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  1. D

    Doing own wheel rotation in Aus- my learnings

    Today, for the first time, I rotated the wheels on my 3LR. Approx 17,000kms. Total time 1hr25m which included getting the car out of the garage, emptying the boot, assembling materials, doing the work, retrieving a lug nut which roiled down a drain which was under the car, returning car to...
  2. J

    Turned steering while parked near kerb, heard a grind

    Hi, I was parked very close to the kerb and I turned the steering to drive away. I heard a grinding sound which is presumably the sound of the tyre pushing against the kerb, and there was some kerb rash. This has happened a couple of times now. Should I get my Model Y inspected for damage to...
  3. C

    19” Gemini with Hankooks vs 20” Induction with Michelin

    I’m deciding between the 19” and 20” wheels. I asked the sales rep and the wheel configurations are as follows: 19” Geminis: Hankook Ventus S1evo3 EV tyres, 255/45R19 20” Inductions: Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, 255/40R20 I value ride quality and safety, followed by looks. Does anyone have...
  4. A

    New tyre recommendations for Model S Performance 2020 20

    I've just discovered an egg in the sidewall of my front left tire... :mad: So now I'm looking to replace my Front Tyres and potentially all 4. I have the 21" wheel, so it's 245/35 R21 on the front and 265/35 R21 on the back. They have done around ~11,000kms, still plenty of tread left...
  5. P

    Wiki Replacing Tyre with different model/rating?

    My car has a flat, I cannot get a matching tyre: Hankook Evo 3 235/40 R19 96W. Closest is one with a speed rating of Y rather than W: Hankook HKK117 235/40 R19 Y (96) Will it matter?
  6. J

    Replacement M3P 20" tyres

    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere. Managed to drop a wheel down a pot hole yesterday and now have a big tyre wall bulge so looking for a new tyre. Michelin 235/35/ZR20 92Y XL. Have been to three local tyre places and all three have told me it is not a standard tyre and I need...
  7. M

    Model 3 Flat tire and next service 9 October?

    I was lucky and got one of the first model 3's in the UK, blue SR+, really like the car. I had a low pressure warning on one tire and took it to a garage to have a look, they said they couldnt fix it because its a Tesla, but filled it up with air, I reset TPMS and it seemed OK getting to work...
  8. drewpost

    Model 3 19" Wheel All Season Tyre Suggestions

    New Model 3 RWD owner here. I've never had a RWD car before and I'm a bit paranoid about the winter. I live down in Surrey so not talking constant snow but we do get cold and we also do get the occasional accumulation. I'd like to get a good pair of all-season tyres (instead of dedicated winter...
  9. E

    Winter Tyres 19" - used one winter about 15k miles

    Tires: 245/45R-19 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 XL good condition: Pictures New: $ 973 Asking: $ 470 OBO
  10. N

    Tyre Change by local tyre shop

    Just want to see if any Hong Kong Tesla has had the tyres replaced by a local shop. Want to replace the tyre but worry about the affect on TPMS.