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unlock charge port

  1. S

    Unable to open charge port

    I have a Tesla model s 2013 and my went down to 0% since it was off for 3 months, when I open the charge port it opens but I am not able unlock the charge port either by the screen or by the app. What’s the solution?
  2. H

    Unable to unlock charge port

    The stop charging button as well as the unlock charge port button are grayed out and do not work. This leads to the very unpleasant (if not funny) situation that your Tesla is tied to the charging station and you are unable to drive away. I know about the emergency release, but I am not...
  3. SomeJoe7777

    Unlock Charging Port Button Doesn't Work

    So, I have a unique situation where I think there's a bug in the M3 controls. I currently have both a 3 and an S, the S is leased and will be getting returned in about 3 weeks. Right now, the 3 sits in the garage, and the S outside. Because of this, I haven't been using the button on the...