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  1. S

    New 2024 Model 3 (Highland) - Trunk Lid Water Intrusion / Condensation on Tail Light

    Hi everyone! Wanted to bring this up within the forums and log it here for any potential future issues with anyone else receiving the new Highland 2024 Model 3 (or later). Quick High Level Introduction: We recently just sold our 2019 Model 3 and received our new 2024 (Highland) Model 3 last...
  2. B

    Road Trip Going Through Major Cities - Trunk or Frunk for Security?

    Preface: I'm well aware that the best solution is to not leave any valuables in my car. At most locations, I will keep my belongings in my friend's houses that I'm staying at/hotels I'm staying at but there will be instances where I have no choice but to leave my luggage in the car while in an...
  3. X

    Trunk Latch Water Leak

    I just bought a 2013 Model S P85 and yesterday it rained. Today I go to grab something out of the trunk and a large amount of water comes pouring out of the latch and adjustable trunk rubber. I noticed there was also water in the inner tail light. I found this YouTube video which explains...
  4. J

    Will Tesla Service Center replace rear hatch/trunk lid?

    Hello, I have a 2023 solid black Model Y. Thought I might describe my current situation and get into the nitty gritty of it. But, before doing all that (maybe in a separate thread at a later point), perhaps it is better to simply ask: -- Can you order a rear hatch/trunk lid from a Tesla...
  5. O

    Hansshow Power Trunk CANBUS

    This may be a long shot but does anybody have the 2019-2020 CANBUS harness and want to trade for a 2017-2018 CANBUS harness? Reached out to HANSSHOW but they don't respond and are not helping. Top is what I have and the bottom is the one I need.
  6. P

    Trunk status "CLOSURE_REQUEST_MOVE"

    Hello everyone, I did a data privacy request to obtain a copy of the vehicle data of my 2022 Model 3. In the CSV files I received there is an entry "CLOSURE_REQUEST_MOVE" in the column for the trunk status. Can anyone here tell me about the meaning of that entry? I already contacted Tesla and...
  7. S

    Passenger door and trunk issues (model S 2014)

    The problem I have with my 2014 is very interesting. For sometimes the passenger door opens itself when I approach the car or when I put the car in park. Since the problem doesn't happen every time I have been ignoring it. I just made sure to check the passenger door whenever I leave the car. I...
  8. A

    What is this purpose on model x rear trunk?

    What is this purpose on model x rear trunk? I pressed it nothing happens , I pull it off and there is nothing connected to it, can see a cable behind routing through the empty trunk panel space .
  9. G

    Trunk Lift gate hinges

    I noticed the clips who secure the strut of the trunk lift gate, became rusted. Any suggestions on what to do and or where to purchase new replacements? I asked Tesla service and they would like to sell me two whole new struts!…
  10. M

    Mountain bike fit into Model Y trunk / cargo area?

    I have an XL mountain bike and wanted to see if there is a trick/tip fitting it into the trunk (seats down) of a Model Y without removing the front wheel of the bike. Maybe using the sub-trunk to stick in part of the wheel or handlebar? Just wondering if somebody has figured it out, before I...
  11. RacerX

    Model S Trunk Liftgate Head Injury zone after struts replaced

    2017 Model S 90D Loved the power liftgate trunk for a great 6 years. It opened at its tallest about 52 inches (132 cm) from lower trunk gasket to the trunk edge. I call this the head injury/ concussion zone … then it stopped working. Now only opens and closes automatically up to about 41 inches...
  12. raeB etaN

    What gear is included with a new Model S - what was inside the Tesla bag in the rear trunk of a new 2021 Model S?

    My 2021 Long Range got T-Boned in December. It is just now coming out of the body shop. When I viewed the progress a few months ago, I asked about my HOV lane decal (bc the rear bumper was removed) and also asked about the Tesla bag that was in the trunk from original delivery (bc the trunk was...
  13. M

    Model X Refresh 6-seater Trunk Space

    I own a 2018 6-seater and am interested in upgrade. While the trunk space is dismal with all 3-rows up and the trunk divider in place, there is actually decent space when the divider is removed - you can fit two full size (30 inch maybe?) check-in luggage side by side, due to the deep trunk. See...
  14. X

    Badge Removal and Install

    If anyone is interested on the removal of the trunk badge and the install of the “TESLA” badge on the model 3. This video was helpful. I was able to do the work myself for less than $10 and a few household items like dental floss, goo gone, a rag and dish detergent.
  15. T

    2023 Tesla Model Y Lemon in CA?

    Hi, I would like to inquire about the Lemon Law related to vehicle purchases in California. On February 18, 2023, I received delivery of a 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range. However, I have been experiencing an issue with the Trunk Lid not opening properly since it was delivered to me. When I...
  16. K

    Someone bumped into my trunk

    Parked outside restaurant and someone backup and bumped into my back. I messaged Tesla and figured the service center could not repair and referred to body shop. Would you guys think it needs to be replaced the whole trunk? The bumper has no lost paint but got pushed in. Anybody knows any good...
  17. J

    FS: Model 3 ‘21+ 3D Max Spider Kagu Weather Mats - Front, Rear, Trunk

    I have gently used 3D Max Spider Kagu weather mats, Front, Rear and Trunk for sale. I will note that it is the old version with the silver logos. Local pickup preferred (Atlanta, GA) $150.
  18. M

    Model Y power trunk won't open, ONLY on first try of the day!?!

    Just as the title states, the first attempt of opening my trunk on my Model Y, on any given day results in it opening a few cm, waiting, then shutting immediately. If I try to open it again, it works as normal and will work normal for the rest of the day. I cannot replicate this, unless I wait...
  19. G

    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Just noticed this for the first time, sunlight hit at just the right angle. The strut connections to the car are all rusted, all four of them to varying degrees. Trunk still opens and closes fine. Warranty expires in a month but is this just wear and tear? If I request service I won't know if...
  20. K

    Bottom foot trunk filling with water

    Hi Everyone, With the recent rain SoCal, my car started to smell like a wet rag. I checked the trunk and inside the bottom boot, the liner was soaked. I took my car into a service center and they quoted me 3k to fix it. They said water was coming through the right rear passenger window (the...
  21. Frizzle Fry

    How to transport skis safely in Model Y

    Hello skiers! My preference is to transport skis inside the vehicle rather than to use a roof rack or hitch rack like a normal person. Pros: Skis stay clean Skis are less likely to be stolen Less equipment to buy, install, maintain No getting covered in road grime when reaching up to the roof...
  22. Bomely

    Vendor Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Fender

    👋Hello guys, This is Bomely.The left and right suede of the Tesla trunk is always dirty or scratched. That's why I designed this ABS guard, which requires no drilling, is thick, and fits nicely on the Model Y 5-Seater. Looking forward to every post and you guys will come and share advice with...
  23. D

    Should I attempt to have Tesla adjust trunk alignment?

    So I noticed the passenger side of my trunk is shifted in a few mm more than the roof panel. The other side however is perfect. Think I should attempt to have Tesla adjust it or are they just gonna mess it up worse or cause a seal leak?
  24. M

    What are these in the trunk?

    Working on sound dampening the trunk. These two trim pieces are giving me grief. Anyone know what they are and what they do? Can they be covered or do they need to breathe? My guess is pressure relief. Thanks!
  25. M

    Trunk disassembly / modifications / sound dampening

    Has anyone taken apart their trunk in order to add a subwoofer and/or sound dampening material? My UHFS subwoofer sounds very boomy and I’m considering adding some sound dampening material. There appears to be some sound proofing already underneath the carpet. Additionally there is some type of...
  26. Rdr4evr69

    F/S SMARTESLA Power Frunk 2016.5-2020

    This is the revised, newer, version. Never out of box, opened to check it out. I bought it for my 2016.5(refresh front) P90D and never got it installed. $275 plus ship. Would consider trades. Thanks
  27. E

    Tesla name badge / frunk badge

    Just wondering where I may order some good quality ( preferably some type of metal ) Tesla name badge for the rear of the car and the Tesla logo for the frunk! I've checked Amazon and used the search tool here but I'm a noob and may not know how to use the search correctly because it's the same...
  28. M

    2021 M3P Trunk Fixed

    Not sure if this has been talked about before, but I wanted to share a recent Technical Service Bulletin from Tesla that fixed my automatic trunk. There is an addition of an O Ring now from Tesla to the struts of the trunk of the Model 3. This O-Ring prevents water from entering the top of the...
  29. guicane

    Boot trim replacement

    Hey all, Bought a used Model X but the boot trim accumulates water underneath and I'm guessing replacing it would solve that problem? Can anyone advise if their MX has the same issue? I have found some parts on ebay but not entirely sure which one that is? Here's what I found...
  30. M

    Phantom trunk close?

    My wife said this morning that the trunk randomly closed on her back while she was putting something in. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  31. R

    Boot/trunk won’t close

    Please help, I’m supposed to be going away today but I can’t close my boot/ trunk.. it closes down when I push the button, but doesn’t actually latch into place, remaining slightly open..any ideas welcome. Ryan
  32. C

    Updated model Y trunk photo shot in shanghai factory

    Just found it from a China tesla forum which show the new version model Y with trunk cover (magnet fixed) It might be equipped on the new 640km nedc (542km wltp) and Performance model Y manufactured in Shanghai factory which start delivery on this December
  33. I

    Notifications are telling me the trunk is open when it’s closed

    My notifications are telling me my trunk is open when it’s closed and the automatic opening does not work anymore. I have to manually open and close it. When I hit the button it just beeps. Please help.
  34. B

    Strange discoloration in the trunk on the black trim

    I am seeing some strange discoloration in the trunk of the Model Y. There is a circle in the middle and fingers that spread from it. Anyone seen this?
  35. E

