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  1. N

    Any ev service in Turkiye?

    Im planning to take a trip from norway to turkey the ev charging infrastructure is there, but i dont know about any service senters other then the one in Istanbul dont remember what it was called. Unfortunatly i dont live in Istanbul. I live 80 km away from ankara in a small town/city called...
  2. emir-t

    Delivery Specialist refuses to give EC Type Approval Certificate for import

    Hi TMC; We're waiting on a brand new facelift P90D scheduled for delivery in European HQ Netherlands in about a month. Production is complete and since we are from Turkey, only way of us having a Tesla is importing through the "Other Europe" option and piciking it up from the Netherlands. The...
  3. emir-t

    European Supercharger specs to check Tesla traces

    Hi all; I am digging deep and using all the power good old internet gives me to find out the initiation stages of Tesla Motors in my country.(Turkey) Demand here is immense and I just want to find out as a fan. I'm looking for other countries where Tesla wasn't active before for clues on where...
  4. emir-t


    Do you think Tesla will ever get into the Turkish market? Hey wonderful Tesla enthusiast; This is my first ever post on this forum and hopefully there will be many more to come. It will be a long but important post so I hope you care to read and reply. I am Turkish and I reside in Istanbul...