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  1. M

    Charger supplied? UK

    Hi, I’m collecting my Model 3 next week, but I can’t find a definitive answer as to whether Tesla will supply the £180 3 pin Mobile connector with the car when I collect it or do I have to buy one? Im not sure whether my google searches are bringing up UK stories or USA ref them no longer being...
  2. P

    Mobile Connector at Miranda Tesla store?

    Hi, I'm picking up our new Model Y RWD at Tesla in Miranda, NSW next week. Does anyone know if they normally have UMCs in stock there, or should I order one online? Thanks, Patrik
  3. S

    Want to buy: 14-30 Adapter Gen 1 UMC

    Looking to buy a 14-30 adapter for GEN 1 Tesla Mobile Charger. Please give me a reasonable price $ and I'm ready to buy. Or I can even trade a Gen 1 5-15 adapter, but most people have that one already for it.
  4. A

    Charging using 32amp CEE and mobile charger

    It looks like if I purchase the CEE blue adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a- The question I have been unable to get answered is...
  5. C

    MY Adaptors needed

    For a 2022-2023 MY. If I were to charge at say an Ampol DC fast charger with a CCS/SAE head. Do I need an adaptor that converts the CCS/SAE head? Also, what type of socket does a 2022-2023 MY have anyways? Thanks!
  6. C

    Tesla Charging Equipment in Australia

    Hi All, I'm expecting a Model Y later this year and I've been tossing up over which charging equipment for portable charging I really need. As a newbie, my understanding is that 1) a type 2 to type 2 cable is definitely needed for public charging. 2) a type 2 to type 1 adaptor would be helpful...
  7. T

    WTB - Houston tx area 6-50 adapter for gen 2 UMC

    If anyone has an extra 6-50 adapter they're looking to sell msg me. I'm still debating on my setup so don't want to spend $45 for just an adapter. Might ended up going with tesla wall charger instead. Not sure why ebay sellers are listing their used ones higher than what tesla is selling brand...
  8. thetravelingdr

    VCFRONT_a192, VCFRONT_a180, BMS_a063, BMS_a167 electrical/battery/charging/charge port error codes & issues after UMC_a017 Wall Plug Temperature alert

    So I may have an answer from Tesla Service Center appointment on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the following scenario/scary error messages: UMC_a017: Charge Rate Reduced - Wall Plug Temperature high BMS_a167: Unable to charge - Charge port door must be closed to...
  9. E

    8.6kW UMC Gen 2 Charging on SR+ with 277Vac!

    I decided to update the wiring at my work where I do most of my charging. I was using a 30A 277V circuit, with a NEMA L7-30 to NEMA 14-30 pigtail, connected to my UMC with 14-30 adapter. I was pretty happy with the speed, 6.4kW for only 24 amps is pretty good! But that wasn't enough, plus I...
  10. E

    16A Blue Adaptor

    HI All, Got the Tesla on the way, and I'm just trying to wrap my head around the charging options for home. I probably only do about 50 km at most on a typical day. My plan was to go for the caravan type plug. Tesla call it a 16A Blue Adaptor on their page, but in other threads its referred to...
  11. derdzyan

    Tesla Gen1 mobile connector wall side wiring diagram

    Hi I bought from Ebay a gen1 UMC and didn’t notice that its wall end adapter is cut. So now as I'm far away from the US and received it I need to figure out how to refurbish it. I see there are two thick red wires which are L(+), two thick black which are N(-) and green-yellow which is G...
  12. Avendit

    Granny charger options?

    Tongue in cheek 'not for me' question... Sis has just picked up a Corsa-e, which I look forward to seeing eventually. However it doesn't come with a granny charger of any kind! When they are eventually allowed to visit the other parts of the family, they will absolutely need one if they take...
  13. H

    Gen 2 UMC in SoCal

    Selling a used Gen 2 UMC. Used twice, no longer needed. Looks like new. $230 picked up in SoCal or $250 shipped anywhere in US. Would trade for a Gen 3 18’ Charger plus cash on my end (local only) if you want the J1772 adapter add $80. Sells for 275 new plus tax and shipping from Tesla w/o...
  14. tpedwards

    Need an UMC - Mobile Connector with 5-15, 6-50 and 14-50

    My UMC died (seven flashes) now I need a replacement. I see Tesla offers the 32A that ships with new cars for $275 and I would need to buy adapters - 14-50, 6-50 and 14-50 ($380). So can anyone do better? PM if you have what I need or close to it.
  15. refjamie

    [UMC] Handle Temperature High error

    Woke up this morning to a half-charged car and a 'Handle Temperature High' warning and the charge rate restricted to 5amp. There is no debris in the charge port, but looks like one of the pins is damaged. I've scheduled the earliest service I could, but that's not until 28th Jan. As I'm...
  16. D

    UMC (any gen)