    2015 S trunk won't close

    My trunk just gives 3 beeps when I try to close with keyphob, touchscreen, and button on trunk. It appears to be 95%+ closed, just a little part on the right appears to not have gone all the way down, while the left side appears to be correctly down. Any suggestions? I tried resetting the car...
  36. Red Rocket IV

    Sold Model and cleaning out the Garage

    Several items for sale for Model 3 TSportline Executive CF wing - $300. - New in Box Light Harmonic speaker upgrade; new in box never installed. - $600 Abstract Ocean CF Center Console vinyl - 25 Abstract Ocean CF Steering Wheel Vinyl - $10 Sub Floor Trunk Organizer - $90 Tesla...
  37. K

    I need to carry musical keyboard, dimensions of the trunk

    Hi, am an owner of the Model3. I am musician I need to carry a digital piano YamahaP35 with me which dimensions are 59.00 x 16.00 x 12.00 Inches. I want to buy Tesla Model S - I am interested in the size of the trunk. In Tesla3 there is a limiter to the right so it would not fit. I need to...
  38. V

    Rear trunk won't close

    After loading some (OK, a lot) stuff into the trunk of my 2015 MS, the trunk would close part way, beep, then open back up. I assumed it was because it was too full, and the trunk was bumping against something when it tried to close. I rearranged some items and tried again, but the trunk beeped...
  39. H

    Trunk Damage - Should I replace it?

    So this happened. I opened my garage door while my 2021 Model 3 trunk was opened, and the garage door caught the trunk, pulled it back and somehow bent the panel on each side of the trunk. The trunk also came off the right strut but I managed to put it back on with my hands. Trunk works...
  40. M

    2021 Model 3 trunk lid limiter

    So when our Model 3 is parked in the garage, and not pulled up far enough, opening the trunk can bang against a metal support for the garage door. We're usually careful to pull up, but I experimented with limiting the amount of lift for my trunk lid so it stops right before it would hit it...
  41. tshields

    Vendor Floor Mats

    Model Y Lovers, We Want Your Opinions! Introducing T Shields 3D Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Year/Model: 2020-2021 Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed Our team at T Shields has created a product with a custom fit to provide 25% more coverage than...
  42. N

    Trunk Malfunctioning?

    I'm not sure if this thread has appeared before but maybe someone can point out where I can find out information about manually opening my trunk. My Trunk Hates Me!! My hands are full and I can't pull out my fob. I reach down near my license plate and push the button to open. It just opens 2...
  43. S

    Trunk Latch failed and replaced 3 times in 3 weeks

    Hi, Just wanted to check if anyone has any experience with consecutive trunk latch failures? After installing 2020.48.26 on a model X delivered in March 2020, the trunk door will not latch. Tried troubleshooting and resetting with support from the local Tesla service center on WhatsApp video...
  44. F

    So-Cal Power Frunk / Trunk Group Buy Interest?

    So....I have a '19 M3 Stealth Performance...and I'm feeling a little "osbornish" about some of the new features. While living in SoCal...I don't think the heat pump will make a huge difference for me, specifically - but I do like the power trunk option. So I got to researching and there is a...
  45. ehacke

    Rigid Model 3 Trunk Organizater in Canada?

    Found this trunk organizer for the Model 3, looks pretty nice: Tesla Model 3 Custom Fit Trunk Organizer (Upper + Lower Set) Love the stacking ability. However, ordering it from the US looks like it'll be kinda more expensive than I'd like. Anyone seen something similar in Canada?
  46. Spelly88

    How Wide is the Trunk?

    I'm looking to purchase an LG CX 65" tv and want to see if it'll fit in the trunk laying flat. I have a 5 seater so the rear seats would be folded down. Here are the box dimensions according to the Best Buy site: Height 38.2 inches Width 67.6 inches Depth 8.1 inches I can't seem to find the...
  47. H

    Trunk Shelf + Rear Sound Dampening

    I'm about to order one of these for my car and figured I'd share it around here for anyone that might be interested. Will report back when I get it to update on quality/sound/etc. but I think it will likely help with sound in the back of the car since that's where a lot of the "boomy" sounds...
  48. K

    Maxpider Trunk Liner

    I got the 3dmaxpider liners recently and I found that the rear trunk liner sort of makes it difficult to put the trunk floor into the slot to load stuff into the sub trunk. Is anyone else having this issue? I am interested to know if there is a workaround or another type of liner that doesn't...
  49. W

    Trunk not opening from app, button or screen

    Unfortunately I cannot open the trunk anymore from the screen, app or button on the trunk. The mechanical release still works (but people look weird at me when opening the trunk like that...so I prefer the normal way of opening ;-). I already had the Tesla ranger (have to say, very friendly and...
  50. KyleM3

    WTB: OEM Tesla Trunk/Frunk Mat

    Title as explained. Shipping to 19130. DM me to discuss pricing!