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ultrasonic sensor

  1. Tcmccormick

    If you are an investor please Upvote my question before 1/25/23, “ When will cars shipped without Ultrasonic Sensors regain features lost?”

    Our car and and many others shipped without ultrasonic sensors with the understanding we would regain feature parity using Tesla vision at some point. I would like to know what the schedule is for regaining features we lost when ultrasonic sensor were removed. If you are an investor you have...
  2. ChaoticNeutral

    How do I replace Ultrasonic Sensor on rear quarter panel?

    Someone damaged my right rear QP paint and ultrasonic sensor in a hit and run. A replace sensor is about $50 on eBay in my color vs the $2500 Lyft wants to charge me for a deductible. Trying to search for replacement videos just brings up irrelevant and unhelpful content about Tesla dropping the...
  3. B

    Am I looking for a unicorn? Model Y with new suspension and USS?

    As per the title- I've spent a few hours looking around trying to get a model y, new or used, that has the new suspension and ultra sonic sensors. Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Or should I not worry about the loss of the USS or the new suspension and get one?
  4. I

    Bumper alignment causing dubious ultrasonic detection

    Hello I recently got my driver side rear fascia adjusted by a Tesla authorized body shop. While the fascia adjustment looks better I noticed my FSD preview shows the ultrasonic sensor on the fascia as detecting an object nearby when there is none almost persistently. Tried cleaning the sensor...
  5. Garnetter

    New S - found 2 build issues. Looking for advice.

    I've had my dream car now for 3 weeks now and finally gave her a bath last weekend. This is when I noticed two build issues that I need to figure out the best way to get them fixed. Inside the front driver's side wheel well, the rubber boot that covers the ultrasonic sensor is exposed. I...
  6. S

    Autopilot sensor replacement $190?

    A while back I got message on my Model 3 dash saying some autopilot features stopped working. "Ultrasonic sensors not communicating". I just dropped my car off at the service center to fix it. Now I get this message from the service center saying "After further diagnoses performed regarding...
  7. D

    Garage rash

    Hit my garage again today. Probably could use some tips on bumpers for the garage. The garage opening is barely larger than the car, so getting out has been very tricky. Does anybody have experience getting the ultrasonic rubber seals back into position? I tried pushing it in which didn't work...