    Looking to buy either generation of the mobile connector. Could do local pickup in the Los Angeles area, or willing to pay for shipping.
  17. B

    Mobile connector died

    It looks like my 7 month old gen 2 UMC has died. I get no lights on it and the car doesn't recognize that it is plugged in. I have another umc that I keep in the car and it works perfectly fine plugged into the same outlet. I swapped around the 14-50 adapters and it seems to be the umc. I've...
  18. Eriamjh1138

    ATTN Y owners: easy Qs I’ve never seen answers for

    For those who has their Ys, just some simple questions: What UMC did your Y come with? Nema 5-15 or 14-50? How many amps or kw is it? Can you exchange the ends or is it hard wired for whatever plug it came with? (Is it adaptable?) Can you post the Monroney Sticker (appropriately...
  19. Ostrichsak

    Looking For UMC Gen I Tesla 6-50 Adapter

    Needs to work perfectly and be well-cared for. No issues or quirks. PM me to discuss price but I'm not looking to pay new prices for a used adapter because I'll go buy a new one if this isn't going to save much money. I'm looking for lowest offered price under $30 via PM.
  20. T

    UMC Charging cords for sale, and 1 1st gen UMC and 2 2nd gen

    I have a few 32A Tesla charging cords for sale for people who want to make their own custom EVSE with tesla head. These will be cut at full length, I don't have the length handy, but it will be the same as your UMC cord with the body of the unit cut away. $100 + shipping or picked up in Orange...
  21. Californiates

    Corded umc charger 299$ shipped

    Corded mobile connector 299$ shipped
  22. R

    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    Hello! I'm an almost owner of a pre-owned 2014 MS 60 that I've purchase and will be picking up in Orlando soon. It has 41k on it and as I have not spoken with a Delivery Advisor yet, I have no idea whether or not the UMC is in the car and will be included. So I have questions that maybe some...
  23. Californiates

    For Sale Tesla Roadster UMC Charger

    OEM TESLA ROADSTER Universal 240V 50AMP Mobile Connector Charger NEMA14-50 Pre-owned OEM TESLA ROADSTER Universal 240V 50 AMP Mobile Connector Charger NEMA 14-50 Connector for it original Tesla Roadster Serial # U000124 700$
  24. Californiates

    Gen 1 umc charger

    Charge at 40 amps, 25% faster than the 32 amp limit of the new Gen2 UMCs. $350 + shipping Includes: Gen1 Mobile Connector (with 20 ft cable) NEMA 14-50 adapter NEMA 5-15 adapter J 1772 adapter
  25. V

    Purchase a Mobile Connector from a service center?

    Can I purchase an extra Mobile Connector from the service center where I'll be picking up my MS? If yes, is there a price difference compared to buying it from shop.tesla.com? Thanks.
  26. travwill

    UMC Generation 1 (40amps) for Sale with NEMA 14-50 - Can Ship

    Selling Gen 1 UMC, used in garage to charge but works fine still. Has the NEMA 14-50 plug on it. I don't have the bag it came in but can box it up to ship since not too huge. This Gen 1 UMC will charge at 40 amps. Thinking to sell just for $125 + $25 shipping = $150. PM for info/contact on...
  27. jobiggs24

    Mobile Connector(UMC) Bag

    Just bought a used Model S and seller included the Mobile Connector but no bag. Can someone help me out? Located in NY 12208
  28. J

    Strange UMC behavior. Memory loss?

    Hi all. French MS85, december 2014, 140 000 km, UMC replaced circa 1 year ago under warranty. For 3-4 months, my car has strange behaviors, one at a time or several together, following a (to me) random pattern: 1- At startup, Spotify disconnected from any account (personal or Tesla). Check...
  29. Yinn

    FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle / UMC

    I have one for sale in great condition, available to ship immediately. It will come with everything in the bundle, the cord, case, and both adapters. Asking for $275 shipped. Model S/X/3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle
  30. MTN Ranger

    Home Charging Setup

    Raining day yesterday, so I thought I would show my home charging setup.
  31. B

    HPWC replacement options-Ontario Canada

    Hello Fellow TMC brothers and sisters. As a long time member faced with a difficult decision I thought I would turn to all of you before shelling out $633+HST for another HPWC to replace my original one that has now failed outside of warranty. Would anyone here happen to have a UMC or hpwc or...
  32. eladts

    TT-30, 6-30 and L6-20 UMC v2 adapters

    Tesla Model S / X / 3 Gen 2 Charging Adapters (Mod note: this was flagged as potential spam, since there was no accompanying or explanatory text. Adding some info here for reference. The link goes to EVSEAdapters.com, who look to be manufacturing — or reworking — Tesla Gen2 UMC adapter cables...
  33. MrBoylan

    Problem charging at 110V on Tesla UMC (Red T)

    Came up to my parents' cabin with my Model 3 (first road trip!). I was hoping to charge the car using a standard 110V outlet and the Tesla provided UMC (universal mobile charger). When I plug in the UMC, the TESLA letters light up green, but when i plug the UMC into the car, I hear some clicking...
  34. boaterva

    Car won’t charge on HPWCs/UMC, says check Wall Power

    Posting this here, even though Model X, since it’s really not X specific. Just after loading 2018.20, this happened. Tesla doesn’t think it’s firmware dependent..... I have two load-sharing HPWCs, and a backup 14-50 (see sig). On the first drive after loading 2018.20, and returning home...
  35. Mirlen

    Charge port door sticking?

