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  1. Kcain

    Dec 2016 Model S 75D, Seats 7, 0-60 in 3.9s, AP2, Bat Warranty thru 2024, SoCal

    2016.5 Tesla Model S 75D Refresh Uncorked 7seats HW2.0 Asking $39,900 I love this car, I wish I could keep it, it’s so hard to see it go. It was delivered to me in December 2016 and has been a fun ride ever since. It has reliably gotten me around for 104K miles without a single issue...
  2. jpk195

    S 75 (RWD) uncorked regen

    I've been researching pre-owned model S, specifically 2017 75 RWD coming off lease that have the 4.xx 0-60 via a larger (performance?) rear motor. Can anyone comment on the regenerative braking for this specific setup? Other handing/driving experiences would also be great. Been searching for...
  3. Jomak

    All used 75D uncorked?

    When I look at all the used MS 75D all of them report 4.2 sec 0-60. Does that mean all of them are uncorked even the 2016 models which are the ones I am looking at? I know I saw a thread about misleading info and one even said 2016 75Ds can't get the upgrade. Can you please explain the...
  4. H

    Misleading/False Information on my Used Tesla Inventory Purchase

    So last wednesday, I accepted delivery on my 2016 Tesla Model S 75D. I specifically went for the 75D because I saw that the car post-facelift received a performance upgrade to increase the 0-60 time from 5.2s to 4.2s as seen by a car listed here: 2016 Tesla Model S 75D Uncorked 25k miles, here...
  5. Jomak

    70D uncorked?

    Did the 0-60 on the 70D get updated? The base was 5.2 seconds, wondering if it's in the 4s now?
  6. hobapolis

    Uncorked: Thanks TMC Friends!

    I took delivery of my 75D S in December 2017. I had assumed my car had been uncorked at delivery...but you know what they say about assuming. Anyway - I was exploring some rando threads about the API and came across a post that mentioned that someone else had a car that hadn't been uncorked and...
  7. E

    2017 Model S 75 RWD vs AWD uncork eligibility

    Hi Everyone! I am a couple of weeks away from picking up my CPO 2017 Model S 75 RWD. The manufacture date of the vehicle is Sep 2017. I feel like I have scoured the web and there seems to be confusion around S 75 RWD eligibility (75D as well). Can any Model S 75 RWD owner please post if they...
  8. TJ&TheBeast

    Verified Uncorked 75D (with delivery date please)

    I have a facelift Model S 75D (ordered new Apr 2016, delivered late June 2016 originally as a 70D.). I emailed my service advisor to see if my car can be uncorked and will let the forum know the answer as soon as I get a reply. I just wanted to start this thread to ask owners have been able...
  9. Krash

    Upgraded performance Metrics Summary

    Files attached below This thread, and particularly this continually updated post, is set up as a performance metrics summary and consolidated runlog collection for the following threads: 75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements? BTX8...