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  1. I

    Model 3 De-chrome / chrome delete advice

    I've had my midnight silver Model 3 for 2 weeks now and LOVE IT! A mate works at Tesla in San Jose and I drove a pre-production one in California in late 2017, and put my deposit down a few days later. I was super impressed and still am. Anyway, I'd like to get it 'de-chromed' as I think...
  2. EV Guy

    Model 3 thank you'd for UK folk

    Anyone else here on TMC in the UK has the thank you for the Model 3 reservation? I ordered on 31st March and I love to know if these are being sent to others beyond the 31/1st April period. Also made a quick video too ...
  3. D

    Private plate for sale.

    Hello, I'm new here, from the UK. I'm selling a private plate, perfect for your Tesla! I hope this is okay to post if not please do inform me! Dan.
  4. E

    U.K. price - import from Japan?

    Newbie here so apologies if topic has already been discussed in the forum. I have been looking at Model S prices and the UK price seems quite high compared to some other countries. At first I thought it could be due to the RHD issue but I took a quick look at the Tesla Japanese website, and it...
  5. igotzzoom

    BBC News - Scottish government pledge to end car emissions by 2050

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-24063461 "The Scottish government has said it wants the country's towns and cities to be free of emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050. It has published a "roadmap" setting out its plans to help businesses and motorists switch to electric...