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  1. D

    Turo, trim/style, and trackers

    I have tried listing my S75d on Turo (the car sits in front of the house most days -- might as well try to earn some money from it). After putting loads of time into creation of the listing, the car was de-listed and I received an email saying that I needed to purchase a tracker from them...
  2. xxfasteddie

    Purchase used MX to rent on Turo

    Just wanted a few opinions on getting a used MX to rent out on Turo. I currently have a MYP and thought about getting a used MX to rent out. In my market, nobody has a MX listed, so wanted to take advantage of that. Is it worth getting a used one? Is there certain things to look for? A few...
  3. A

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    I will soon be going to the Oakland airport for a long trip. I could have sworn that there was a company that was more than happy to let me leave my Tesla with them for the duration while they rented it out, earning me money while I was away. However the closest thing I can find is Turo, but...
  4. V

    Renting out your Tesla on Turo is a bad idea, did the math..

    I see all these folks renting out their Tesla for like $100-400+ a day, I also thought about it but did the math and different situations. I can't do it unless I'm getting $2000 a month for my Model 3 LRDM. For Model S, it may have to be atleast $3k+ a month to be worth letting someone drag...
  5. Pkmmte

    Deep scratch and dents next to frunk. Cost to fix?

    So, while I rented my car on Turo this weekend, a large piece of debris fell (possibly from another car) on my Model 3 as he was driving it on the highway at night. I already filed a claim with Turo and said I would try to resolve it with the guest if possible. I can still have Turo involved...
  6. akhafagi

    Dry, short and basic walk-through video for Model S and X

    Does anyone know if there is a quick dry and short walk-through video to show the basics of operating and charging a Tesla that I can forward to a friend borrowing my car or a renter on Turo? All the videos I found are either very limited, specific to particular rental services in Canada or...
  7. T

    Rental Replacement P85D - Turo?

    1st post! Unfortunately it’s because my 2015 P85D was rear ended on 3/27/19. Low speed, stop and go... they were probably texting. Their insurance has already contacted me and claimed 100% liability - which is great news but only the beginning of making the situation right. I’m wondering if...
  8. F

    Help me rent a Model 3 for my US road trip

    Hi I'm a longterm tesla fan. I'll be visiting the US west coast this summer and I want to go on a one month and 3500mile road trip. Since I'm 21 and can't afford a Tesla over here in Switzerland I was really looking forward to renting one for my road trip to have that longterm EV experience...
  9. R

    Renting a Tesla, Miami to Orlando

    Hello all. My family and I will be travelling to the US for a short holiday in November/December time. (We drive a Model S back home in Lithuania.) We will be landing in at Miami airport and need to get over to Orlando a few days later. I'm wondering if there are any companies that rent out...
  10. N

    Tesla Rental in the GTA

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone can provide me with any information or recommend anyone that I can rent a Tesla from for 1 day in July in the Toronto area. I am planning a bachelorette for a friend whose dream is to test drive a Tesla, and maybe even purchase one in the future. I'd...
  11. A

    Renting out a leased Model X on Turo ?

    I know it might be better to post this question in a more general forum, however I decided to make it here in case there is any difference in leasing terms of Model S and of Model X. I am one of the earliest owner who will take delivery on Model X 75D (my configuration of 70D was confirmed in...