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  1. ElectricAnt54

    Model Y USB-C Module

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model Y Center Storage USB Module. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Model Y USB-C  Module

    For sale Model Y USB-C Module

    For sale, $10 not including shipping. Part is located in Los Angeles. OEM Tesla Center Storage area USB-C Module Part (P)1656787-30-A Rev03 for 2022-2023 Model Y. Maybe 2024? Hardly used because I swapped it for old part which supports data operations. The USB ports supply power only & not data...
  3. H

    Only 1x USB Serial Bus for data? "UI_a112 - USB device malfunction - I/O Error"

    On my 2019 Model 3 Stealth Performance (2x USB-A ports in the front), I've been experiencing this dreaded "UI_a112 - USB device malfunction - I/O Error" for some time now (I want to say "years"). My list of devices plugged into the 2x USB-A ports consisted of: TAPTES USB Hub 5 in 1 Ports...
  4. G

    Looking for ideal USB drive that does not stick out

    The USB drive for the sentry and dash cam videos in my Y is in the center console compartment just in front of the cup holders. Unfortunately, the two spots to plug the USB drive into are halfway down the wall. If I was to use a normal USB drive, it would stick out a couple of inches. If I was...
  5. Transformer

    "safely eject USB"

    There should be a "safely eject USB" feature to stop all activity to all USB partitions (sentry, music, and any future partitions). There is a hidden long-press to stop the Dashcam. It works but it doesn't promise to pause all USB activity and it's hard to find in the Controls or the Owner's...
  6. A

    water touching USB setting off horn

    today i cleaned the interior and some moisture/water must have touched the USB contact point and set off the car horn , until i manually powered off the car until the USB port dryed out. sounds like a water based short circuit triggering the car horn? another time my friend plugged his USB...
  7. IndyToronto

    2023 M3 LR AWD : Center Console USB C - charging only?

    So we picked up a 2023 M3 LR AWD yesterday, and I found after delivery that the center console USB C ports work as chargers only but has no data connection (ie : you can't insert USB storage to use for music/boombox/light show etc. The only data port appears to be in the globebox. Is this...
  8. W

    Replacing USB stick w/ SSD issue

    I purchased a Samsung SSD T7 2TB drive to replace the USB stick and my Tesla Y is not able to read it. The recording button/icon shows unavailable. I can format it from my Y, but still record button/icon is always unavailable. Most of the help I've found online was for a Samsung T7 500GB...
  9. H

    Random play from usb

    In a recent software update, the interface for playing music from a USB drive was changed to move certain things closer to the driver. Good but the random play selector disappeared. Is it still accessible somewhere?
  10. myblubu

    2016 Model S - one USB port stopped working

    Noticed that one of the USB ports on my 2016 (pre-refresh) Model S stopped working. It was the port that I keep a USB cable plugged into to charge my phone. Noticed the phone wasn't charging, if I unplug my Music USB flashdrive and switch the cable to the other port, the phone charges. I...
  11. L

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Has anyone here ever tested out Using an Internal SATA SSD via USB to SATA III adapter (for dashcam/sentry)? It seems to me that, in theory, this should be the ultimate solution for performance, durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. I can only find one person (has a tiny 98 views...
  12. I

    Sentry mode on 2022.20.6 (and before)

    Hello! I want to understand if this is a current behavior of Sentry mode (as stated by Tesla service) for many of us or is it my problem (because I tend to disagree with what Tesla service is saying). I have a 2021 Model Y updated to 2022.20.6. Prior to the update the problems with Sentry mode...
  13. jaminitup

    Trade-In, What do you need to take? (Cables, USB etc?)

    Hi All I'm looking at trading in my Model 3 when the Y delivery date finally arrives. Do Tesla require you to hand it in with all the charging cables, type 2 & 3-pin? What about the USB sentry stick, that I replaced when it was bought, and I no longer have... ? Do they also inspect the...
  14. V

    Subwoofer and Door Speakers dead for months

    I have recently been to service and had a frustrating experience where the techs could not fix the issue as presented, though they acknowledged it. The solution was literally to wait for a couple of updates and see if they would fix things automagically. If this is an issue with my car, maybe it...
  15. R

    Low cost USB SD adapter with built in wifi

    I found a low cost USB to microSD card adapter with built in wifi hotspot/client capability. Yes, it is old, but it is cheap and workable for model Y 2022. It costs me CNY35 (USD5.3) for two pieces. uSD provides more options and is replaceable. But it has a major shortcoming: wifi <-> usb is...
  16. T

    Home Studio Music Mix USB Playback in Tesla Model 3

    I recently got a new Model 3 and decided to see if the USB drive would work for playing music. It works pretty great with a few limitations. I have a home recording studio and so the most common use case for me would be to check my music or podcast mixes in the car using the USB drive. We also...
  17. gaspi101

    Official Tesla USB Needed for Sentry Mode

    I've been using a Samsung USB drive for some time now on both my P3D+ and X. Amazon.com t/B0874YS2N7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie Over the past year, however, the X's dash screen and GPS would often not turn on at all, or crash mid-drive--It's been a pain in the tuckus. Tesla kept...
  18. S

    Help with 128gb microSD card and reader please, not mounting

    After trying many times with 2 different cards and two different readers I always get a warning that my card is unmountable and should be removed. If I then I go to Safety & Security to have the car format my card it says below: "Plug in only one USB device to format" I'm only plugging in one...
  19. L

    Music on external drive missing

    Hello TMC, this is my first post here and I hope it's the correct location in the forum. I just partitioned an external hard drive to use as storage for both camera footage and music, replacing the "default" USB stick approach. Everything works fine. Dashcam and sentry videos are stored in one...
  20. S

    USB size from Dash Cam and Sentry

    I am trying to see if a Larger USB than he 32G can be used. I have been reading and hearing that only 32 can be recognized. Before I buy a Huge drive just for this purpose in my S 21 model...I would love to get an answer. Thank You guys.
  21. M

    Retrieving Deleted Sentry Videos

    SOS! I had two cameras taken from a 5 star resort valet a few days ago. I pulled my USB drive only to find out that an entire days worth of videos is missing! Is there ANY way to retrieve the videos from my USB? (Yes, I learned a lesson. Yes, I filed a police report. Yes, the resort is...
  22. S

    USB stopped working

    My front USB stopped working this morning. They were working well last night. I got videos from sentry mode on the dashcam this morning but then realised my phone wasn’t charging as usual. Only unusual thing that happened is that the sentry mode stopped because of low battery but it has done...
  23. rogerbohl

    Post-6/2020 Model 3 USB ports

    A friend bought a new Model 3, on 12/30/2020, and I'm puzzled as to where the USB ports are located. The Dashcam icon shows a red dot, but we have not, ourselves, put in a datastick. An aftermarket firm's photos seems to show 2 USB-A sockets and a 12V receptacle, for cars built after June...
  24. theganjaguru


    Had issues (sentry mode screen black for an extended period of time) when trying to view sentry mode events for the last few months. Two weeks ago, the viewer was totally disabled. My only option was to format the USB drive. I did that and sentry mode was working again. Today I jumped in and...
  25. GeoffEV

    Problems getting Jeda USB Hub

    It's getting to be a longtime coming for this Jeda Model Y product. Even though I ordered in early September, queries to Jeda get non-specific automatic responses with no estimated ship date. An honest explanation would go a long way to assuage my concern. Q1: Inside info on the delay? Q2...
  26. 6t8stang

    Tesla Roadie 128GB

    Original Tesla Roadie with 128GB Sandisk memory card. Bought from another member here a few months ago - works great. Software is up to date and memory has been cleared. $90 shipped to Continental US.
  27. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Hi All, New to the site, I have a M3P in red with white interior. First post so if this is already known...sorry!! I wanted to reduce the USB usage after buying a 500GB SSD drive, I did wonder if you could use the same drive for both? So using basic windows tools I partioned the drive to have...
  28. rich_g

    USB music playing and iPod - has it got any better with new SW releases?

    Hi all, as a newbie I will be getting my M3 SR+ on 25th June. Looking forward to it but was wondering about the music situation. I have an archaic iPod nano 3 which I naively was hoping just to plug into the USB and listen to music, like on my Nissan Leaf. It is windows formatted so I...
  29. T

    Sentry Mode/Dashcam recording USB for AP3/MCU1

    What exactly are most people using for a USB these days? Are there certain manufacturers that tend to work better? I'm not looking for an SSD for the moment - just a larger USB stick if possible. What throughput threshold should I be looking at? I've recently been upgraded to AP3 but still using...
  30. R

    Dashcam card/stick

    Hi folks, A while back I bought a memory card to use for sentry mode/dashcam. After reading on here that the best thing to use is a high endurance MicroSD card with a USB adaptor I ordered a SanDisk High Endurance 100MBs Micro SDXC Card and put it in a USB adaptor. It didn't work, however I...
  31. Vincent_P

    Bijna was ik de held van de buurt ware het niet voor weer een "bug".

    Soms denk ik dat ze dit automerk beter de Bugla noemen, man ! Sentry modus stond vannacht aan. Vandalen (of 1 vandaal) hebben in mijn buurt wel 30 auto's gronding gekrast van voor naar achter inclusief de mijne. Ik "geen nood jongens ik heb sentry modus aanstaan". Spring ik in de wagen staat...
  32. J

    Jeda USB Hub - Model 3 - $80 OBO

    Inadvertently ended up with 2 USB hubs as I received one as a gift. Brand new, sealed, unopened. If you aren't familiar, you can get more info here: Jeda Products | Tesla Model 3 USB Hub From Jeda it's $89 shipped anywhere in the US. I'm eating the shipping cost which I expect will be around...
  33. enolam

    "USB too slow for dash cam" error message

    Yesterday my Dash Cam icon was indicating that it wasn't recording (grey X) This happens every few months. As I've done in the past, I removed the properly formated USB, deleted all the files and kept the Tesla Cam folder in it. This AM after replacing it, there was a red circle where it's...
  34. B

    Installing sentry SSD in glovebox

    I relocated the factory USB hub below the HVAC blower, and plugged a USB hub into one port and extension cables into the other port, and was able to plug the T5 SSD into USB hub and route the wire up into the glovebox. This way it's safely locked away and out of sight when the car is locked...
  35. DucaTinus

    Ampère op voorste USB poorten

    Heb een wireless charger aangesloten maar bemerk dat de doorgegeven Ampere's beperkt zijn op de voorste USB poorten.Lees dat het maximaal haalbare 2.1A per voorste USB poort is maar dat er eeen grote kans dat die 2.1A niet gehaald wordt in de praktijk. Mijn telefoon wordt niet bijgeladen tijdens...
  36. Hated

    Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

    I purchased a small USB hub after I got my Model 3 so I could hook up the Jeda V2 wireless charging pad and still use my Sandisk 128GB USB 3.1 memory key to store Dashcam/Sentry video. This worked fine for a while, but once we hit the V9 (2019.32.x) builds I started to have lots of errors saying...
  37. B

    Sentry Mode USB flash drive failure costing me thousands

    My 5-month-old blue Model 3 was just scraped by a white pickup in the post office parking lot. My wife was inside at the time and I was home. When she came out 2 people shouted that a white pickup had scraped the side of my car and then took off. They didn't get the license # but she didn't...
  38. T

    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I got the v10 SW update on my LR3D on 10/2/19. I've been plagued with USB for TeslaCam issues since about August. I bought the Samsung BAR 128GB in June and partitioned/formatted it to work with TeslaCam, but after 3 months it gave the Write Speed Too Slow warning and won't work now for...
  39. A

    Upgraded USB hub with data and power for model 3?

    I was looking for something similar to this, does anyone know of a similar product or guide for providing more power than the existing ports do? My current setup is a taptes dual wireless charger for my phone, and a 1-to-2 usb splitter thing for the flash drive for dashcam. When playing...
  40. K

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    A few days ago this message showed up: “Dashcam: USB drive is too slow to save-please use a drive with higher write speed” Then I tried to format the usb stick but it still didn’t work. The worked flawlessly for months until now. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  41. K

    front usb slots and using splitters

    I have the nomad tesla model 3 wireless phone charger it comes with a usb splitter for each usb slot on one splitter i have a flashdrive for my teslacam i tried to add another flash drive to the other usb splitter for music, but it would not read. however, if i plug in my phone to that slot...
  42. Chrisizzle

    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    Hello, I suspect my Model X dash cam may be destroying USB drives in short order. I started with a MicroSD card in a mini-USB reader. It was something I had, was compact, and thought it would perform better than a USB stick. It worked for... let's say two weeks before the webcam icon would...
  43. T

    How to format a large capacity USB flash drive, FAT32, Windows

    Hello! I tried to find a "how to" post on formatting large capacity flash drives but I can only find links to external utilities or programs to purchase. Now that we have Sentry Mode on all the time (except when we're home!) and, since I like to save clips especially on beautiful days - I'm...
  44. shantanuthatte

    Designing a new USB Hub for Model 3

    Hi, I'm a month old SR+ owner. I really like how Tesla has data enabled front USB ports for connecting your phone or storage device (for Sentry). However I realized that the front USB ports do not allow for fast charging (Limited to USB 2.0 standards of 0.5A each). I recently came across the...
  45. shantanuthatte

    Designing a new USB Hub for Model 3

    Hi, I'm a month old SR+ owner. I really like how Tesla has data enabled front USB ports for connecting your phone or storage device (for Sentry). However I realized that the front USB ports do not allow for fast charging (Limited to USB 2.0 standards of 0.5A each). I recently came across the...
  46. rudholm

    Maximum Number of Audio Tracks on USB Drive

    I realize there has already been a lot of discussion of the various shortfalls of playing music from a USB drive, but there's one issue I'm having that I haven't been able to find in a prior thread. I have about 400GB of music files --about 20,000 tracks (mostly FLACs from when I ripped my CD...
  47. justinchu77

    What usb drive GB do you use for dash cam?

    The normal dash cam mode rewrites every 2GB I think? So I guess Sentry Mode is the one that's truly occupying. Anyway, lets hear it!
  48. V

    [Mac] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music

    Since we already have one for PC. I thought I'd write one for Mac as well. Here you'll find step by step instructions to format and partition 1 memory card or usb drive to use for both Dashcam and Music. Background Info To use 1 card for both Dashcam and Music, you'll need to virtually "split"...
  49. S

    New Model 3 front USB ports no power and data w/direct wired

    Well I don’t know what to say, I was pretty happy that the new software upgrade fixed my autopilot calibration issue (New Model 3 autopilot calibration stuck at ~3% after 151 mixed miles), but then I found my front USB ports do not work, at all. This is my first try on front USB ports since I...
  50. evM3Sekar

    Mac: divide USB into 2 partitions (for dashcam and music)

    Inspired by the detailed post: [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows] by @SomeJoe7777, I have created this post for mac. I did start out with windows, was able to create the 16gb partition for TeslaCam, and was unable to format the remainder for music because of...