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turn signal


    RPM HUD Turn Signal Stopped Working

    I have a “Sight-Line Dashboard Cluster Display (4.5" Rectangular Style)|” from RPM Tesla. The turn signal in the HUD has stopped working, which I have attributed to the latest Tesla update (2024.20.1). Anybody else having similar issues? I know Tesla does not support “3rd party” items, but if...

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  3. GedMelbAU

    Indicator (Turn Signal) turns on when in Autopilot 2023.20.9

    Since updating to 20.9 I have found the car exhibiting an odd new behaviour. When in Autopilot and on a freeway that has recently been upgraded the indicator turns on automatically even though I do not have navigate on autopilot engaged or auto lane change engaged. The new road is about 30...
  4. Transformer

    Quick tap on a turn signal doesn't work

    A quick tap on the turn signal stalk (also on yoke buttons?) fails to start the turn signal. If you don't notice that in a busy + noisy situation, then you have to push through the auto lane keeping feature. To reliably start or stop signaling requires a longish tap, say 1/3 second. Even after...
  5. D

    Model 3 turn signal inconsistency - pain

    Do you all - other M3 owners - have the same weird inconsistent behavior with your turn signal indicator, or is it just a fault of my car? Scenario: 1) you indicate a RIGHT turn (knob fully up), you turn right but you need to turn LEFT immediately after your left turn 2) so immediately after...
  6. J

    April 20 22 software update turn signals not working

    Here we are April 5 I did the new software update for model S plaid in the left side of my yoke does not work to include my turn signals or my headlights. Anyone else experiencing this? Any hacks to suggest? I have reset several times using the two scroll wheels and I’ve also done two power...
  7. A

    Indicators go silent

    Hello everyone, Sometimes when I turn on the indicators on my Model 3 they go silent. I can still see that they're flashing, but I can't hear the noise that's associated with it! It doesn't happen a lot, but seems to be happening more often, is it something I'm doing? At first, I thought it...
  8. J

    Tesla Model 3 Service Issues

    Model 3 Standard Range Plus Service Issues: a somewhat reasonable rant. Please read to the end. This is long, here is a summary: I just barely missed out on free supercharging miles, I missed out on white (which is a paint I wanted but couldn’t muster up my wallet for. This is a stupid remark...
  9. J

    Sequential led turn signal lamp

    I want to have sequential led turn signal lamp in Model S which is similar to Lexus RX and Lexus NX in 2016!! When does Tesla upgrade its system to make it ??