    3/17 Model S, today I had an issue with my charge port door not opening. Clicking the HPWC button initiates a 'click' but nothing happened with the door even after several tries. Unlocked car with all handles out, same thing, tried in mobile app, same thing, tried on MCU, same thing. Applying...
  36. Derek Kessler

    Suspended UMC setup

    My garage is in the basement and if I'm not good about cleaning up the leaves in my trenched driveway then then can clog up the storm drain if it rains hard. Once a year or so I end up with some water in my garage — never fun. After several months of charging via 120V on an extension cord, I...
  37. Qbenjamin

    Home Charging Issue w/Gen 2 UMC

    Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue that we're experiencing with our 2nd Gen UMC. We took possession of our M3 almost a month ago and haven't had to charge at home until very recently. When we plug the 2nd Gen UMC into a traditional 120V outlet (GFI), it trips the circuit...
  38. aslam

    WTB: UMC - Gen 1 or Gen 2

    Looking for an extra Universal Mobile Connector Bundle/UMC that can charge a MS to keep at home. I would prefer a Gen 1 but Gen 2 is also ok. Also, I would prefer if it includes a J1772 adapter, but once again I would also consider a well priced set without it. Please let me know whether you...
  39. TonyWilliams

    Mobile Connector “UMC” GEN2 Opened Up

    Like I did years ago with the original UMC (that was potted), here is the GEN2 unit opened up. This one failed at the relay connection.
  40. P

    Charging Non Tesla EV with Tesla UMC

    I have a Model X and love it. I think its the best Daily Driver you can buy (but Gf is driving it LOL). My other car is a BMW M3, I leased it a couple years ago and now the lease is coming to an end. To replace it, I want a practical cheap EV (Bolt, Volt, I3, Leaf) doesn't really matter. It will...
  41. dave4444

    FYI: Teardown of busted UMC

    I had a busted UMC lying around that I salvaged the cord from for another project. Left with a useless UMC box, I decided to open it up and take a look around. This particular UMC met its demise by having the cord forcibly pulled out of the UMC box while actively charging. The metal and...
  42. B

    Looking for Tesla UMC

    Hello, I'm looking for Tesla UMC, EU (red plug and schuko) version. Anyone got one they don't use? Thanks!
  43. noahsw

    Available capacity with 125amp breaker at home

    I've had two electricians come to scope out work on my townhome installation. The first claimed I only had 20amps available but the other claimed I had 50. My heating and stove are gas-powered. How do I know which to trust? If I use the UMC with a NEMA 14-50, will the car automatically use...
  44. nostik

    UMC Cord Organizers

    Anxiously waiting for my 75 delivery and been getting my garage ready. I'm curious to know what people are doing to organize UMC cord and the handle. I'm ready to be inspired!
  45. G

    New Tesla UMC Bundle

    Brand new Tesla UMC bundle for sale at $400 USD. Includes: Mobile Connector with 20' Cable NEMA 14-50 Adapter NEMA 5-15 Adapter J1772 Adapter Storage Bag Ordered extra bundle with vehicle, but have realized I am not in need of it. Never plugged in or used.
  46. Triumphz28

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter NEW NOT RECALLED Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter (This plug is very commonly found in homes that have an electric dryer outlet). You can rest assured this is the non-recalled plug by the white face, part number...
  47. Triumphz28

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter NEW NOT RECALLED Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter (This plug is very commonly found in homes that have an electric dryer outlet). You can rest assured this is the non-recalled plug by the white face, part number...
  48. chibi_kurochan

    WTB: NEMA 10-30 - UMC adapter for Model S

    Looking to get NEMA 10-30 UMC adapter for Model S. Please PM me if you have one available that you don't use. Thank you!
  49. glhs272

    New NEMA 6-50 & 10-30 UMC Adapters

    Hadn't seen anything posted yet so I figured I mention that today I received a package from Tesla. Inside were several newly revised and manufactured Tesla UMC adapters. This is due to the recall. These have a white connector face. Since I had purchased the entire collection of UMC adapters way...
  50. N

    Building NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter

    I thought I would make a new post with pictures I took while building my NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter. This adapter allows you to charge at 12A or 16A at 240V from a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. The NEMA 6-20 receptacle is easy to install if you have an existing 120V outlet on its own dedicated...