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uk based trading

  1. S

    Delivery chaos continues

    There are thousands of customers in the UK who ordered a Model 3 at the beginning of May who have not received their cars and two months later have no reliable delivery estimate. Tesla seems incapable of matching orders to production. Many no longer believe anything Tesla say with the only...
  2. T

    Brand New Arachnid 21" Silver wheels and tires - UK

    I have a referral-award set of Arachnid wheels available. They're currently in Hampshire, but I can drop off in London if that's better. Or can arrange shipping at buyer's cost. I'm looking for £3500 Thanks, Dave
  3. Sam_Alset

    Hello Tesla community, newbie here

    Hello community, I'm new to the world of tesla and new to the forum. So I took the plunge and sold my bmw i8 after only 12 months of ownership and depreciation of £45,000 (ouch). It all happened as a result of test driving the p100d model S which just made every other experience i have...
  4. M

    Model S - UK Used / Secondhand Pricing - Help?!

    Hi Looking to buy a MS in the UK, I'm not a massive fan of the facelift so a MS 85 with AP1 and a pano roof would be ideal. (A 70 would be fine too) I'm just massively confused about secondhand prices in the UK 2014/15 MS range massively between £43k to £55k (or even £60k). Source is...
  5. TE5LA

    Best way to invest in TSLA from the UK

    Having moved back from the US to the UK, i can not use my old etrade account anymore. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good UK based trading account with low fees? i'm not interested in the ISA options. I just want to be able to trade NASDAQ and TSLA with low fees? any ideas? most...