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  1. webbah

    Anyone have a Carbontastic Steering wheel? Photos?

    I’ve been looking at the Carbontastic Steering wheel here: https://www.realcarbontastic.com/product-page/tesla-model-3-custom-carbon-fiber-steering-wheel They also sell a fighter jet style one...
  2. MountainPass

    Vendor Motor Control 101

    Hi TMC! We have been working on this article in our spare time and wanted to share our nerdy interests with everyone. It looks like it formats well here, so we can share the entire article! Please don't hesitate to check out our blog for other interesting tech articles. Mountain Pass...
  3. 4DXP

    Tesla Tuning items. (anders dan lampjes en vloermatten)

    Gisteravond heel laat mijn puberdochter af moeten halen in een boerengehucht. Flinke beat erop en met de perfecte verlaagde tuning low stand over verlaten wegen kartend met shuddervrije achtbaanacceleraties heb ik toch weer een week lang een smile op mijn gezicht. Het strakke bochtenwerk was van...
  4. W

    "Tuning" my MR Model 3

    I've seen on YouTube and read a few places around here that disconnecting the FR Wheel Speed Sensor will uncork a few extra #hrsprs. Well I've done just that tonight, just for a spin around the local streets, and I'll corroborate it, #HRSPRS! But lets not stop there. In the review up to...
  5. JeffC

    Sanity check: change Performance Model 3 to lighter 18 inch wheels, same tire model

    [Hope this is the right forum for this. Apologies if there's an existing thread about it.] Feedback wanted: I have a Model 3 Performance with Performance Upgrade option probably due within a couple weeks. I plan to replace the stock 20 inch wheels and tires with 18 inch racing wheels, Enkei...
  6. Oricle

    SS Roadster AutoX Setup

    I've been co-driving and working on setup in a Roadster for 3 seasons now and I feel like I'm finally getting to the point where the car is quick and playful around the cones, so I thought id share my setup and hopefully start a serious discussion about autox setup and driving technique for this...
  7. ufobm

    Tuning Tesla Model S

    Hi all! I've created a photogallery in my website: ecoAutoMoto.com - Foto gallery di auto e moto ecologiche - Tuning Tesla Model S It's dedicated to tuning on Tesla Model S. Do you like the results? Hope to help give some ideas to the Tesla's Owners! Bye!
  8. B

    What other vehicles do you have in your garage?

    It didn't take long to notice that a lot of Tesla owners have owned and/or currently own some pretty cool cars. I've personally owned some really fun 4x4's, old Japanese sports cars, and a few bikes. :smile: Here a couple of them! What else is lurking in your garage?? :wink: