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unplugged performance

  1. cdub715

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit Moderate Springs for Model 3 AWD / Performance

    Selling a set of used Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (0.9 inch drop) for AWD or Performance. Used for 6K miles, in great condition. Need to free up some space. Located in SoCal. Looking for $200 but open to offers. Thanks for looking!
  2. mparsons

    Success with Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit

    I bought my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance with the intension of racing the CST, XA and ASP classes in Autocross. When you watch the leaders of these classes, regardless of the car, you'll notice the front end doesn't lift or squat from acceleration or braking. You'll also notice the cars don't...
  3. is3

    Het vraag en aanbod draadje

    Omdat er inmiddels veel vraag en aanbod is naar Tesla gerelateerde items maar een apart draadje aangemaakt.; EDIT: Er blijkt wat onduidelijkheid te zijn over wat wel en niet is toegestaan. Dus hier wat richtlijnen: - GEEN reclame door bedrijven - GEEN reclame voor bedrijven of producten...
  4. Mysterylectric

    3 piece wheels and carbon widebody kit

    Selling a set of unplugged performance UP-03 3 piece wheels in 21x9 and 21x10, et5 offset (will not fit a standard setup. Widebody required) with Pirelli P-Zero tires in 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21, respectively. Wheel barrels have been vinyl wrapped orange, but are powder coated red with black...
  5. J

    Unplugged Performance Moderate Lowering Springs

    I have a full set of unplugged performance moderate lowering springs. They were on my LRAWD 2019 model 3 for about 700 miles. It felt like a go-cart!!! Switched to mountain pass coilovers. They are in Original Box. $300. Located in San Luis Obispo. Thanks,
  6. F

    WTB: Unplugged Performance Mild Lowering Springs FOR Model 3 LR RWD

    as the title states im looking for UP mild lowering springs for my LR RWD Model 3. I'm located in Toronto, Canada so it would be nice to deal with someone local. If you're not local still message me see what we can work out.
  7. fastp3d

    Modded up and laying down records!

    Proud to announce another track record! I'm stoked how the car is handling and looking forward to my next track event in two weeks at Buttonwillow.
  8. fastp3d

    Setting My Sights on the Track Record. Video and Car Specs!

    I recently ran Buttonwillow for a personal best at 1:57.3. That was the last session of the day! I'm a close second to the Tesla street record by 1.5secs. I'll have another go in December at Tesla Corsa with more upgrades to come! My car setup: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance on Track Mode v2...
  9. MoreAgain

    Quest for the Perfect Swing

    I attended Tesla Corsa 12 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park last weekend in my LR RWD Model 3. Going through the video afterwards made me think of how similar lapping a car around a track is to playing a round of golf. Perfecting the actions required to carry speed through each corner is like working...
  10. webbah

    Unplugged Performance Coilovers - check front cables for rust!

    Please see attached photo of mine. Knob broke off and discovered rust in the wrapping and also the internal cable broke inside the knob. Will be installing replacements as soon as they arrive. Only on the car for 10 months and garaged indoors. Never spent too much time in the rain or snow.
  11. Slam_EVS

    FS: Unplugged Lowering Brackets Model X

    For sale is brand new unplugged lowering brackets for model x. Never installed. I have them on my model s, but never ended up getting model x. Will be buying model y instead Located in Vancouver. BC. Can meet up or preferred shipping in Canada Asking Price: $750 OBO Thank you!
  12. H

    Any MY owners with Unplugged Performance Coilovers?

    Wondering if there are any owners with the Unplugged Performance coilovers on their Y that would be able to lend some thoughts on the experience. i.e. how is the improvement to ride quality? Thanks!
  13. R

    WTB Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia Bumper Model S

    Hello, Looking to upgrade my 2015 Model S bumper with the UP Refresh. I'm in the NJ area, but am open to paying for shipping as well. Please DM me if you have anything!
  14. UnpluggedP

    Vendor UP Ascension-R Carbon Wide front fender

    Unplugged Performance Ascension-R front wide fenders for the Model 3. These fenders are produced in prepreg dry carbon and developed utilizing CFD. They weigh only 3.95lbs per side and are designed for daily driven cars as well as race builds. Although they are paintable/wrappable, these...
  15. TwoK4drSi


    Look like @UnpluggedP just dropped the news on FB on having 2 fully built race cars for pikes peak and Randy Pobst is piloting one of them! CONGRATS to UP and their team on such badass news. Can’t wait to see the car pics.
  16. ctapiam3

    18inch tss tsportline on performance model 3

    Hey guys, so I receive my TSS T Sportline 18 inch wheels on Monday for my performance with performance upgrade. I currently have It dropped with the UP SP springs. How do you think the car would look with the 18s and dropped? please weigh in. also selling the stock performance 20s if anyone is...
  17. UnpluggedP

    Vendor No Layoffs Here. Do Well By Doing Good - Our Update from Hawthorne, California

    Despite mass layoffs here in the Los Angeles area, we have decided we are making no layoffs at Unplugged Performance. In hard times we depend on each other the most and must rally together. Want to help our dedicated team, help the CDC and help yourself all at the same time? Check out today's...
  18. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Sets Multiple Lap Records at Buttonwillow Raceway

    We are happy to announce that last Saturday at TeslaCorsa 8 we broke some lap time records at Buttonwillow! It was an amazing 8th TeslaCorsa event for all and many drivers had new personal bests! The XPO Sales x Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 ran a 1:54.6 on race rubber and a 1:57.9 on...
  19. EVS Motors

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Parts IN STOCK

    Hello everyone, we are an official Unplugged Performance master dealer. Would love to help anyone out on their Tesla Model 3 projects. We have the following in stock! DM for purchase inquiry. We can help with special pricing on multiple purchases. Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Front...
  20. R

    For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderates)

    I am currently selling the set of springs (4 in total) of the Unplugged Performace moderate lowering springs meant for RWD LR, MR, and SR Model 3s. The springs are slightly used as they have been put on for about 3 weeks. The springs have less than 1,000 miles on them and they are still in very...
  21. JChris

    Model X - Selling Unplugged Performance Lowering Brackets

    As you may already know, Unplugged Performance creates QUALITY products for Tesla. I purchased the lowering brackets last year and will be going to a new wheel tire set-up where I won't need the brackets so consequently, I'm listing them for sale. They are in perfect condition and comes with...
  22. JChris

    Selling Unplugged Performance Lowering Brackets

    As you may already know, Unplugged Performance creates QUALITY products for Tesla. I purchased the lowering brackets last year and will be going to a new wheel tire set-up where I won't need the brackets so consequently, I'm listing them for sale. They are in perfect condition and comes with...
  23. MoreAgain

    Tesla Corsa @ Buttonwillow - New personal best lap

    Attended Tesla Corsa at Buttonwillow and was able to trim over 5 seconds off my personal best with the help of Mountain Pass Performance front rotors and track pads. Provides confidence inspiring, fade free performance.
  24. M

    M3P Track Part Out

    Hi All, Life changes have dictated that I hit pause on my track endeavors for the time being. As a result, I will be returning my car to stock and selling the following parts (parts have less than 250 miles on them and are essentially brand new): Motion Control Suspension (MCS) Motorsport...
  25. O

    Freshly Superwrapped and Lowered

    I’ve had my Model 3 for about 10 months now and I purchased superwrap and the unplugged performance Low Springs to install several months ago... finally got to it today, what do you guys think? I used the superwrap bronze kit, and the unplugged performance off menu low springs for the AWD version.
  26. MoreAgain

    Back to School

    Attended the Alfa Romeo club's advanced time-trial school over the weekend at the Streets of Willow. The instructors and events were great & we got tons of track time. Charging was more of an issue than I was hoping it would be, but I was able to make it work. (caution - the video is crazy...
  27. MichaelP90DL

    New Front Fascia by Unplugged Performance Installed 9/12/19

    Hi folks! Tessie got a facelift. My 2015 Model S P90DL came with the old nosecone front. Yesterday, Unplugged Performance of Hawthorne, CA, put on their very cool new bumper created in the style of the OEM bumper but designed to fit older Model S Teslas. Part of the reason for the buy, aside...
  28. Kwang0429

    Unplugged Performance Customer Service.

    I am one of the first 2000 model 3 owners and when I first got my ride, I knew that I want to lower the ride, soon after I found the moderate spring from unplugged performance and without any hesitation, I placed an order and soon had it installed. it has been a year on the new spring...
  29. D

    Unplugged sway bars

    Anyone who is not a beta tester for unplugged performance get their sway bars yet? Last time I spoke to them, 4 weeks ago, they expected them to start shipping 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the heads up. Have one test and tune left in August to get it dialed in.
  30. K

    New Model 3 Owner

    Hi All, first time Tesla owner. Just took deliver of my Model 3 Performance and added a few customizations. The images and treads on this forum help me make my decision so thought I would return the favor. Mods: - Supper performance lowering springs 1.5” - Unplugged Performance - 3M crystalline...
  31. SSCustoms

    Vendor One-of-a-Kind Tesla Model 3

    SS Customs just finished a one-of-a-kind Color Change Vinyl Wrap on this Tesla Model 3! SS Customs Vehicle Enhancement Studio A very special client of ours was tired of losing his 2018 Tesla Model 3 at the Bay Area Tesla Supercharger Stations. He contacted us and asked how he could make his...
  32. C

    Lowering the Model 3

    Dropped the 3 off today at Eibach for measurements and prototyping. If all goes well, we should be seeing some lowering springs for our 3’s in a few months!
  33. T

