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uk superchargers speed

  1. j6Lpi429@3j

    Upgrading 2015 model S to CCS charging. worth it?

    I just got an email from Tesla. I'm in the UK, with an 85D model S from 2015, MCU1, AP1. Very happy with it. I have the old fashioned charge port (is it type 2?) and a home charger that has an attached cable that I plug into my S to charge overnight. I just got offered a CCS upgrade for £450...
  2. D

    Is a model 3 the right car for me

    Hello I currently have a March 31st model 3 preorder and hoping for a battery around the 75kw battery size for my weekly trip to work and return home on a weekend. I have no problem charging at home at 7kw charger as long as the wife moves the Leaf, but have looked on zap map and the closes...
  3. Rluner

    UK Supercharger speeds

    Superchargers should be supplying 170 miles of range per 30 minutes as per the Tesla site. Supercharger | Tesla Motors However, I've recently been reading about the actual speeds various UK supercharger are giving out, to be much lower than expected. I've have previously read stuff that says...