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  1. M

    Reus or other audio upgrades?

    Does anyone in the Denver area have experience with audio upgrades to the Tesla audio MS or MX? I’m looking to upgrade my 2018 MX UHFS and would love to hear any insights (or even how the system sounds in person). Thanks!
  2. jobiggs24

    WTB: Light Harmonic Amp

    Looking to buy Light Harmonic Amp for a reasonable price. Feel free to shoot me a message or reply if you have one
  3. jobiggs24

    Light Harmonic Amp

    Looking to buy a Light Harmonic Amp for a reasonable price.
  4. Jomak

    How can tell if Tesla has UHFS?

    I'm looking at cars and wanted to know how you know if a car has UHFS? Some places list that, but other sites I don't think have a clue.
  5. Mike M

    Sirius XM - No Channel Listing

    Having installed Sirius XM it was unfortunate to find that there is no channel listing and no way to direct tune a channel. Evidently for some there is a folder hierarchy but others of us, nothing. So its a matter of tuning through each channel individually. Going to bring up to the SC when...
  6. M

    Custom Audio Installation - Model S - Orange County, CA

    So I just upgraded the standard audio system for my 2016 Model S to a custom one designed by Audio Lab in Lake Forest, CA. Sam and team at Audio Lab built a Custom Sub enclosure with a Focal P25F 10 inch sub in the footwell. Since the footwell has a unique contour, we wanted to maximize the...
  7. Ulmo

    How can I tell if I got Ultra High Fidelity Sound?

    I ordered Ultra High Fidelity Sound, but I only hear 4 low quality speakers, and that is even more evident panning around to them. The sound says 12 speakers. Where are they? When do they come on? How can I confirm that I have them? How can I activate the Ultra High Fidelity Sound in my car? I...
  8. EVTechPioneer

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    I'm currently awaiting delivery of my Model S P100D with the UHFS option. Unfortunately, after hearing complaints about the sound quality of the UHFS package from so many owners, I want to explore alternatives. I would like all audiophiles out there to chime in and provide the best aftermarket...
  9. J

    The reasonably* priced Model S

    Hi there, I am placing my order this week to take advantage of the referral discount that ends 10/15 that a friend of my provided me. I know a lot of people post a lot of things about getting the fastest best Model S available out there, but I never found a good post about someone looking for...
  10. G

    How to know if Ultra High Fidelity Sound is fully installed in Model X

    I got my X a few days ago and I just enjoy it. I have the Ultra High Fidelity Sound but I'm so far not specifically impressed by the sound quality. It seems very low in the back and unbalanced, even with fader adjustment. Do you know ho to determine if UHFS is fully installed? I've tried to...
  11. VerityZooms

    Parting out Ultra-High Fidelity Sound system (Model X)

    So, I'm upgrading from the UHFS that came with my Model X to some custom gear; and I'm gauging interest in other X owners who might want to upgrade their non-UHFS Model X to Tesla's OEM UHFS. If you're looking for any of these parts (supposedly ~18 drivers scattered throughout the car), hit me up!
  12. H

    Audio Change in 2.36.31?

    I just noticed today that my UHFS sounds like crap as compared to yesterday. I spent quite a bit of time trying to adjust it but didn't have any luck getting it to sound right. I realized that 2.36.31 was installed yesterday and maybe they "tweaked" it? A few things I noticed: - The front...
  13. krazineurons

    Spotify/Apple Music over Bluetooth with standard audio?

    I test drove a MX with UHFS and streamed music over Bluetooth via Spotify on my iPhone.The audio quality was pretty good however I am wondering if it would sound as great without the UHFS. They showroom doesnt have any demo models without the UHFS, so hoping someone on the forum has had a...
  14. C

    My thoughts on Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    After driving my S70D for a few days, I think I finally have enough experience to talk about the UHF sound package. It was one of the hardest decisions I had during my MS ordering process, and I hope this information helps someone pondering this in the future... First of all: That German...
  15. Haxster

    Another Audio System Review

    One of the few benefits of crossing the half century mark on your biodometer is that you can save money on high-end sound systems. Elderly ears just can't get those high frequencies anymore, and your bio-signal processing just doesn't seem to work as well as when you were in your 20s. (For...
  16. omarsultan

    Experience with Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    So, I finally got a chance to do some critical listening to the UHFS upgrade in our MX, so I thought I would share some thoughts. Background: I am an audio-enthusiast (never liked the term audiophile). My main audio rig is an Spectral/Avalon Acoustics set-up, which is sadly crated in the...
  17. zambono

    Will Ultra High Fidelity Sound, UHFS get updated on S

    It is known that the engineers did not have a Model S when they first created the setup, and they did with the X which provided a better outcome for the same price. The fact that the audio debate still exists should alert Tesla that its not up to par, specially at the $2500 price tag...
  18. Yonki

    Audio system features

    I'm trying to decide between the base audio system and the Ultra High Fidelity Sound system. While there are many "is UHFS worth the money?" threads, I didn't find clear answers to many of my questions, so I hope this thread can fill in that gap. What are the differences between the audio...