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  1. danny

    Is Twitter going to distract Elon from Tesla?

    Apparently Elon didn't have enough on his plate as it was. Will Elon's role as Chief Twit draw his focus away from Tesla, SpaceX, and his other ventures? We share our thoughts on his acquisition of Twitter and what it means for Tesla...
  2. danny

    Tesla FSD Beta Twitter Drama from Elon Musk

    Elon reacts to criticism from faithful FSD Beta tester @James Locke. We discuss with James to find out his side of the story. This is a clip from Tesla Motors Club Podcast #24. The full podcast video is available here: Podcast networks- Apple Podcasts: ‎‎Tesla Motors Club Podcast on...
  3. UncertainTimes

    Where can I buy a Twitter badge that matches the Tesla font?

    It’ll look great next to my Space X badge
  4. G

    Tesla's a Software Company

    I made a video on what it's been like owning a Model S. The key realization I had was that Tesla, more than any other company selling cars, is actually a software company that happens to sells computers on wheels while most others are hardware companies selling mechanics. Wondering if others agree?
  5. R

    Cost of FSD to start increasing after May 1st

    Elon Tweeted that the cost of FSD will start substantially increase after May 1st. In a reply to the tweet he hinted it could be as much as a $3,000 increase. Elon Musk on Twitter
  6. LargeHamCollider

    Taking Legal Action Against the SEC

    The SEC exists to protect shareholders and ensure fair markets. Instead of protecting shareholders, however, they have become a risk-factor for retail investors that needs to be planned for and mitigated. This state of affairs constitutes gross negligence on the part of the SEC. This post is...
  7. Veritas1980

    Tesla/Elon announcement tracker

    So I been trying to search the forum for this, but unsuccessful, so if it is just my searching skills that is lacking I apologize. I've been a Tesla owner for a couple of years now, and gotten used to having most of my communication regarding upcoming features and new products from Elon's...
  8. Chewy3

    Decipher production timeline via employee twitter

    Aug 1: Ordered Model 3 Aug 31: Estimated 2-4weeks from delivery Sep 23: New payment option appeared on MyTesla, Delivery Estimator changed form Oct-Dec to "We'll reach out" Sep 25: Received VIN, watched it in production Oct 13: Pre-delivery Oct 16: Delivered
  9. S

    Twitter on the Tesla Browser

    Hi. New to the forum (and Tesla). Tried to search this on the Tesla forum site and here - but sans success. Is there a way to get my twitter feed on the Tesla browser? The Twitter homepage lets me input my user name but not password. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  10. LonestarV

    Taking on the early haters of Model 3

    Start with this guy... WTH Douglas Watters (@douglaswatters) | Twitter
  11. kushari

    Video for Social Media

    Hey everyone, as I mentioned I'm on full out assault mode on the ICE cars, now that I'm both an owner and Shareholder. I was wondering if we could get people to shoot video of them showing different locations, walks of life, etc. and then someone edits it to make a good social media video that...