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trunk lift app notification

  1. R

    Brake vs. Break - grammar lesson

    As a verb, the word brake means to slow down or stop. As a noun, brake is a device for slowing or stopping motion. The word break means to smash or to shatter as in to break a cup. It also means to take a recess, as in a coffe break.
  2. Sareesh

    Power Frunk

    Power Frunk, Foot Sensor and Soft close door
  3. efusco

    Trunk Accidently left open wake-up call

    My 3 will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. We took a longish trip to Memphis this weekend, so had many 'firsts' with the car. One that ultimately caused no harm but did cause some significant anxiety for several minutes was in regards to the rear trunk. What apparently happened is this. We had been...