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ultrasonic sensors

  1. S

    Possible to retrofit ultrasonic sensors to non-USS/HW4 Model X to enable the fully-automatic front doors?

    Long story short, I had a very unfortunate incident where I sustained front-end damage to my two month old Model X LR. However, luckily no structural components were damaged. I spent a while digging deep into the car to find every little part that is damaged, and besides the front bumper and...
  2. B

    USS Parking sensors retrofit?

    I'm desperately thinking about retrofitting USS parking sensors into my Berlin-made Model Y. I heard some rumors that all is missing is 12x parking sensor with it's retainer and 2 wiring harness on bumper side as vehicle-side harness is still installed. Maybe extra coding is needed in Vehicle...
  3. T

    Do you think we will get a USS Retrofit?

    I have a 2023 Tesla Model Y, overall it's been a great car. Except for the fact it doesn't have USS, I find it mind-boggling that Tesla would remove such a necessity. I live in Canada so the snow always builds up on the back of the car, and the camera is always covered. I constantly get warnings...
  4. Tcmccormick

    If you are an investor please Upvote my question before 1/25/23, “ When will cars shipped without Ultrasonic Sensors regain features lost?”

    Our car and and many others shipped without ultrasonic sensors with the understanding we would regain feature parity using Tesla vision at some point. I would like to know what the schedule is for regaining features we lost when ultrasonic sensor were removed. If you are an investor you have...
  5. danny

    James Locke on Tesla's Removal of Ultrasonic Sensors and Radar

    Munro & Associates estimate that Tesla will save over $100/car by removing ultrasonic sensors. @SteelClouds @nebusoft and James Locke discuss why they think Tesla removed ultrasonic sensors, and radar as well. This is a clip from Tesla Motors Club Podcast #24. The full podcast video is...
  6. E

    wire soldering issue [Can I take it someplace other than tesla to repair wiring harness?]

    Hi guys, Few mice decided to chew up on some wires and that ended up disabling the ultrasonic sensors! Tesla would fix this for about $600-$700 given that it is just a single cable of wires that needs soldering, is there any other place where I can go and fix it at a lower cost? I am in the...
  7. jat255

    Experience with ultrasonic sensor repairs?

    On my way back on a road trip this weekend, a truck in front of me kicked up (I think) a mudflap that was lying on the road. It smacked full on into the left side of my bumper and went under the left front tire at least. Upon inspecting the damage (pics attached), it looks mostly cosmetic...
  8. fallen888

    Ultrasonic sensor art

    Post your cool shots!
  9. P

    Sensor interactions with wraps such as Xpel?

    A birdie hinted that wrapping my upcoming S in Xpel is NOT recommended because it would somehow interfere with the sensor suite. And here I am planning to do a full body wrap on my new S in December, plus tinting on all glass -- sunroof, rear window, side windows and, if Maryland will allow it...
  10. Carspotter Daily

    Doing some AEB/Collision Avoidance testing - Suggestions?

    I plan on doing some tests with AutoPilot on and off, and at different speeds/angles. (My ultrasonics aren't doing great because of a minor collision.) So far, i'm just going to use a cardboard box with aluminium foil covering the front of it as a "Dummy car". I've already tried to use a...