    I dropped it

    What do you guys think? Unplugged Performance - Moderate Springs for my 2018 Model 3 AWD LR Installed 3 days ago at UP shop in LA. How it looks: I love the stance, the back is a bit lower than expected, but I’ll take it. Front looks just about perfect. Only one issue: have to use extreme...
  34. RoninAMG

    WTB: Refresh Front Fascia Bumper

    I've officially decided to keep the Beast for a few more years. So now I'm in the market for a refresh front bumper either painted or not. My first choice would be the one built by Unplugged Performance. Second would be the one by TSportline. Having a Pearl White P85D it would be nice if it was...
  35. MoreAgain

    TeslaCorsa - Buttonwillow - RWD Model 3 Lap

    Amazing event put on this weekend by UnPlugged Performance and Speed Ventures! While the top times all went to the Performance models, there was still plenty of fun to be had for those of us with RWD. Now we just need Track Mode made available for all models - why should the Performance...
  36. E

    Lowering - UP Mild & Moderate

    Hi all, i'm really stuck between the UP Milds and Moderates. I really want better cornering but I am worried about ground clearance issues associated with the moderates. There have been a lot of scattered postings in various threads, but I was hoping this could be a place to share photos and...
  37. J

    Best Wheel, Tire & Spring Set Up (My Opinion)

    Finally finished my Wheel/Tire and Suspension Combo. After research and watching all of you figure it out I finally finished my Model 3 Wheels, Tires and Springs. I have lowered many of cars over the years with just springs and seem to always regret not spending the money for coil overs because...
  38. EVS Motors

    Vendor *NEW* For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderate Version)

    I have brand new Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs Sets (Moderate) for sale for the new Model 3. These are currently out of stock on the site! Version: Moderate – For Sports Car Drivers (Best Seller) Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire well balanced improvements to handling...
  39. JChris

    Issue with Lowering Brackets by Unplugged Performance

    Hey X Family, First of all let me share that they (David) were great to work with. Here is my situation: My mechanic buddy just installed the kit. After all was installed , I lowered it to very low and it did lower but then went immediately back into Jack Mode. The X wouldn't get out of...
  40. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance UP-03 Super Lightweight Wheels for Model X

    In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S, X and 3. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for maximum weight savings and strength, the Unplugged Performance...
  41. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3

    The Unplugged Performance Model 3 complete program is coming! We will be offering multiple exterior design options, the lightest & strongest Tesla wheels ever made, high performance carbon ceramic brakes, suspension upgrades, custom interior options, lighting upgrades and much more. Always lead...
  42. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Veteran's Special Project Gets Refreshed For 2017

    We here at Unplugged Performance would like to take a moment to share a project we recently had the honor of participating in. As some may be aware, Tesla currently implements a Veterans Program in an effort to hire and support US military service members. Tesla’s Director of Communications...
  43. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance UP-03 Super Lightweight Forged Wheels

    Unplugged Performance UP-03 Super Lightweight Forged Wheels DESCRIPTION In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for...
  44. BLKMDL3

    How much does it cost to wrap a car in vinyl?

    Hey everybody, I was considering model x in vinyl. Maybe satin army green or satin black and lowering it with Unplugged Performances lowering kit. Does anybody know how much it costs. If you had yours wrapped could you post pictures? Thanks Zack
  45. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Speedhunters feature Unplugged Model S: The Electric Elephant In The Room

    The guys over at Speedhunters have been kind enough to do a full feature on our Unplugged Performance 2013 P85+. We are extremely honored and grateful to have been selected and are thrilled with the results. Link and full article below. The Electric Elephant In The Room - Speedhunters The...
  46. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler For 2016.5+ Model S

    The Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model S facelifted vehicles works with the 2016.5+ standard front bumper to provide a sporty performance look. The spoiler attaches easily and can be removed easily without damaging the front bumper. It provides stock levels of ground...
  47. UnpluggedP

    Unplugged Performance Model X Automobile Magazine Feature

    We are deeply honored to have been chosen for the cover of this month's Automobile Magazine. It's a rarity for an aftermarket manufacturer to take the cover and as far as we know this is the first Model X to be on the cover of any major magazine. It's been a long road to get this far but we have...
  48. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle Program

    Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle Program THE UNLIKELY INTERSECTION OF MASS PRODUCTION AND “ONE-OF-KIND” A return back to the point of origin. All Teslas begin their life drawn on a piece of paper in Hawthorne, California at the Tesla Design Studio. A select few of those Teslas return...
  49. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Transform Your Tesla!! Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia System

    The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance...
  50. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance UP-02 Ultra Lightweight Forged Wheels

    In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed a beautiful, incredibly lightweight wheel option for the Tesla Model S in 20" 21" and 22" for Model S and X. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for maximum weight savings and strength, the Unplugged...

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