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  1. M

    Tyers noob looking to get Michelin Cross Climate 2 for the Model Y SR

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 19-inch wheels next month. I'm super excited, but nervous about the tyres and have already decided that I would like to get a set of all seasons instead of the ones that will come with the car. I'm extremely new to the world of tyres...
  2. Djlw84

    Advice on new tyres for Model Y

    I have a MYLR with 20” Induction wheels - currently running on the OEM Michelin Pilot EV tyres. Tread is starting to get low after 15k miles (3.5mm on the fronts and 4.5mm on the rear). Checked with Tesla and they confirmed that the vehicle was delivered with 6.25mm tread which apparently is...
  3. ElsDee

    All season tyres for a Model Y - sorry if done to death, still confussed.

    :) hi sorry found relevent posts now, no idea why they would not come up before
  4. Stusla

    Tyre prices

    I'm not due to replace mine yet but occasionally check what the cost would be so I have an idea when I will need a tyre. When I bought the car in March 2022 the standard 18 inch Michelin OEM Tesla acoustic tyres were around £200 if you shopped around. At the moment they all seem to be over...
  5. M

    Tesla hubcaps make inflating tyres tricky. Anyone else?

    My Tesla arrived with tryes set around 45 psi so I wanted to deflate them to the recommended 42. This morning when I tried to screw in my tyre inflator, I realised that it was very difficult to screw the chuck onto the thread as the hubcap got in the way. There is not enough room. Removing the...
  6. Ant M3

    Tyres ??

    Hi all, I’m after some advice After nearly 3 years and 25k miles, my model 3 performance is going to need 4 new tyres pretty soon I’m tempted to just go for the Pilot Sport 4s again as they have been great , but I was wondering if there is anything better around ?
  7. M

    MYP - UK - Tyres

    Do we have any idea which tyres to expect. I’ve just watched a you tube video of one new MYP from Berlin with Pirelli P Zero tyres which offer minimal tyre protection against the 21” turbine rims. Coming from a BMW M3 I can also say the Mitchelin Pilot Sport range are way better. The 4S in...
  8. F

    Tyre Pressure Indicator

    Hi All, have had the tyre pressure indictor come on, am unsure why it's showing an issue with the back left, 42psi is what's on the Tesla sticker it's on 41psi but has came up with an error, yet the top left is 2 psi out but no error. It's a constant on not flashing , can anyone help please ...
  9. G

    Tyre pressure issue

    I have had my model 3 for just over a month, I have done 850 miles and tyre pressure light has come on saying I am losing pressure in the drivers side rear tyre. Is this normal?
  10. GedMelbAU

    Replacing Tyres on Model 3 - Tesla versus Tyre store

    My M3LR has done 30k. I had the car in at the Tesla Service centre for a tyre rotation and they are saying it should get tyres replaced. Front Tyres are at ~3mm tread and rear tyres are at just shy of 4mm. They are quoting $2059.87 to replace all 4 tyres including the wheel alignment. The tyres...
  11. rincewind

    Pirelli p zero elect

    I'll be putting new rears on my M3P in a couple of months, and I noticed new ones are fitted with these tyres. I'd be interested to hear people's views, albeit I realise they are very new to the Tesla world.
  12. A

    Cost for Model 3 Tyres from Tesla

    Does anyone know what Tesla would charge for 2 replacement tyres for the Model 3 together with fitting? Long range, 18 inch. I've put in a service request on the app - but such is the clunkiness of the system you can't just ask a question and get an answer - you have to actually make an...
  13. rincewind

    M3P - tyre choices

    Hi all, I did a search in this on the forum and didn’t get anything really useful. I recon that my rears will be up for replacement in about three months. I’ve been looking at Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 88Y N0 I notice they are rated at 67db, quieter than many others and am tempted to...
  14. CMc1

    UK - are you rotating tyres? + “servicing”

    Over 12k miles now and have seen people mentioning tyre rotations around the 10k mark. Is this just a US thing or worth doing? Was going to hold off to around 15k as mainly do motorway driving. anything else to keep on top of service wise, now I’m over 10k? (M3 LR)
  15. TezzaB

    Model S 19" - anyone got Continental or Bridgestone tyres?

    It is time to replace the tyres on my S70D. Currently I have GoodYear and I know Tesla currently sell Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (quoted me $1587 + $249 for alignment). Been shopping around and reading comparisons and from local places I can get: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 for $1500 Continental...
  16. B

    Tyres provided on the Model 3s

    Hi, I was wondering if someone who has a new RHD Model 3 could confirm the tyres they have got with it (brand, type, size etc)? Ideally I'm looking for the info for the 18" tyres (ideally LR model) but would be interested as to what has been provided for all variants. Originally (first...
  17. D

    Tesla fitting for tyres

    Dear All Do any of you ever ask for Tesla fittings when buying tyres? And if these are not available, how much of a problem is it? thanks for any advice Dennis
  18. I


    I have 2mm left on the front tyres and 4mm on the rear. Looks like 4 new tyres soon! However, when I checked them, thinking they may be the originals (39500 miles), i discovered the front pair are Michelin and the rear Pirelli! To be precise: 245/45/R19 102 Extra Load Michelin Pilot Soort 3 MO...
  19. NorthEastUk

    Tyre Silent or not Silent

    Ive recently purchased a used Tesla Model S. The car has the original tyres on and they are continental but not the "Silent". Ive ordered 4 tyres which I paid a premium for as they are marked as continental silent. Here is the part that confuses me the most. The decibel rating on the silent...
  20. Penfold

    All Season Tyres for 19" Model S (sorry)

    Hi All, apologies in advance for yet another tyre thread but I seem to be struggling to find All Season Tyres for the 19" (245/45/19) wheels for the Model S. Found these Goodyear Eagle Touring. Only 234.30 £ but I really want to know what other options are available for All Season as where I...
  21. thegruf

    Michelin PSS acoustic / PS4S tyres

    so, had a chat with Michelin (Graeme - excellent support thankyou) and the PS4 Sport is indeed taking over the PSS as is obvious really. That said it was repeatedly stated that PSS is not going away in a hurry and PS4S is only available in a very limited range so far. Plus there is no...
  22. bradjc

    Tyre sales experience in Melb

    I'm looking at getting some tyres for my Model S, any advice or experiences from tyre companies in Melbourne? Not sure I would take to my local garage that hasn't had some experience lifting these things, plus the last time I had new tyres fitted on my Jeep the rims were covered in nicks and...