sloping downward the trunk will not fully open. I open the trunk and it opens about a foot then stops like it too heavy and then closes. If I...
  6. M

    Auto Trunk Lift - abstract ocean

    Hi Just had a service visit to replace a piece of damaged trim however, just chatting with the tech about the trunk lift he said he would not have them (mine recently fitted) as over time the extra force and the fact that the metal and brackets are relatively thin, could cause distortion...
  7. B

    Trunk water diverter

    It seems some people have been complaining about water draining into the trunk. The vendors in China have been listening and now you can buy a diverter that looks like a tiny spoiler. Ebay seems to be the cheapest at US$37 while Aliexpress vendors are charging up to US$90. For Tesla Model 3...
  8. tfraley

    What do you use more? Trunk/Frunk

    Hey guys Just wanted to hear what you guys are using more. I know we shouldn't be using the Trunk to much because of break in's But at the same time, I'm weary in opening and closing the hood. I feel this is something that should be fixed in the next iteration. I know people have swapped out...
  9. efusco

    Trunk Accidently left open wake-up call

    My 3 will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. We took a longish trip to Memphis this weekend, so had many 'firsts' with the car. One that ultimately caused no harm but did cause some significant anxiety for several minutes was in regards to the rear trunk. What apparently happened is this. We had been...
  10. B

    Trunk driver's side weird space?

    I just got my 3 yesterday, and I noticed this tonight in the trunk, left side. There's a space that goes down, and it looks like there's a rim, like there should be something resting on top to cover that area. Am I missing a piece? Is there supposed to be some accessory stored there I didn't...
  11. matblk

    Trunk is now 5 inches longer than at the initial reveal.

    Over on Reddit, user Autolycus25 made a composite image of the newly released Body-In-White and an oder image shown on Tesla's reservation page. Most of the core structural features line up. However, the trunk appears to be approximately 5" longer.