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used model 3

  1. L

    2019 Model 3 Used - Tesla Insurance Quote Before I buy?

    Hello Community, On the verge of purchasing my first ever Tesla/Electric Vehicle (Model 3 used) from Tesla Website. Little did I realize how expensive these toys are to insurance with legacy providers. I live in Texas, so Tesla Insurance being available is a great blessing in terms of rate...
  2. 240vPlug

    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    I was casually browsing used vehicles and found a staggering number of used Tesla vehicles for sale within 50 miles of my location. Over 300 used Model 3 and 160 Model Y. In quickly looking at the vehicle history reports many of them appear to have been sitting for 45-60 days. Especially when...
  3. B

    Looking to take over Model Y/3 Lease

    Located in San Francisco, CA but willing to go anywhere in CA or even further. Looking for 13 - 36 months.
  4. T

    2020 Tesla Model 3 - Performance (Stealth) for Sale with FSD

    Hello, Up for sale is my 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor - Rare Stealth Version with FSD (Full Self Driving). That's right the full package! All the bells and whistles. Almost excellent condition on the inside and outside! Open to hearing what offers I get. Please no trades, no...
  5. WildeFox

    Looking for a Used Model 3

    Im planing on buying a used model 3 in January 2022, but am debating on if I should get one from 2018-19 or or the new 2021 refresh. is the update really worth it for me?
  6. G

    Buy used M3 2019 from Tesla and save $10k or new M3 2021?

    Heyho, I currently have a new Tesla Model 3 2021 LR, white on white, with FSD on order. Now I found that Tesla has a used Model 3 2019 (September '19 production date) with the exact same configuration (incl. FSD) in inventory. The car has only 4400 miles on the meter. After taxes and fees...
  7. PStewart

    Used Model 3 order review

    2019 Tesla M3 Long Range AWD in US listed at $45,500 Anyone see any issues with this 2019 Model 3? Red, 18 in wheels, miles at bit high at 27k. But with FSD and Acceleration Boost for $45.5k Anyone done out-of-state pickup in Arizona? Looks like I will have to pay 1.75% city sales tax.
  8. J

    Used in Sept / Oct 2020

    Hello there. Been lurking on the forum for a while, and I'm curious about anyone's experience with ordering a car in September / October 2020. I (very) recently put in an order for a late 2018 LR RWD, with a VIN around 054XXX, and I had some questions. I've seen a lot of both positive and...
  9. D

    Comparing two used M3

    Interested in getting others opinions on my two options.. I'm looking to buy a used M3 LR RWD. I found two great options on the Tesla site- A- 2018 14k miles, $44k B- 2018 33k miles, $40k Is the 20k mileage difference worth the 4k price tag difference (and additional sales tax)? Cars are...
  10. nateads

    Newbie question

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for such a newbie question, but I stumbled on a used vehicle seller that is selling a Long Range Dual Motor Model 3 (2019) at a price that seems to good to be true. I got the CarFax and the car looks to be clean, I googled the VIN and noticed it was for sale...
  11. D

    Model 3 VIN advice - 2018

    I'm looking to purchase a used Model 3 (preferably long range) and read that if it's going to be 2018, to purchase anything with a VIN with the last six digits greater than 100000. I read that Seat comfort, fit and finish, drive train, and other issues have been corrected over earlier builds...
  12. D

    Model 3 Purchase Advice Needed!!!

    I’m purchasing a Model 3 this year but torn on which one to get. I want a long range but new is outside my price range. I can afford the SR+ but 250 mi range doesn’t seem to be enough for winter and I really want to maximize the amount of range I can buy. Question: Should I purchase a brand new...
  13. C

    Need advice New vs Used Model 3 (2019 vs 2017 with better specs)

    I've put a deposit down via the Tesla website for the following two vehicles: 1. 2019 Model 3 SR+ RWD (no additional bells or whistles except black paint) - $41,790 likely to receive a 2020 VIN) 2. 2017 Model 3 LR RWD (FSD, full premium interior, 19-inch sport wheels, 33,900 miles) - $43,300 I...
  14. Hyena

    First used Model 3 for sale

    Pretty sure this is the first "used" M3 to be listed on CarSales, a mere 4 weeks after taking delivery. $129k for a P3+ if you want to skip the queue and get one today. Well done to the seller (John) on being up front about charging a premium for that privilege. Now he just needs to explain...
  15. J

    Buying used Tesla process through Tesla

    Hey Yall, We just started the process of buying a used 2019 Model 3 go through the Tesla site. This will be our first Tesla let alone EV so we're just excited and anxious to get it. I was curious about what usually the time frame from start to finish some of you who may have gone through the...
  16. B

    Price Range on AWD LR Model 3

    Contemplating selling my December 2018 build Dual Motor Long Range Model 3 with FSD and 19" wheels to get a Model X. Since Elon has lowered and increased the price since I bought it I'm curious what the real fair market value was for selling to a private party. here's the spec Midnight...
  17. Kee_Chain

    Used Model 3 Option Packages Transfer Question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a long range model 3 RWD, I know for a fact I would like to buy used and am willing to wait until Model 3 really start hitting the used market (More than they currently are). One question that I can not find a solid answer on is that if owner 1 (original owners)...
  18. K

    Trying to buy a used model 3 performance

    I’m having trouble verifying that a used model 3 performance that was made last September had some form of autopilot purchased or enabled. I know the hardware exists on the vehicle as it sits, I just need to know how to check on the screens to exactly see what it has. I don’t want to offer more...
  19. int32_t

    Bought or sold a used Model 3?

    You know those ads for used Model 3s that make it obvious that the owner is trying to sell it “at cost,” recovering every penny it was bought for? That made more sense when Tesla was highly production constrained, but now I’m wondering if this pricing is still on point—especially considering...
  20. M

    Buying a Used M3 with only 300 miles...

    Going to meet up with a guy later this week I met on a private auto sales website that lives relatively close to me. RWD, White, Sport Wheels, Premium Upgrade, EAP ($57,500 new from tesla.com). He posted the ad for $54,000 and after a few days of back and forth emailing, said $51,000 is the...
  21. M

    Buying a used M3 with only 300 miles on it...

    Going to meet up with a guy I met on a private auto seller website that lives relatively close to me. RWD, White, Sport Wheels, Premium Upgrade, EAP ($57,500 new from tesla.com). He posted the ad for $54,000 and after a few day of back and forth emailing, said $51,000 is the lowest he’ll go...
  22. Chris350

    Anyone buy a used Model 3?

    Was thinking about purchasing a used Model 3 (VIN in the 6k area).... Was wondering if anyone here has purchased a used model and what issues they may have had...
  23. A

    Used Model 3 market

    I had an early Model 3 reservation but decided to cancel it due to the pricing being fairly high for me as a middle class person. I am now considering the potential of waiting until the used Model 3's hit the market and snatching one up at a discount. I am curious to know what your guys' ideas...

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