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used model s values

  1. B

    What is my car worth? tesla low balling me

    Model S, 70D, AP1, pre refresh, 37K miles. Cod weather package, Leather , Free Unlimited supercharging and have Tesla 50K warranty ( bought it CPO from tesla @14k miles in 2018) Tesla trade in is offering me $33.5K. Good? Bad? or Ugly? Carmax $36K Havent tried doing private party as dont have...
  2. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    I thought I'd start a thread to discuss new and used (mostly used) prices of Teslas. My interest is in Model S's, but any type could be discussed here, of course. I've been watching the woeful prices that most sellers have been asking for their used S's, and noticed this (imho) incredible deal...
  3. M

    Model S - UK Used / Secondhand Pricing - Help?!

    Hi Looking to buy a MS in the UK, I'm not a massive fan of the facelift so a MS 85 with AP1 and a pano roof would be ideal. (A 70 would be fine too) I'm just massively confused about secondhand prices in the UK 2014/15 MS range massively between £43k to £55k (or even £60k). Source is...
  4. seenhear

    Extended Service Agreement for a used car?

    Can a 2nd owner buy an ESA (aka extended warranty)? Or does the original owner have to buy it and transfer it? I thought it was the latter, but upon reading the Tesla FAQ, nothing says it has to be the first/original owner; it just says this: "Owners (excluding 3rd party dealers and vehicles...
  5. J

    Model S 60 with autopilot for sale

    Hello everyone. I am looking to sell my White Tesla Model S 60 with Autopilot. The car has 26k miles on it and comes with free unlimited supercharging, the premium package, a sunroof, and grey leather seats. It has a very small ding on the front right door as can be seen in the photos. Message...
  6. B

    Trading in Model S

    Anyone have any experience trading in or selling their Model S to the DS? We all know how much the CPO's sell for, but I am curious how much the DS pays for those cars before turning them over and reselling them. Are people losing a lot of money selling back to the DS?
  7. btcounts

    What do you guys think is a fair price for this pre-owned 2014 S85?

    First real post on here, so hopefully I'm doing it correctly. I placed my reservation for the Model 3, but don't know if I can wait that long, so I'm looking at a pre owned Model S. What would you pay for it? 2014 S85 56,500 miles Multi coat red Black standard leather Tech pkg 19" cyclones...
  8. L

    Looking for 2nd hand Model S Belgium/Spain

    I'm already the owner of a Model S in Belgium. I'm looking for a used Model S for my second residence abroad. I just can't stand driving a diesel car again. My search criteria's - Model S 85 kW - chearp - I don't care about color - I don't care about special option - I don't care about how...
  9. igotzzoom

    New Battery Upgrade and Effect on Resale Values

    Now that Tesla has an operating battery swap station, it got me to thinking. I'm wondering that in the future, pre-owned Model S' will be marketed as having a "new battery" and if battery replacement will be offered as an up-front option at a reduced price (say $7,000-8,000), or simply offered...
  10. D

    Resale calculation

    I want to apologize because I'm sure this question has been answered. I'm trying to figure out how you guys are calculating used MS values. Is it $1 a mile, until a certain mileage number of course. How about the model year? Thought I read a certain percent is subtracted per month. Thanks...