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  1. S

    OEM 2022 model 3 undercarriage rear bumper

    located in Vancouver, BC, Canada but I certainly can ship to US only has 2000KM with it , basically brand new 200USD selling because of i've installed the CMST rear diffuser, had to take off the original undercarriage rear bumper
  2. Jameslook

    My Plaid's front undertray fell off!

    I was driving about 80mph today and I suddenly heard a loud grinding noise from the front of the car and started to smell something burning. I pulled over and the whole front undertray valance had fallen down and was scraping on the road. It was dragging on the ground. The front part of the...
  3. H

    Tesla asking $300 for a repair estimate (ran over road debris)

    A few nights ago someone dropped a full tire (no wheel) on the US-101 SB and I ran over it with the left-hand side of my car at around 65. The car continues to drive fine with only rips in the aeroshield and no real observable other damage (knock-on-wood), including brief looking-over the...
  4. N

    How bad is the damage?

    After having to pull up on a gravel road I noticed damage to my Model S's undercarriage. My car is a month old with ~1700 miles on it. How bad is this damage? My car seems to be driving fine for now. Would this be something that would be covered under warranty? My car is less than a month old.
  5. J

    Replacing the Rear Underbody Panel

    I have a 2018 Model 3 and I read that there's a design defect in the read underbody panel that causes it to detach (along with the rear bumper) when too much water gets in. Has anyone had any luck getting it replaced BEFORE there's an issue? Is it possible to order separately? I asked someone...
  6. S

    Undercarriage inspection DIY with phone

    Might be an obvious thing to many but in case it's not, thought I'd mention that you can use an extending Selfie stick with your phone attached to it and put it on Video with the camera recording facing you and easily record the undercarriage of your car this way. No lifts or jacks needed. Sort...
  7. C

    Anyone got experience on detaching undercarriage off bumper?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of removing the last (rearmost) piece of the undercarriage panel, I've got all the bolts and retention clips removed, but not sure how to detach the panel itself off the bumper. All other panels are off, just missing this last one. Has anyone done this before? If...
  8. R

    Rain, Weather and Tesla Model 3

    Hello, This is my first post. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. Could someone who has held on to a Tesla Model 3 or other Tesla product for over a year tell me about the effect of persistent rain on the surface paint and under carriage (corrosion, rust, etc)? I have...
  9. B

    Hanging panel on the bottom of my brand new Model S

    OK so just bought my model s yesterday and noticed a hanging piece on the bottom of the right side passenger door, sucks that i messed this up 50 miles in. Anyone know what this is?
  10. A

    2016 Model S Parts FOR SALE

    Selling parts for : 2012-2016 Pearl White Tesla Model S Parts for Sale : - Front Bumper (Excellent Condition , full front bumper with no scratches or dents, already painted with factory color ) $450 OBO - Lower Left & Right Active Louvres with Chrome Plates. (Excellent Condition) $300 FOR...
  11. R

    Found out what’s causing undercarriage composite to break apart

    I always wash my model 3 on my back yard and noticed that every time I back out after washing there’s a long trail of water about 50’ long right on middle of driveway. This is even after the car sitting there for hours. I looked under car and saw it dripping from rear undercarriage. I started...